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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryDue Date
  0009474 feature requestminornew (rmorley)2011-02-04Standard tasks can last longer than the standard phase they belong to. 
  0009473 feature requestminornew (rmorley)2011-02-04Project Type: Quantity Field is mandatory in Standard Phase / Standard Task windows 
  0009411 feature requestminornew (rmorley)2011-02-04SQL Where Clause Field is not big enough 
  0009470 feature requestmajorscheduled (rmorley)2011-02-04Make list of modules adapt to the resolution (instead of fixed size) 
  0009721 feature requestminornew (rmorley)2011-02-04Usage of Status in Requisition 
  0009677 feature requestmajornew (rmorley)2011-02-04Product selector doesn't show Attributes 
  0009663 feature requestminornew (rmorley)2011-02-04Functionality of the "Copy details" button should be unique for all projects. 
  0009660 feature requesttrivialnew (rmorley)2011-02-04"Change Project Status" button can be removed once if the project status is Order Closed 
  0009630 feature requestminornew (rmorley)2011-02-04Automatically create business partner for a bank 
  00095951feature requestmajornew (rmorley)2011-02-04Purchase Invoices should allow more than one retention 
  0009853 feature requestminornew (rmorley)2011-02-04Designing manual windows for a module is highly unfriendly 
  00097971feature requestminornew (rmorley)2011-02-04new field in attachment's window 
  00097091feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Payment Report should have Organization filter 
  0009629 feature requestminornew (rmorley)2011-02-04Automatically create business partner for an organization 
  0009624 feature requestminornew (rmorley)2011-02-04In Daily Work requirements report we can display the title "Production Product" and "Use Product" 
  0009623 feature requestmajornew (rmorley)2011-02-04Allow overwritting methods in xsql files wihtin modules 
  0005494 feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04The functionality "Create Purchase Invoice from Deliveries" gives a generic error  
  00100501feature requestminornew (rmorley)2011-02-04System allows the user to create more than one product category as default product category 
  0009919 feature requestminornew (rmorley)2011-02-04Statutory Tax calculation capabilities as well as Audit Fees 
  0009870 feature requestminornew (rmorley)2011-02-04"General Ledger Journal" report improvement 
  00097084feature requestminornew (rmorley)2011-02-04Error Deleting bank account 
  00097062feature requestmajornew (rmorley)2011-02-04The Material Requirement should be linked with the planned purchase orders when these are created in the purchase plan 
  0010165 feature requestmajornew (rmorley)2011-02-04Cash In Cash Out Reason 
  00100521feature requestminornew (rmorley)2011-02-04In activated product category not appearing in the report filter options 
  00100511feature requestmajornew (rmorley)2011-02-04Even after the product category is disabled, system allows the user to create PO for a product assigned to the disabled categor 
  00097195feature request2.50MP5minoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04system allow create two lines equals in price list schema 
  0010237 feature requestmajornew (rmorley)2011-02-04Functional index support for DDLUtils 
  0010183 feature requestmajornew (rmorley)2011-02-04Separate Reports from Processes in Application Dictionary 
  0010181 feature requestminornew (rmorley)2011-02-04Unify reports print buttons placement 
  0010110 feature requestminornew (rmorley)2011-02-04In Tax Payment lines field "Name" can be deleted 
  0010109 feature requestmajornew (rmorley)2011-02-04Review behaviour when deleting lines in Tax Payment window 
  0009005 feature requestpiminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Delete one Price Adjustment for Sales Order line 
  0008171 feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Allow to use product name used by customer in sales.  
  0010142 feature requestminornew (rmorley)2011-02-04create two new organizations combos in funds transfer process 
  0010112 feature requestmajornew (rmorley)2011-02-04A process could be included to insert lines in Tax Register type 
  0010111 feature requestmajornew (rmorley)2011-02-04In Tax Register type lines, is possible to create two identical registers. 
  0010108 feature requestmajornew (rmorley)2011-02-04A total net amount could be included in Tax Register Header 
  0010107 feature requestminornew (rmorley)2011-02-04In Tax Register header some fields can be deleted 
  00092605feature requestminorfeedback (rmorley)2011-02-04Error message should be displayed properly while doing Import file loader for Business partner 
  0010372 feature requestminornew (rmorley)2011-02-04Not Posted Transaction Report shows entries with zero quantities that never will be posted 
  0010283 feature requestmajornew (rmorley)2011-02-04A report or a field shoul be added to show which invoices are paid 
  0010271 feature requestmajornew (rmorley)2011-02-04INTRASTAT (Spanish Localization) 
  0010270 feature requestmajornew (rmorley)2011-02-04Machine incidences registration 
  0010269 feature requesttrivialnew (rmorley)2011-02-04Production MRP with capacity limitation 
  0009826 feature requestmajornew (rmorley)2011-02-04Virtualizacion o empaquetado entorno desarrrollo 
  00034072feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Cannot print Business Partner Card 
  00102503feature requestmajoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Different UOM during PO and SO 
  0006318 feature requestmajoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04RFE: Purchase Order: Scheduled Delivery date for the line 
  0006201 feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04The unique condition for Sales Order. 
  00061851feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04RFE: Warehouse Management: inspection of goods coming from vendor 
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