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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryDue Date
  0014210 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Clearer codification to indicate if an operation is "Exit" or not in Product Movements Report 
  0014102 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Field "script" is ignored in process "import file loader" 
  0014068 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20The application should warn when a business partner is going to exceed the credit limit 
  0014050 feature request2.50MP21majornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20In sales invoice line when uncheck the flag Financial Invoice Line the Account fields should be reset. 
  0014146 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Getting Error msg for "write Permission" in Openbravo ERP 
  0014021 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20The project's search should be more complete 
  0014030 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Export client process without transaction data 
  0013860 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20It would be very useful to be able to configure number of decimals by client 
  0013779 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20It would be useful to show order Business Partner field in Purchasing Plan Lines 
  00134704feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Modularize Sample Data 
  0013431 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20You can not process a Manufacturing Plan 
  0013354 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20To be able to configure decimal and milliar separator per user 
  0013279 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Duplicate values into "Account Combination " is valid 
  00128771feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20It should be possible to send mails from Openbravo using SSL authentification 
  0012991 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Show Goods Receipt in Purchses Orders and Vendor Invoice 
  0012295 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Replace Employee drop-down list by new selector pattern in Expense Sheet 
  0012294 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Replace Product drop-down list by new selector pattern in BOM Production > Production tab 
  0012861 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Physical Inventory Document Posting Not Accurate Enough 
  0012865 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20RFE: BP information to get copied over from original document instead of from default 
  0012719 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Allow to change the ordered quantity even if delivered or invoiced. 
  0012723 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Deliver and invoice more than the ordered quantity 
  0012609 feature request2.50MP14majorscheduled (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Grid Exports with some rows selected don't work properly 
  0012301 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Auto-close purchase order 
  0012271 feature requestminorscheduled (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Missing 'Field Group' (Accounting setup) after the button. 
  00109333feature requestminoracknowledged (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20A loyalty module for the POS system 
  0016850 defectmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20No data shown while generating the Multi-dimensional tax report in pdf format 
  00073023feature requestmajorscheduled (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Adding payment (Credut/Debit/Gift) functionality for US/Canadian Payment Processors 
  00124413feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Corrective Invoices 
  0016577 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20There should be a script part of this module which re-process the invoices for them to get the proper transaction key 
  0016112 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20new alert: "the accounting of shipments is in status Error" 
  0013337 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Multidimensional tax report will improve by having a multiple tax selector 
  0012436 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20347 tax report - Complementary Declarations (based on new TRL launcher version) 
  00158462feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Total Taxable Amount should appear 
  0015615 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20MTR should show the BP Tax ID (NIF/CIF) in both: header and detail 
  0015419 defectminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20MTR not APR compatible does not show (*) in the case of calculated tax base - Manual Sett. including VAT and With tax rates 
  0015418 defectminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20MTR not APR compatible shows Manual Settlement document in the report instead of Cancelled Payments document 
  00151601feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20create a traduction module to the language en_US 
  0015075 defectmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20ManagedDebtPaymentInvoiceCancel message, bad translation into spanish. 
  0015011 defectmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Change edition names to be consistent. 
  00149811feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20new alert: elements of type distinct to "subaccounts" and no summary level 
  0014901 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Add "Project Code" in "Progress Report" 
  0014637 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Invoice Register book order could have a 3rd order criteria (Document No) 
  00072042defectminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20DocType translation to spanish 
  0014130 defecttrivialnew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20UI Pattern for tabs is mistranslated 
  0013516 defectminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Wrong character translation in Informe del plan de amortizaci´┐Żn 
  0013410 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20there should be a way to mark what is the Tax Base in case of Manual Settlements and G/L journals. 
  0013278 defectminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Both summary sections should be more clearly separated 
  00131802defectminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20The excel print button shoulnt be in the top left side of the screen. 
  0012443 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Operaciones Triangulares - 349 tax report. 
  0012450 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Invoice Register Book - Summary registered entry 
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