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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0036663 defectmajornew (markmm82)2017-08-17TaxesText junit test does 2.400 junit skip all the time
  00366591defectmajorscheduled (markmm82)2017-08-17[Costing Migration Process]: Closing inventories are not leaving stock valuation to 0
  0036662 defectmajornew (Retail)2017-08-17first search in product tab is very slow
  00366442defectmajorresolved (aaroncalero)2017-08-17Sales representative is not working in remote mode
  0036661 defectmajornew (Retail)2017-08-17Wrong organization set to Business Partner address so order is not synchronized
  0036660 defectmajornew (Retail)2017-08-17It possible to leave "Invoice Address" field empty so order is not synchronized
  0036654 defectmajorscheduled (jorge-garcia)2017-08-17A sanity check must be added to the login to avoid some scenarios with corrupted data
  00366472defectmajornew (markmm82)2017-08-17Purchasing Plan suggestion does not work with Quantity type Multiple selected
  00365781defecttrivialresolved (guilleaer)2017-08-17currentWindow and currentWindowState should be exponed in mobileApp.model to allow create listeners
  0036657 defectmajornew (Retail)2017-08-16TimeOut needs to be increased for Receipts search
  0036658 defectminornew (Triage Finance)2017-08-16[PR17Q3] Inventory status error message might not be readable
  0036656 defectminornew (Triage Finance)2017-08-16[PR17Q3] Inventory status selector usability is not correct
  0036655 defectminornew (Triage Finance)2017-08-16[PR17Q3] GUI layout for Inventory status pop up window is not correct
  0036653 defectmajornew (Retail)2017-08-16Queries from masterdata must be reviewed to check if incremental update criteria are correctly set
  00366022feature requestminornew (StoreServer)2017-08-16Add a process that creates SymmetricDS' snapshots
  0036625 defectmajorscheduled (ranjith_qualiantech_com)2017-08-16amountToKeep calculated to more than 2 decimals under some circumstances (due to javascript calculations)
  00365314defectmajorresolved (ranjith_qualiantech_com)2017-08-16[SERQA 2997] Popup showing seconds left for the masterdata loading can break the POS
  0036626 defectmajorscheduled (rqueralta)2017-08-15ModelReady Hook is automatically adding a number to its name
  00328621defectmajorscheduled (markmm82)2017-08-15"Enable Stock Reservations" preference throws an error when a Sales Order is booked
  00333971defectmajorscheduled (markmm82)2017-08-15Reactivate a reservation doesn't work in Oracle when the reservation is not linked to an order
  00349151defectmajorscheduled (markmm82)2017-08-15Sales Dimensional Report does not show any value if Organization field is empty.
  00354271defectmajorscheduled (markmm82)2017-08-15Conversion of Valuation is not correct in Pareto Product Report
  0036632 defectmajorscheduled (rqueralta)2017-08-15Error when creating new customer from terminal and network is slow: JSONObject["countryId"] not found
  0036651 defectmajornew (markmm82)2017-08-14Clean up of repeated logs found in try-addpayment jobs for Payment's workflows
  00365124defectmajorscheduled (rqueralta)2017-08-14Combo Fix Price is not taking into account discount priority
  0036650 defectminornew (Triage Finance)2017-08-14In the USA organization of QA Client the Reversed Sales Invoice Transaction Document is not available
  00366491defectmajornew (Retail)2017-08-14slow networking: logout is done and "Session for the ERP already exists..." message is displayed
  0036646 defectmajornew (Triage Finance)2017-08-14Expected date of a Remittance should not be changed to a date before the due date of orders and invoices included on it
  00366452defectmajornew (Retail)2017-08-14combo price is not correct: wrong total amount is calculated
  00363243defectmajorresolved (asiermartirena)2017-08-14Error doing cancel and replace of an already paid and returned receipt
  00242247design defectmajornew (rqueralta)2017-08-11Not able to pay the Layaway order using gift card and gift voucher when the layaway order is reopened
  0036643 defectmajornew (Triage Finance)2017-08-11Error (false positive) in "NOT BALANCED SALES INVOICE" alert
  00366421design defectmajornew (Triage Finance)2017-08-11[Costing Migration Process] Stock valuation should be updated to 0 when the stock of the product is 0
  0036607 defectminoracknowledged (platform)2017-08-114 flushes of 10ms each in StaticResources request
  0035944 defectmajoracknowledged (platform)2017-08-11unresponsive ui after uncaught error in EntityPersistenceEventObserver
  00366391feature requestminorresolved (jorgewederago)2017-08-11The MultiUPC search should be using OB.Dal.findUsingCache instead of OB.Dal.find
  00366401defectmajornew (marvintm)2017-08-11Test ScanningPerformance is failing in retail-qa
  00362678defectmajorresolved (asiermartirena)2017-08-11Services relation are not set in negative orders after C&R and CL
  00365823defectmajorscheduled (ranjith_qualiantech_com)2017-08-11Bad logging code at exception at MobileCoreLoginHandler
  0036638 design defectminornew (platform)2017-08-10DalConnectionProvider(true) or () in combination with standard xsql causes 1 flush per SQL
  0036606 design defectminornew (platform)2017-08-10Clean up extra not requires flush() calls
  0036637 defectminorscheduled (collazoandy4)2017-08-10Include in QA client dataset a payment term that split into more than just one payment
  0036634 defectmajornew (Retail)2017-08-10Permissions problem when editing business partner
  0036622 defectmajorscheduled (ranjith_qualiantech_com)2017-08-10Add a not needed payment can generate wrong data
  00365902defectmajorscheduled (platform)2017-08-10Callouts retrieve wrong quantity when Format.xml file is set with too many decimals
  00366101defectminoracknowledged (platform)2017-08-103* flush called to insert/save 1 record in generated windows
  00365791defectmajorresolved (ranjith_qualiantech_com)2017-08-10Cash Up cannot be imported if the business partner does not have Payment Terms and Payment Method defined
  00335162defectminornew (Retail)2017-08-10[RR16Q3] Nothing is shown in "Models to Synchronize" after user has tried to void a layaway in offline mode
  00361377defectmajorscheduled (inigosanchez)2017-08-10[SER-QA 2918] Config script removeCheckChange are not applied on install.source
  0036613 defectminoracknowledged (platform)2017-08-106 flush per file processed in apply.modules part of i.e. install.source
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