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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0040349 defectminornew (AugustoMauch)2019-03-11Dataset where clause of fin_financial_account is wrong, it should consider natural org tree
  0040344 feature requestmajornew (Retail)2019-03-08There should not be any jump on POS order/invoice documents numbering.
  0040341 feature requestminornew (platform)2019-03-08When selecting "View" checkbox in Table Window, "Deletable Records" should be automatically unselected
  0040334 feature requestmajornew (Retail)2019-03-07If a time out happens during incremental refresh the cashier doesn't see any advice, notification, message
  0040332 defectmajornew (rqueralta)2019-03-06[Sessions] Under specific circumstances OpenSessionPOS is called without the cashUpReportInformation parameter
  0040327 feature requestpiminornew (airaceburu)2019-03-06Japanese Printers Support
  0040136 design defectmajornew (Retail)2019-03-06Duplicated Document No under certain escenarios
  0040316 feature requestmajornew (Triage Finance)2019-03-05Add 'Post' button and 'Accounting Tab' in Issue Distribution Orders and Receive Distribution Orders Windows
  00401781defectminornew (Triage Finance)2019-03-04Audit fields of 'Open/Close period control' are not updated when Opening/Closing period
  0040307 backportRR19Q2majorscheduled (guillermogil)2019-03-04SCO Functional Improvements
  0040265 feature requestminornew (Opentix-Test)2019-03-03Tax Report 347 - 2019 : Remove 347 parameter in the "PrestaciĆ³n servicios exenta por suplido" tax
  0040306 defectminornew (platform)2019-03-01Make the 'Query' field larger in 'Widget' window, 'Analytics' tab
  0040302 feature requesttrivialacknowledged (platform)2019-03-01Make white list extendable from extenal modules for database validation
  00220122feature requestminornew (Triage Finance)2019-03-01Specific Identification cost algorithm
  0040234 defectminorscheduled (AtulOpenbravo)2019-02-28Is not possible to close 2015 year in F&B US, Inc organization
  0040300 defectpiminornew (Retail)2019-02-28init method of PrinterWritter used twice in a row
  0040283 design defectminornew (Triage Finance)2019-02-27Void a sale shipment shipment impossible if linked order has been invoiced via another shipment (invoicerule 'D', 'O', 'S')
  00361442feature requestmajornew (Retail)2019-02-26To able to configure if tax calculation is done using customer location or Store location
  0039980 design defectmajornew (Retail)2019-02-26The Void Layaway process should be a synchronization process
  00391921defectcriticalfeedback (dmiguelez)2019-02-25AWO 1.3.200 depends on PR18Q3 but includes the changes for hibernate upgrade released in PR18Q4
  0040166 defectminornew (Retail)2019-02-25Improve messages when trying to use products with NO instance attributes in POS
  0040264 defectminornew (platform)2019-02-25update.database task fails with no proper error message when a wrong function is defined in db but not excluded
  0034303 feature requestminoracknowledged (platform)2019-02-22The SmartClient version must be updated.
  0040247 design defectmajornew (Retail)2019-02-20Cancel and Replace Cancellation order is not Invoiced Immediately having Immediate Invoice Terms
  0040245 design defectminornew (Retail)2019-02-20Missleading message in POS when using a User Defined Amount
  0040243 feature requestmajornew (Retail)2019-02-20Retail Coupons Improvements
  00402311feature requestRR19Q2majornew (ebecerra)2019-02-19API change for Logged user visualization
  00401181defectmajorfeedback (egoitz)2019-02-19Forward Update Analytics Fact Tables background process takes long with hgih volumes
  0040236 design defectmajornew (Triage Finance)2019-02-18Product selector in sales order lines should be prefiltered by a price list version of the price list selected in the header
  0040022 design defectmajornew (guilleaer)2019-02-18[AWOFE] When a task is confirmed the rest of tasks in the list are refreshed losing changes done on other tasks
  0040070100defectminorscheduled (jarmendariz)2019-02-18Fix errors and warnings found with ESLint (retail team code)
  0040225 feature requestminornew (mtaal)2019-02-15Introduce hidden mode for webpos for store server
  00386916defectmajorscheduled2019-02-15France Professional Localization Pack incompatible with Oracle
  0039242 design defectmajornew (Retail)2019-02-15Performance problem when adding products in remote
  0040214 defectminornew (platform)2019-02-15It is possible to reprocess EDL request without an active output configuration
  0040210 design defectminornew (platform)2019-02-14Integrate standard export database process into the DBSM test infrastructure
  00270441defecttrivialnew (marvintm)2019-02-14Documentation: request to document preferences for WebPOS
  00306591feature requestminornew (AugustoMauch)2019-02-14Improve the generation of UUIDs so that they can be indexed more efficiently
  0037309 defectmajoracknowledged (ranjith_qualiantech_com)2019-02-14[Pimobile] Tests should not be able to tap on disabled buttons
  0039599 defectmajoracknowledged (Retail)2019-02-14If Payment Provider group is deactivated, payment methods grouped are not displayed in WEBPOS
  0039410 design defectmajoracknowledged (Retail)2019-02-14It is possible to sell a product of a Layaway without stock, although it is not allowed.
  0035848 defectmajorscheduled (rqueralta)2019-02-14The Discount Subtype "Apply Average Price" does not calculate the average of the products but discounts one entire product
  00401751defectmajorscheduled (markmm82)2019-02-13Trial balance report should not take into account the closed years
  0040177 defectminornew (Triage Finance)2019-02-11Good Shipment invoiced several times.
  00400911defectminorscheduled (markmm82)2019-02-07If converted amount is zero the document should be disabled for accounting.
  0040165 feature requestminornew (adrianromero)2019-02-06Fast Browse: enable Pictures in Combos in Fast Browse
  00393885defectpimajornew (rqueralta)2019-02-06Digital Coupons does not work in Pay Open Tickets
  00269622defectminornew (marvintm)2019-02-06[UX] UI shows two scroll bars when a closed receipt is loaded using the menu receipt option
  0040144 defectminornew (Retail)2019-02-05[RR19Q1] [UX] Creating a Gift Certificate assumes the customer is the one shown in current active ticket
  0040140 defectminornew (Retail)2019-02-05[RR19Q1] [UX] The "New customer" button on filtering by customer to open a receipt has no sense
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