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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00039063feature requestminoracknowledged (user71)2008-10-07MUST HAVES FOR COMMERCIAL USE
  00039051feature requestminoracknowledged (user71)2008-10-07Automatic Employee Logoff
  00039041feature requestminoracknowledged (user71)2008-10-07Configure serial port settings
  00038882feature requestminoracknowledged (user71)2008-10-07Multiple Emplyes
  00039332feature requestminoracknowledged (user71)2008-10-07Discounts
  0004336 feature requestmajoracknowledged2008-10-07attributes grid more userfriendly than xml textbox...
  0004341 feature requestmajoracknowledged2008-10-07Add AppView to objects passed to BS scripting object + ticket.closing event + dlsystem to Velocity engine
  0004499 feature requestminoracknowledged2008-10-07New methods suggestion for TicketInfo
  0004592 feature requesttrivialacknowledged2008-10-07ossibility of increasing the amount whenever you choose a product on sale
  0004617 feature requestminoracknowledged2008-10-07Need plug-able architecture for payment gateway code
  0004628 feature requestminoracknowledged2008-10-07Payment Config Panel should have a Gateway Options text field
  00034641feature requestminorscheduled (gorkaion)2008-08-20Pending Goods Receipt process improvement
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