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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00374663defectminorfeedback (rbianchini)2017-12-13The data on both invoice widow, tab "Payment Detail" does not refresh.
  0037170 defectminoracknowledged (jarmendariz)2017-12-13SQL Query window has unneeded buttons
  0034119 defectminoracknowledged (jarmendariz)2017-12-13The syncrhonize terminology does not work properly on po windows on some circunstances
  00335542defectminoracknowledged (jarmendariz)2017-12-13some test cases not executed in CI
  0034487 defecttrivialacknowledged (jarmendariz)2017-12-13Remove unused action handlers
  0036286 defectminoracknowledged (jarmendariz)2017-12-13Several processes are marked as 'Grid Legacy' and should be converted to avoid runtime warning on every use
  00373981defectminoracknowledged (jarmendariz)2017-12-13No warning message shown in 'Update Characteristics' process when 'TreeDatasourceFetchLimit' preference is not defined
  0035268 defectminoracknowledged (jarmendariz)2017-12-13Request timeout message is not handled properly in the UI
  0034668 defectminoracknowledged (jarmendariz)2017-12-13Cannot go back to Workspace after opening Registration pop-up.
  0029622 defectminoracknowledged (jarmendariz)2017-12-13The heartbeat background process fails if the ad_session table is empty
  00368971defectminoracknowledged (jarmendariz)2017-12-13Different types of date format when using the @#Date@ default value into a String reference
  00374492defect3.0PR18Q1majorresolved (plujan)2017-12-13The list of supported/recommended browsers must be updated
  0037473 defectminornew (AtulOpenbravo)2017-12-13Sample data (F&B International Group Client) for 3.0PR18Q1
  0037472 feature requestminornew (Retail)2017-12-13Differentiate syncrhonization errors that block cashup or not
  0037418 defectminornew (Retail)2017-12-13Performance problem in DiscountFilterCharacteristic query
  0037468 defectmajornew (jorge-garcia)2017-12-13API change: msg column from obmobc_logclient should be clob type instead of varchar
  0037336 defectmajorscheduled (AtulOpenbravo)2017-12-13Performance of Warehouse Control Report
  0037471 defectmajorscheduled (rqueralta)2017-12-13Under certain circumstances when creating a sales order from a quotation generates wrong data in the backend
  003574115defectmajorresolved (asiermartirena)2017-12-13Deleted lines are not correctly stored in backend
  00373911defectminorscheduled (markmm82)2017-12-13Work In Progress field should be hidden in General Ledger Configuration - Defaults tab as it is not used
  0036962 defectminorscheduled (markmm82)2017-12-13Cannot add purchase order line to goods receipt with Create Lines From process if Enable UOM Management is set to Y but inactive
  0029860 defectminorscheduled (markmm82)2017-12-13Period Control tab in Organization window does not shown information
  0036561 defectminorscheduled (markmm82)2017-12-13Wrong error message shown when trying to reactivate an already posted payment and financial account transaction
  00372521defectminorscheduled (markmm82)2017-12-13Periodic Quality Control Data Results are created for the organization you are logged in with instead of document's organization
  0037470 defectmajornew (Retail)2017-12-13Best sellers module queries fail when changing POS language
  0036188 feature requestminorscheduled (jorgewederago)2017-12-13Allow layaways to contain negative lines depending on the value of a preference
  00373532defectmajorresolved (AugustoMauch)2017-12-13EM_OBRETCO_RETAILORGTYPE column for orgs not in natural tree dataset should be excluded
  00372045defectmajorresolved (AugustoMauch)2017-12-13Anonymous customer and its location should be excluded for orgs not in natural org tree
  00373329defectmajornew (rqueralta)2017-12-13combo discount is not applied but it is displayed in some lines
  0037469 defectmajorscheduled (ranjith_qualiantech_com)2017-12-13[SERQA 3297] Wrong Cash Up when the user open a till
  0037439 defectmajoracknowledged (Retail)2017-12-13RFID websocket needs to be created without activating the RFID device
  00374652defectmajorresolved (caristu)2017-12-13Same process definition in several tabs in same window sends wrong information to server
  0037467 defectminornew (platform)2017-12-13Adding adding child tab in "Purchasing Plan"
  0037440 defectmajorscheduled (AtulOpenbravo)2017-12-13Product quantities are updating to 0 below a box field set as blank
  00372881feature requestmajornew (Triage Finance)2017-12-12New design for Modelo 303 2017 - last settlement period - December 2017
  0036751 feature requestmajornew (Triage Finance)2017-12-12New tax rates need to be included in the setup of the 390 Tax Form
  0037195 defectminornew (Triage Finance)2017-12-12Tax parameter required for Bases del IVA soportado no deducible (casilla 232)
  00373762defectmajorscheduled (collazoandy4)2017-12-12Stock Reservation of partially invoiced and not shipped order line is Closed when closing the sales order and it can be edited
  00373591defectmajornew (Retail)2017-12-12Modulescript required to fix data caused by issue 36523
  00374581defectminornew (tegik_forge)2017-12-12[Contabilidad en Medios Electronicos]: length of variables in conele_docnum_trg should be defined relative to fact_acct columns
  0037401 feature requestmajorscheduled (ranjith_qualiantech_com)2017-12-12It is necessary to add a hook in the process which closes the store
  0037430 defectmajorscheduled (collazoandy4)2017-12-12Wrong "line_id" generated in Remittance posting when several remittance lines are related with same payment
  0037462 defectmajornew (Retail)2017-12-12Error randomly with modules Discount rules for Retail by total and Discounts category for WebPOS
  00251942defectmajorscheduled (collazoandy4)2017-12-12It should not be possible to define negative qty in BOM tab || Product window
  00338221defectminorscheduled (markmm82)2017-12-12Inventory Revaluation field should be hidden in General Ledger Configuration window, Defaults tab as it is not used
  0037463 backportRR17Q4majorscheduled (ranjith_qualiantech_com)2017-12-12Web POS gets stuck in Pay Open Tickets window after relogging
  0037442 defectmajorscheduled (ranjith_qualiantech_com)2017-12-12Web POS gets stuck in Pay Open Tickets window after relogging
  0037464 backportRR17Q3.2majorscheduled (ranjith_qualiantech_com)2017-12-12Web POS gets stuck in Pay Open Tickets window after relogging
  0037448 defectmajorscheduled (jorge-garcia)2017-12-12RebuildCashUpFromServer doesn't handle correctly network errors
  0037403 defectmajorscheduled (jorge-garcia)2017-12-12Log Client should have all the information of the logs, not a substring
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