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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryDue Date
  00203256design defectminoracknowledged (AugustoMauch)2017-03-31Link fields sometimes it does not work properly 
  00154871feature requestminorclosed (jonalegriaesarte)2012-12-18It should be possible to create and a Standard Order from a Proposal Order or a Quotation order 
  00222862defectmajorclosed (AugustoMauch)2012-11-21Remove view user_objects (again) as it is unused and is causing trouble when upgrading from pgsql8.4 to >= pgsql9 
  00222673defectmajorclosed (shankarb)2012-11-21Column field not displayed by default when creating manually a field 
  00221645defectminorclosed (shankarb)2012-11-19Link to create a new record in grid is missing 
  00222643defectmajorclosed (ngarcia)2012-11-12Some default accounts of General Ledger are mandatory but were set to inactive 
  00222393defect3.0MP17majorclosed (alostale)2012-11-12PIT: When you change the discount field, the gross unit price changes but net unit price is not recalculated again 
  00220853defectminorclosed (ioritzCia)2012-11-06Error when creating an hql query selector for organization. 
  00220836feature requestminorclosed (mtaal)2012-11-02Computed columns should work also with non primitive references (table, tabledir, search, OBUISEL_Selector Reference...) 
  00221414defectmajorclosed (mtaal)2012-11-01When creating a Payment Proposal I see no Payments 
  00221427defectcriticalclosed (mtaal)2012-11-01It is not possible to create a record in grid for Payment Proposal 
  00220263defect3.0MP18minorclosed (jonalegriaesarte)2012-10-31The Price labels of the Vendor Invoice Report are not translated 
  00219326defect3.0MP17majorclosed (shankarb)2012-10-31Google calendar widget is not loaded 
  00221383feature request3.0MP17majorclosed (iperdomo)2012-10-31Redirect browser to mobile login when the instance has the Openbravo Mobile module installed 
  00221143defect3.0MP17majorclosed (mtaal)2012-10-31Filtering behaviour in Product Selector has changed 
  00221183defect3.0MP17minorclosed (mtaal)2012-10-31Smartclient observe registration is not cleaned up automatically at destroy 
  00220255defect3.0MP17majorclosed (shankarb)2012-10-31A line of an order cannot be saved in grid view when configuring the 2nd UOM 
  00221003defect3.0MP17minorclosed (mtaal)2012-10-31Personalize form save/cancel button were not enabled on form changes 
  00179114defectmajorclosed (mtaal)2012-10-31Arrow down through rows with all edit fields disabled does not move the viewport 
  00220118defectmajorclosed (mtaal)2012-10-31Can't change Invoice Lines in a Business Handler when the Invoice is changed 
  00218178defectmajorclosed (AugustoMauch)2012-10-30export.database WRONG_TYPE validation result in a false positive 
  00216692defectmajorclosed (AugustoMauch)2012-10-30Validation when exporting Database not working properly. 
  00151852defectminorclosed (marvintm)2012-10-30Raise debug level for some warnings/error in update.database 
  00215068defectmajorclosed (mtaal)2012-10-30Error adding a property.path field on status bar 
  00219944defectmajorclosed (mtaal)2012-10-30System does not respond to Product Selector when editing a Goods Shipment 
  00219854defectminorclosed (marvintm)2012-10-30Views are exported differently in PostgreSQL 9.2 
  00214986defectminorclosed (mtaal)2012-10-30Wrong CSV when you export the window "Sales Invoice Payment Plan" 
  00220986defectmajorclosed (mtaal)2012-10-30Filtering by partial contents has changed since inclusion of grouping feature 
  00217864defectminorclosed (dbaz)2012-10-30When opening a drop down list, Esc behaviour is not the expected 
  00218493defectminorclosed (AugustoMauch)2012-10-30Export.sampledata reorganizes properties that have same column position. 
  00220204defectmajorclosed (AugustoMauch)2012-10-30AD_ORG validation fails when a table has 2 columns which are foreign key of ad_org_id 
  002198712feature request3.0MP17majorclosed (mtaal)2012-10-30Implement grouping, multi-select filtering and summary functions 
  00219623defect3.0MP17majorclosed (iperdomo)2012-10-30A request to LoginHandler should clear previously set session attributes 
  00219973defectminorclosed (marvintm)2012-10-30Some queries in WAD may be problematic with PostgreSQL 9.2 
  00214294defectmajorclosed (mtaal)2012-10-30Openbravo doesn't work with Eclipse 4.2 (Juno) 
  00220004defect3.0MP17majorclosed (shankarb)2012-10-29The callprocess java class does not close the cursors after excute the process 
  002146811feature requestminorclosed (shankarb)2012-10-25Ability to disable buttons like "delete" and "attach" in the toolbar 
  00220314defect3.0MP17majorclosed (shankarb)2012-10-25Now selectors are working properly but not as before 
  00217258feature requestminorclosed (shankarb)2012-10-25Create new UI Patter for Editing and Deleting records, but not being possible to Create new ones. 
  00215414defect3.0MP17minorclosed (shankarb)2012-10-25Filter Expression does not work properly 
  00218644defect3.0MP17majorclosed (caristu)2012-10-24Discount Invoice Report is not filtering properly 
  00219563defect3.0MP17majorclosed (alostale)2012-10-23A window is not compiled when it only has the Post process associated 
  00217607design defect3.0MP17minorclosed (shankarb)2012-10-23First Focused Field is not working in tab Customer 
  00219923defect3.0MP17minorclosed (mtaal)2012-10-18API Change: remove show summary field from field tab 
  00219103defect3.0MP17majorclosed (AugustoMauch)2012-10-16'Show all' link of widgets only shows 76 registries 
  00218833defectminorclosed (shankarb)2012-10-13Linked items to the 'Table Reference' tab under Reference is not working. 
  00219055defectmajorclosed (AugustoMauch)2012-10-13You can't go back prior to 1995 when using the date picker 
  00217284defectminorclosed (dbaz)2012-10-11Focus "splits" in completed invoices 
  00163008defecttrivialclosed (dbaz)2012-10-11I get no feedback when the values are not correct 
  00203287defectminorclosed (AugustoMauch)2012-10-11Sometimes it is possible to trigger an incomplete autosave 
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