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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryDue Date
  0014853 feature requesttrivialnew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20The BP selector in the bank is marked as 'Providers' 
  0014798 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20It would be nice to obtain an info message indicating settlement associated when deleting a "Pay in Advance" cash journal line 
  00147481feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Group payments of same business partner in the same remittance. 
  00147471feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Be able to define different form of payment for same BP depending on organization 
  0014427 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20It would be nice to have changeable page numaration and date in PyG report 
  00149821feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20account combination only with elements of type subaccounts 
  0014892 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20A process button should be added to allow every transaction to be reversed automatically by using either a contra or a storno 
  00147491feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Improve process "Create file" in remittance window to be able to have more than one bank account active for BP 
  0015240 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20in the exportation of account's data, It should be possible select a range of subaccounts 
  0015088 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Add the posibility of search by due date of the payments in Remittance Cancel 
  0015077 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20AP/AR Offset Payment 
  0015449 defectmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Electronic invoice can not be generated/send by using Finance Role 
  0015434 defectmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20purchase/sales invoices having an Acc&Def plan can not be unpost 
  0015246 defectmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Timing of VAT posting template is breaking intra-community purchase VAT posting 
  0015242 defectmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Purchase Storno Invoice is not getting the right Intracommunity VAT posting 
  0015512 feature requestminorscheduled (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Fiscal year identifier must include calendar as well 
  0015502 defectmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20The error message shown in case of a wrong Spanish bank account is not self-explanatory 
  00154881defectmajoracknowledged (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Asset Advanced Sequence starts by 12 and Inventory Advanced Sequence starts by 7 - it should be set to 1 
  00154541feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20EFE implementation 
  0015641 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20It should be possible being able to inform about the project associated to the payment in bank statements 
  00134342feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20"Deductable Rate" field in Tax window is not taken into consideration when posting Invoices 
  0015743 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Cashflow Forecast, more filters 
  0015738 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Cashflow Forecast with two columns (Receivables and Payables) 
  0013878 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Standing Orders 
  0015873 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20All reports should use the class 'showImageLogo' 
  0015804 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Group by Due Date in Payment Report 
  0016092 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20With APRM its not possible to change the debt from one business partner to another. 
  0015970 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20improvements in the window 'Copy From Settlement' 
  0016261 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20The CSV generated file should be adapted to different locals 
  00165562feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20General Ledger Report does not include G/L Category 
  0016547 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20It should be possible to delete he imported bank statement lines or the complete imported bank statement 
  00164911feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Improving error message showed when processing bank statement 
  0016880 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20G/L Item window should not honor "Show Accounting Tabs" preference 
  0016864 defectmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20It is not possible to close "Generate electronic invoice" window by pressing the cancel button 
  0016821 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Add button 'Go to last record' in Financial Reports 
  0017214 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Add organization's name in reports where it is possible select many organizations. 
  0017173 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-2016% taxes changed to "is Active" = NO, once we research and be sure about its impact overall 
  0017162 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Grid - Add group by with summary functionality 
  0017069 defectmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20It should be possible to validate Financial Reports once end-user has changed the configuration provided by default 
  0017464 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20should be possible to use a currency different from the one used by default 
  0017463 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20The combo 'Price List Version', in Product Selector, should show versions of the organization selected in the order or invoice 
  0017449 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20In "Purchase Invoice Dimensional Report" must be appear more information 
  0017412 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20When you want to pay something with one bank account you can not choose what account 
  00173291feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Add (hidden by default) button to launch m_copy_product_template (pl) to sales order (was in removed simple sales order) 
  0017388 defectminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Restore default value 'Datatype' to String in import loader format (row) 
  0017383 defectmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Module depends on an ad_element which was removed in 3.0 during the cleanup work 
  0017057 defectminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Error Import PriceList using IDL 
  00172551defectmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Module probably needs update to cope with the new hibernate behavior after the library update in 3.0rc7 
  00172192feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20in Bussiness Partner selector does not appears the address. 
  0017216 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Use Name 1 (commercial name) or Name 2 (Fiscal name) 
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