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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryDue Date
  0012045 defectmajornew2010-01-22Cannot edit the sections of wiki pages 
  00064861feature requestmajoracknowledged (rmorley)2010-01-21Intrastat and EC Sales List reports needed for VAT reporting 
  0011992 feature requestminornew (iciordia)2010-01-18Refactor tree edition to make it to use ajax 
  0011468 feature requestminoracknowledged (iciordia)2010-01-05Search key does not generates sequence numbers automatically 
  00041971feature requestpitrivialacknowledged (iciordia)2010-01-05Product image upload 
  00063171defectmajoracknowledged (webmaster)2009-12-17Could not send confirmation mail. Check address for invalid characters. 
  00055261defectminorfeedback (jordimas)2009-12-17Users can't delte their own pages 
  00104991defectmajornew (gforcada)2009-12-17Uplodaded SVG images not visible 
  0010497 defectmajornew2009-12-17404 error when trying to create a page with .xml in the title 
  0009056 defectminornew2009-12-17Delete a broken redirection 
  00059092feature requestmajoracknowledged (webmaster)2009-12-17Allow SVG Basic profile instead of restricting to SVGT 
  00046701feature requestminorfeedback (jordimas)2009-12-17Templates for code syntax highlight 
  00046561feature requestminoracknowledged (webmaster)2009-12-17Discussion pages notification 
  00046491defectminoracknowledged (jesushernan)2009-12-17Main page after login 
  0011809 feature requestmajornew (iciordia)2009-12-17It should be possible to have differents menus in the application in order to be used by different, users, organizations, roles 
  0011794 feature requestminornew (iciordia)2009-12-16instance acativation fails if there are newlines in system key 
  00116742feature requestminornew (iciordia)2009-12-16Display the message after changing the configuration of heartbeat in the same window. 
  00033832feature requestminoracknowledged (iciordia)2009-12-14Reports data length (Parameters) 
  00116502feature requestmajornew (iciordia)2009-12-12Create reference datas without needing a module 
  00041396feature requestpitrivialacknowledged (iciordia)2009-12-02Unicode fonts in iReports 
  00114871feature requestminornew (marvintm)2009-11-25Validation isn't clear 
   00042667feature requestpiminoracknowledged (rmorley)2009-11-19Eliminating account combination concept 
  00113781feature requestmajornew (iciordia)2009-11-16When updating from 2.35/2.40 to 2.50, the changes on the transalations should be packeg in a different module 
  00113091feature requestmajornew (dmitry_mezentsev)2009-11-15Tool for identifying the suitable hardware architecture needed depending on the system load requirements 
  0011291 feature requestminornew (iciordia)2009-11-10Window parametric startup 
  0011290 feature requestmajornew (iciordia)2009-11-10Restriction on search reference 
  0011289 feature requestminornew (iciordia)2009-11-10Parameterization of scheduled processes 
  0011288 feature requestminornew (iciordia)2009-11-10Asynchronous processes 
  00112791feature requesttrivialnew (rmorley)2009-11-10Payment status in Create Lines From bankstatement 
  0011230 feature requestmajornew (iciordia)2009-11-04The reference type table should be able to show in the combo the values checked as identifier on the table 
  0011105 feature requestminornew (iciordia)2009-10-23Preferences only on the level of a window 
  0011094 feature requestminornew (iciordia)2009-10-22Improve visibility of tab filters 
  0011080 feature requestminornew (iciordia)2009-10-22Ability to control number of concurrent web service sessions 
  00110331feature requestmajornew (iciordia)2009-10-22API checks on minor versions of modules 
  00109531feature requestmajornew (rmorley)2009-10-21Show total sum of withholdingamount quantities in Settlements 
  00109313feature requestmajornew (iciordia)2009-10-20Querying thru REST more than one Business Object 
  00110381feature requestminornew (iciordia)2009-10-19Session Timeout should be easier to configure 
  00109871feature requestminornew (iciordia)2009-10-19Messages in login window are not translated 
  0010912 feature requestminornew (rmorley)2009-10-19Copy bank account in create from bank statement 
  00109503feature requestmajornew (iciordia)2009-10-16The alerts could be translated depending on the language used when loggin the application 
  00108283feature requestminornew (rmorley)2009-10-09Revise existing languages to be introduced into AD_Language table 
  0010887 feature requestminornew (iciordia)2009-10-07Numeric references should declare its own format (from format.xml) instead of being hardcoded in WAD 
  00108171feature requestminornew (iciordia)2009-10-06Preload the attachment icon infos for all records 
  0010826 feature requestmajornew (iciordia)2009-10-06Openbravo User Info should be customizable 
  00108183feature requestminornew (iciordia)2009-10-06Changeable preload buffer size for grid windows 
  0010788 feature requestminornew (iciordia)2009-10-06Toolbar button 
  00033132feature requestminoracknowledged (rgoris)2009-10-05Favorites menu 
  00107872feature requestminornew (iciordia)2009-10-02Parameters for alerts 
  00108271feature requestminornew (iciordia)2009-09-30Mín Value and Max value in Column tab, should accept variables 
  00088613feature requestmajoracknowledged (rgoris)2009-09-22Grid Data-Export to List 
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