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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryDue Date
  0052032 defectmajornew (Triage Omni WMS)2023-03-31[AWO] DO is printed without selecting "Confirm and print" when the stock of the item is negative 
  0052031 defectmajornew (Triage Omni WMS)2023-03-31[AWO] Log in not possible when there is no user defined as 'Allow warehouse operations'=no 
  00520221defectminornew (AugustoMauch)2023-03-31In product search filters, entries that contain child entries are not properly rendered 
  0051672 defectmajorscheduled (yogaskarnik)2023-03-31RFID will closed automatically after added products 
  00520121feature requestminorscheduled (ruben_jimenez)2023-03-31RM-2825: Check and warn that a safe box is going to be opened at the same time on 2 tills 
  00520302defectminornew (caristu)2023-03-31Naming exceptions for external module columns is not working 
  00515785feature requestmajorscheduled (jorge-garcia)2023-03-31Upgrade Avalara connector to be used also in ReactPOS 
  0052020 defectmajornew (Sandrahuguet)2023-03-31[Offline] When a DOr task is confirmed while offline it does not automatically disappear, it should. 
  00518764defectmajorscheduled (ranjith_qualiantech_com)2023-03-31Error when using Coupons and sending by Email 
  00517769defectmajorscheduled (AtulOpenbravo)2023-03-31RM-4501: AWO - Put-away shows non-active target locations. 
  00518413defectcriticalscheduled (radhakrishnan)2023-03-31ERROR with Chrome: 111.0.5563.64 
  0052028 defectmajornew (Triage Omni OMS)2023-03-31Labels non found on AWO/WebPOS/BO 
  00520291defectmajornew (jarmendariz)2023-03-31Glitch in Grid when loading in Portrait mode 
  00520251defectmajornew (javierRodriguez)2023-03-31The application crash if product characteristics is included and the user don't do a refresh master data previously 
  0052027 defectmajornew (Triage Omni WMS)2023-03-31[AWO] User with a role without access to AWO appears in the AWO login screen 
  0052026 defectmajorscheduled (radhakrishnan)2023-03-31JS error on Open Receipt 
  0050173 defectmajornew (sreehari)2023-03-31Error message lists payment methods not refundable as accepted 
  0049679 defectmajornew (sreehari)2023-03-31[SALES] The amount of the fund has no decimal limits 
  0051004 defectmajornew (sreehari)2023-03-31Error in a deferred payment when the marketing survey module is installed 
  00519862defectminorscheduled (AtulOpenbravo)2023-03-31Loading a DO OTF created in the backend has error when line is clicked. 
  00520232feature requestmajornew (jonae)2023-03-31Adding events api to selfcheckout functionality 
  0052024 defectmajornew (Triage Omni WMS)2023-03-31Confirming DO OTF in Front End that was created in BackOffice 
  00516952design defectminornew (ablasco)2023-03-31The layout and its components should render properly with different heights 
  005124717defectmajorscheduled (mtaal)2023-03-31Can't confirm big inventory counts 
  0052019 defectmajornew (Triage Omni WMS)2023-03-30Error processing a DOR from AWO 
  00520093defectminorscheduled (mtaal)2023-03-30RM-5704: Pager when on order consolidation then lines should be combined irrespective of pickuppoint 
  00520211design defectmajornew (ablasco)2023-03-30TicketLines height in Portrait grid affects landscape 
  00510888design defectmajornew (adrianromero)2023-03-30[Payment Limit validation] Event payment limit management should be configurable at organization or touchpoint type level 
  0052018 defectmajornew (dcontrera)2023-03-30Automatic Void of Layaways background process considering inactive org 
  00519912feature requestmajornew (Retail)2023-03-30Adapt the Cashup and Initial count windows to portrait mode 
  00520161design defectmajornew (ablasco)2023-03-30ResponsiveToolbar Header breaks alignment in KeyMapEditor Layout 
  00493667defectmajornew (AugustoMauch)2023-03-30Java heap space error returned while loading the process monitor tab 
  0052015 backport23Q1.2minorscheduled (mtaal)2023-03-30RM-5704: Pager when on order consolidation then lines should be combined irrespective of pickuppoint 
  0052014 backport23Q2minorscheduled (mtaal)2023-03-30RM-5704: Pager when on order consolidation then lines should be combined irrespective of pickuppoint 
  00520102feature requestminornew (njimenez)2023-03-30Do not print text on qr with java pos printer 
  00520112feature requestminornew (njimenez)2023-03-30Characters map set is defined in java pos 
  00518791defectmajorscheduled (ranjith_qualiantech_com)2023-03-30[Promo] - Buy X Get Y - Number of gifts is multiplied by number of eligible products bought even if Max Y = 1 
  0052013 defectmajornew (Triage Omni WMS)2023-03-30Error message on AWO is displayed in English not in French / unable to find it on BO "Message" window to translate it 
  0052008 defectmajornew (psanjuan)2023-03-30Original Transaction Fiscal Information not saved if the returns invoice not printed twice 
  00515893feature requestmajornew (njimenez)2023-03-30New client api for tax free forms 
  00517971defectRR20Q3.4majorscheduled (ranjith_qualiantech_com)2023-03-30Wrong Pick&Carry PaidAmount validation. 
  00518481defectmajorscheduled (prakashmurugesan88)2023-03-30Js Error occurs on selecting discount in Gift Reminder Notification 
  00518851feature requestminornew (rocio_nadal)2023-03-29Implement Price Limit Control functionality in ReactPOS 
  00520021defectminornew (jarmendariz)2023-03-29Remove rtl property from BaseFormInput 
  00518195defectmajorscheduled (ebecerra)2023-03-29Invalid cash change when using prepayments 
  00520071defectmajornew (hcurbelo)2023-03-29UX review of the counting tools 
  0052006 defectmajornew (Retail)2023-03-29[Promos] - Free products per total amount - Order discount: free product quantities is doubled 
  00520041defectmajorscheduled (meriem_azaf)2023-03-29Keymap Editor - product from differents sales area on keymap configurator 
  0051994 defectmajornew (dcontrera)2023-03-29Price Decimal Issue 
  00519283feature requestmajornew (montse_cabanas)2023-03-29[SALES] [VERIFIED RETURN] : It is not possible to exchange a product (mix positive and negative lines) 
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