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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryDue Date
  0013410 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20there should be a way to mark what is the Tax Base in case of Manual Settlements and G/L journals. 
  0013278 defectminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Both summary sections should be more clearly separated 
  00131802defectminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20The excel print button shoulnt be in the top left side of the screen. 
  0012443 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Operaciones Triangulares - 349 tax report. 
  0012450 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Invoice Register Book - Summary registered entry 
  0012445 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20349 Complementary Declarations 
  00107841defecttrivialscheduled (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Copiar desde Pedido de Compra 
  0017384 defectmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20AssetManagement TodoList: Refers to ad_element removed in 3.0 cleanup 
  0016837 defect2.50minornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Test case Communit-5638 Not Passed 
  0016529 defectmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Financial Account not found if default org is * 
  0015432 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Intrastat must not take into account "Triangulations" (Operaciones Triangulares) 
  0015847 defectmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Error in column name 
  0015824 defectmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Error in window Employee (Manager View) 
  0011168 defectminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20The Shipment Awaiting Report is not displaying the records as desired 
  0015393 defectminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Object names too long: OBACCT_BANKSTATEMENT_ACCT_V_XX 
  0015383 defectminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Default values are not verified leading to misunderstandings 
  00146621feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Special Documents workflow 
  00124471feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Intrastat and Triangulations 
  0015382 defectminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Wrong message when an Default Value for a field is not correct 
  00147191feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Asset To Do List should be an automatic process to be defined 
  00147181feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20It should be possible to sell an asset from the Inventory Tab. To be defined 
  00146871feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Special documents - it should not be possible to book any special document for an asset without depreciation plan run 
  00145174feature requestmajorfeedback (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Dunning Fees should be configured as GL-Item 
  0015269 defectmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20If selector is used with a role that do not have access to the business partner category window, it may not work 
  0015245 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20It is necessary to have process to run depreciations, similar to "asset movement list" 
  0015074 defectminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20booking control lines in a booking sub-tab for an asset must shown just the corresponding amount for an asset, not the total 
  0014930 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20validate process should verify the length minimum of field 
  0014805 defectmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Payment is missing at the application path: Financial Management//Receivables&Payables//Transactions//Tax Payment//Header 
  0014716 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20To Do List - should take into account "Special Documents" 
  0014569 defectminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20To Do List - should captured once again invoice lines which were unposted 
  0014562 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20IDL to support import of accountings accounts 
  00136341defectmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20WAD validations errors 
  0014712 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Inventory Value field in the Inventory Tab of the Asset Card 
  0014711 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Impact on Asset Acc/Depreciation Plan Definition 
  0014141 defectminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Some translations in Advanced Payables and Receivables - es_ES are inconsistent. 
  0013671 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Add "Linked to a tax" flag in the Tax Report Parameter tab 
  0013113 defectmajorscheduled (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Intrastat invoice line tab: Cannot see the record inside the intrastat tab under sales invoice window 
  0013847 defectminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Allow deletable records in Tax Report Definition 
  0012672 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Electronic Code new field on Intrastat 
  0012661 defectminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20OBTL_TAX_REPORT_PARAMETER has no identifier 
  0012543 defectminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20The long-running IDL validation process (at least) should get a progress bar. 
  0012542 defectminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20IDL validation process (for at least the product price entity) executes too many (duplicate) database-queries 
  0012087 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20IDL to support import of product vendors 
  00119291feature requestmajorscheduled (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Missing Bank Account Routing Number, missing BIC/SWIFT 
  0012434 feature requestmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Complementary declarations 
  0012079 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Change the commit behaviour to improve performance 
  0012055 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Support for importing products that are sourced from multiple vendors 
  0012054 feature requestminornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Support for new custom columns in all entities 
  0011947 defectmajornew (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20For an annual report and a year without periods, report launching gives a non-sense error message 
  0011366 defectmajorscheduled (jonalegriaesarte)2011-07-20Errors with new identifier columns validation in current WAD 
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