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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryDue Date
  0017201 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Price information in product is confusing 
  0017141 defectmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20349 tax report is not available in the TRL window in case end-user apply 349 dataset to (*) by mistake 
  0017000 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Feature Request in the tab 'Product' of the Work Requirement 
  0017059 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Be able to invoice imported POS orders grouped by day 
  0016879 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Initial Client Setup should default session preference is show accounting tab 
  0016860 defectminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20After pressing the button "Generate Electronic Invoice" the new window shows the message process completed successfully 
  0016757 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Be able to define conversion rate at document level 
  0016751 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20The field 'Serial No Control' should appear when we check 'Serial No.' in Attribute Set 
  0016089 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Obtain info message when settlement C is automatically generated 
  0016085 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Expense Report: filter by processed expenses 
  0016058 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20It should be possible search by 'Scheduled Delivery Date' 
  0016087 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20The translation of Reversed Invoices should be 'Factura rectificada' 
  0015913 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20The currency should appear in the general ledger report 
  0015897 feature request2.50MP26minornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20The fiscal year should appear in the general ledger report 
  00158771defectmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Dunning Key associated with BP not written to Invoice 
  0015918 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20The print date should be editable by the user in the general ledger journal report 
  0015917 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20The currency should appear in the general ledger journal report 
  0015916 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20The fiscal year should appear in the general ledger journal report 
  0015915 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20The print date should be updatable by the user in the general ledger report 
  0015896 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20The legal entity tax id does not appear in the general ledger report 
  0015876 defectmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Organization not selectable in Business Partner Dunning Configuration 
  00158422feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20A "Vendor Document NÂș" field is required in the Purchase Invoice window to be later on shown in the corresponding book 
  00115162feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Two Price List Schema's Lines affect the same product 
  0015852 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20There is not a report to Goods Movements 
  0015818 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20The c_orderline_trg2 trigger should update the total of the header only if the line amount changes. 
  0015725 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Improvements in Stock Report 
  0015633 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20It would be useful to show related order/shipment elements in invoice Linked-Items 
  0015471 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Be able to choose bank account of business partner in each invoice 
  0015649 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Be able to filter in reports by elements (BP, Products....) defined as Summary Level 
  0015558 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Improve pending goods receipts screen for big orders 
  0015547 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20feature request for the new Initial-Organization-Setup 
  0015528 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Be able to create counter document to more than one organization 
  0015304 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Add a new column in the Product Selector 
  0015192 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20'Product Revenue' and 'Product expense' could be no mandatory depending the type of the product 
  0015191 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20The 'Cancel' button of selector should be 'Delete' button 
  0015257 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20It should be possible parameterize the conditions for chaining documents 
  0015087 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Changes in the control of the credit limit 
  0015086 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Add a new account in Product >> Accounting to product's return 
  0015037 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Improvements in Profitability Report 
  0015036 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Different naming between same fields in Multiphase project window and Profitability report 
  0015013 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Project Report filters 
  0014998 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Invoices should have doc number assigned when they are completed, not when they are saved for the 1st time 
  00149041feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Improvement in Enterprise module management 
  0014882 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Should not be possible to have all roles checked as "Manual" 
  0014833 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Improving error messages in the application 
  0014861 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Should be possible to know what purchase order are pending of invoice 
  0014771 defectminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20DEPENDANT_MODULE_NAME missing in AD_DEPENDANCY_MODULE.XML 
  0014763 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20the shipper report should show more information 
  0014612 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20SimpleCallout to allow message displaying 
  0014413 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Modify name of field "Reserved Quantity" by "Quantity Pending of delivery" 
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