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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryDue Date
  0010292 feature requestmajoracknowledged (rmorley)2009-08-17Improve the accounting reports by adding all accounting dimensions as filters 
  0010268 feature requestmajornew (iciordia)2009-08-13Detailed audit control of all changes in the database 
  00084683feature requestpiminoracknowledged (rmorley)2009-08-06Create Lines From in Cash Journal 
  0010208 feature requestminornew (shuehner)2009-08-06Remove deprecated ad_sequence.currentNextSys column 
  00003541feature requestminoracknowledged (iciordia)2009-08-05AT240alpha - I cannot distinguish if a user has or has not password 
  00004781feature requestminoracknowledged (iciordia)2009-08-05Add Re-Enter password field in User window 
  00101722feature requestminoracknowledged (iciordia)2009-08-05Password policy management 
  0009889 feature requestminornew (iciordia)2009-08-04Force password change on logon 
  00099395feature requestminorscheduled (iciordia)2009-07-23Localization packs can include language translations for Fiscal Periods  
  0009749 feature requestmajornew (iciordia)2009-07-22Default Skin option 
  0009968 feature requestminornew (iciordia)2009-07-20Support default values in AD fields 
  00099263feature request2.40MP6majoracknowledged (rmorley)2009-07-20incorrect filter in invoice tax report 
  00094371feature requestmajorscheduled (rmorley)2009-07-15Electronic Invoices 
  0009892 feature requestminornew (iciordia)2009-07-14C_Order_Post / C_Invoice_Post should follow regular process pattern in AD 
  0009729 feature requestminornew (shuehner)2009-06-30Remove all DynamicJS requests. 
  0009589 feature requestminornew (iciordia)2009-06-23Provide a means of distributing flash-based tutorials (or other extended documentation) in an .OBX file 
  00095121feature requestmajoracknowledged (iciordia)2009-06-17Development: IDE Plugin for AD Development 
  00094492feature requestmajoracknowledged (iciordia)2009-06-12Screen that allows viewing, inserting, updating and deleting the data pertaining to multiple tables 
  0009365 feature requestminornew (marvintm)2009-06-08DBSourceManager doesn't work with Oracle Data Pump in Oracle Database 10g 
  0009360 feature requestmajornew (iciordia)2009-06-07Content construction kit 
  0009316 feature requestmajornew (rmorley)2009-06-05Including payment status configuration in the chart of account 
  0009255 feature requestmajornew (rmorley)2009-06-01Improve the Report Not Posted report 
  00092092feature requestminornew (rmorley)2009-05-28Procurement Mangement:Over / Under Delivery Tolerance at Purchase Order & Good Receipt Process 
  00077482feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2009-05-26Default contact and location for business partner 
  00091481feature requestmajornew (iciordia)2009-05-25Integrated Business Partner Security 
  00055601feature requesttrivialacknowledged (rgoris)2009-05-25Reports: it is hard to remove the previous entered data from the memory 
  00070903feature requestminoracknowledged (rgoris)2009-05-25Reports don't remember filter values that have been provided when user switches between different reports/menu items. 
  00033171feature requestminoracknowledged (iciordia)2009-05-22Export to .odt or .doc format 
  00033141feature requestminoracknowledged (iciordia)2009-05-22Search in the menu 
  00032281feature requestminoracknowledged (iciordia)2009-05-22Aurto resized search popup 
  00032272feature requestminoracknowledged (iciordia)2009-05-22Personaliced help 
  00032211feature requestminoracknowledged (iciordia)2009-05-22search field 
  0004767 feature requestminoracknowledged (iciordia)2009-05-22QA-TIMEOUT Block the application on time out. 
  0004766 feature requestminoracknowledged (iciordia)2009-05-22QA-TIMEOUT Notification of timed out session. 
  0004625 feature requestmajoracknowledged (iciordia)2009-05-22Created postgresql database user has too much permissions. 
  0004585 feature requestmajoracknowledged (iciordia)2009-05-22Show only audit under permissions 
  00033281feature requestminoracknowledged (iciordia)2009-05-22clear all permissions to a role 
  0007374 feature requestminoracknowledged (iciordia)2009-05-22Secure records so that only user who created them can view them 
  0008685 feature requestmajoracknowledged (iciordia)2009-05-22Add 'All My Roles' option to the Session Screen 
  0008552 feature requestmajornew (iciordia)2009-05-22Openbravo user should be removed/deactivated 
  00076891feature requestmajorscheduled (iciordia)2009-05-22Security reference data in master data windows is not correctly handle 
  0004101 feature requesttrivialacknowledged (iciordia)2009-05-22Improve Change Logs window 
  00034112feature requestminoracknowledged (iciordia)2009-05-22Different behavior for dates Oracle/Postgre 
  00033742feature requestminoracknowledged (iciordia)2009-05-22Proper file name for export functionality 
  00033632feature requestminoracknowledged (iciordia)2009-05-22openBravo in MS-SQL 
  00033421feature requestminoracknowledged (iciordia)2009-05-22utils.js: unify functions 
  00030933feature requestminoracknowledged (iciordia)2009-05-22User level locale 
  0005465 feature requestmajoracknowledged (iciordia)2009-05-22Traceability of business processes should be traceable 
  0005083 feature requesttrivialacknowledged (iciordia)2009-05-22Merge advisePopUp and bdErrorGeneralPopUp methods 
  0004857 feature requestmajoracknowledged (iciordia)2009-05-22Separate user errors and application errors in the application log 
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