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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryDue Date
  00031771feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Show brief description for each window 
  00032731feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Restrict products available in a purchase order by business partner 
  00032721feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04product tab - work requiremet window 
  00032581feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Add a \\\"mandatory in order\\\" check for attributes  
  00032561feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Report DebtPayment Group filter 
  00032551feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Review of Discounts 
  00032541feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Bank statement line negative charge amt. 
  00032521feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Create lines for Bank statement 
  00032501feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Settlement Window, Tab Debt/payment generated 
  00032481feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Default cash book according to login organization 
  00032371feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Unprocess Remittance 
  00032321feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Help option using reports 
  00032302feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04False sucess when exporting languages 
  00034081feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Reserve products in Work Requirement 
  00034001feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Goods Shipment valued 
  00033891feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Business Partner > Address should permit other regions 
  00033881feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04limit price exceed warning 
  00033602feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Automatic ZIP Code/City name 
  00033441feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Improve help index (list fields also) 
  00033341feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04add process to Payment rule - Credit Card- 
  00033311feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Make possible to delete text interfaces with translations 
  00032861feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Business Partner Category: disallow defining more than one default 
  0003993 feature requestmajoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04AT240r3 - It is possible to import/export languages for mixed Entities 
  00034862feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Is not possible to insert a Lot Control to a product 
  00034613feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04multiple copies of jasper reports 
  00034511feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Yes/No fields should be combos in search windows 
  0004250 feature requesttrivialacknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Validate Work Effort button should be hidden when is not useful 
  00039531feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04"Create from Shipment" functionality revision 
  00034832feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Accounting dimensions on requisitions 
  00034681feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Capture and show callouts process feedback 
  00033981feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Purchase and Production in Planner 
  00033381feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Planner in MRP should be a business partner 
  00033244feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Bank account validation not clear. 
  00032031feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Improve Workflows 
  00044855feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Setting country as default does not clear previous default 
  0004484 feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Simple Sales Order window should be hidden on new installations 
  0004479 feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Project Phase and Project Task filters in reports 
  0004478 feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Hierarchichal projects 
  0004471 feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Create Sales Order from multiphase project header and tasks 
  0004429 feature request2.35MP6minoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04The table C_INCOTERMS should have a value column to define the abbreviations 
  0004356 feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Improve Business Partner management when used for Sales Representatives 
  0004527 feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Create a Project from an Order 
  00045211feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Create Lines from Expenses 
  0004518 feature requestmajoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04No hint when converting a requisition to purchase order and no addres exists for provider 
  0004514 feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Dates check in Projects, Project Phases and Project Tasks 
  00045081feature requestmajorfeedback (rmorley)2011-02-04Adding MVC flow diagram & UML support within Openbravo 
  0004504 feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Associate human resources to projects 
  0004503 feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Project Proposal Tracker should display Followup lines 
  00044981feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Purchase Order -> Copy Lines From -> incomprehensable error message if no lines are selected in the popup 
  0004490 feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2011-02-04Project Phase and Project Task filters in 'Create AP Expenses Invoices' and 'Create Sales Orders from Expenses' processes 
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