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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00406481feature requestmajorresolved (mtaal)2019-04-22Make the store server more sensitive to overloaded cs
  00406361defectmajorresolved (ranjith_qualiantech_com)2019-04-19Tax info is not displayed when total ticket is 0
  00406491defecttrivialresolved (alostale)2019-04-19no need to open modules for reflection in build tasks
  00406471defectminorresolved (alostale)2019-04-18escape formulas when exporting csv
  00406421defectmajorresolved (alostale)2019-04-18centralize in XMLUtils creation of objects to deal with XML documents
  00406292defecttrivialresolved (alostale)2019-04-18jdk11+: removal warning in HttpServletCalloutInformationProvider
  00406021defectmajorresolved (rqueralta)2019-04-18Unparseable date: "0NaN-NaN-NaN NaN:NaN:NaN.NaN" error when opening store offline
  00405554defectmajorresolved (rqueralta)2019-04-18JS Error doing logout with draft recetip and functionality checkForDocumentNoDuplicated
  00404684defectmajorresolved (ranjith_qualiantech_com)2019-04-17If a previously imported layaway is paid, goes to Errors While Importing POS Data and layaway is voided it cannot be Save Again
  00406351backport3.0PR19Q1.1majorresolved (alostale)2019-04-17Generation of Discounts and Promotions windows fails under some circumstances
  00406341backport3.0PR19Q2majorresolved (alostale)2019-04-17Generation of Discounts and Promotions windows fails under some circumstances
  00406333defectmajorresolved (alostale)2019-04-17Generation of Discounts and Promotions windows fails under some circumstances
  00405051defect3.0PR19Q3trivialresolved (adrianromero)2019-04-17API change: New parameters in Customer Statement report
  00405061defect3.0PR19Q3trivialresolved (adrianromero)2019-04-17API change: Adding private constructor in ReportsUtility class
  00383392feature request3.0PR19Q3majorresolved (adrianromero)2019-04-17Multicurrency customer statement report
  00404272feature requestminorresolved (Triage Finance)2019-04-17Customer Statement: Allow to aggregate the Initial Balance into the Net Balance of each entry
  003950737defectmajorresolved (tegik_forge)2019-04-17Mexico Localization Pack not compatible with ORACLE
  00404404feature requestRR19Q3minorresolved (nicola_uva)2019-04-15Discounts Category Enhancement - Multi selection will be kept in discounts window
  00404392feature requestRR19Q3minorresolved (nicola_uva)2019-04-15Discounts Category Enhancement - Popup will be automatically open while going to discounts tab
  00404414feature requestRR19Q3minorresolved (nicola_uva)2019-04-15Discounts Category Enhancement - New discount type: Set line price
  00406011defectmajorresolved (asiermartirena)2019-04-13The calculateReceipt function is called to much times when changing prices
  00406111defectminorresolved (caristu)2019-04-12Revert changes for supporting the synchronous execution of connector EDL Processes
  00405961defectmajorresolved (asiermartirena)2019-04-12The prepayment under limit approval is done when opening the drawer
  00405841defectmajorresolved (ranjith_qualiantech_com)2019-04-12CashUpReport.doPost is not using bind-parameters
  00405831defectmajorresolved (ranjith_qualiantech_com)2019-04-12POSUtils.getPriceListVersionForPriceList is not using bind-parameters
  00405671defectmajorresolved (ranjith_qualiantech_com)2019-04-12Not needed extra join in Product query
  00404602defectmajorresolved (ranjith_qualiantech_com)2019-04-12Discounts by Total are not applied properly based on priority
  00405941backportRR19Q2majorresolved (ranjith_qualiantech_com)2019-04-11Cash Management transactions are not included in CashUp report
  00405421feature requestminorresolved (jarmendariz)2019-04-11HardwareURL model should be extendable
  00405501feature requestminorresolved (jarmendariz)2019-04-11Identify printers using a barcode
  00402329defectmajorresolved (rqueralta)2019-04-10Sales quotation is not saved in Back Office
  00405411defectminorresolved (jarmendariz)2019-04-10Selected printer is not updated in modal window when printer is changed outside the modal
  00405491feature requestminorresolved (jarmendariz)2019-04-10Scan panel should be extendable
  00404732defectmajorresolved (rqueralta)2019-04-09An order can be paid with Credit Note for a customer without credit/balance available
  00402628defectmajorresolved (rqueralta)2019-04-09Preference "Do not allow Sales with return" does not work properly. The POS gets blocked after doing a Verified Return
  00405141defectmajorresolved (rqueralta)2019-04-08[Complementary Products] Missing indexes by m_complementary_product_id in database and websql
  00405442defectmajorresolved (caristu)2019-04-08EDL process components are not injected properly
  00404611backportRR19Q1.1majorresolved (rqueralta)2019-04-01Prepayment UI is being triggered even if we do not have the configuration active
  00404061backport3.0PR19Q1.1minorresolved (alostale)2019-03-28log from callouts don't include callout class name
  00389752defectmajorresolved (tegik_forge)2018-07-18El módulo de Factura Electrónica falla al compilar tras actualizar a la última versión en CS.
  00388359defectmajorresolved (tegik_forge)2018-07-03Error dependencias Community Pack Mexico
  00377442feature requestmajorresolved (tegik_forge)2018-05-04Gestion dde "Adjuntos" en la localización Mexicana.
  00037562defectminorresolved (adrianromero)2018-03-13Table data for closing tickets has two columns changed
  00374582defectminorresolved (tegik_forge)2017-12-14[Contabilidad en Medios Electronicos]: length of variables in conele_docnum_trg should be defined relative to fact_acct columns
  00007793defectminorresolved (gorkaion)2016-09-19IndirectCost - IndirectCost (Client)
  00013494defectminorresolved (user71)2016-07-28Deleting a record. Different behaviour
  00265971feature request15Q2majorresolved (extra)2016-06-28Return Ticket - Scontrino di Reso
  00265301defect15Q3minorresolved (extra)2016-06-28Professional Datasets application - Dataset dati di base
  00296501design defect15Q4minorresolved (extra)2016-06-28Re-factory of Withholding - Nuova versione Ritenute d'acconto in acquisto
  00265911feature request15Q2majorresolved (extra)2016-06-28Cash VAT - IVA per Cassa
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