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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0006469 feature requestmajoracknowledged (rmorley)2009-03-20Costs centers
  00080361feature requestmajorscheduled2009-03-10Autosync on every sale
  00057702feature requestminornew2009-03-06Add a Utility to return to Tables Panel
  00077353feature requestminoracknowledged (gorkaion)2009-03-04Able to change the quantity in "Operation" tab even if the work requirement is closed
  0007655 feature requestpimajornew (rmorley)2009-03-03Displayed account field should be formated: 0000-0000-00-0000000000
  0007638 feature requestpiminornew (rmorley)2009-03-03Preconfigured system including accounts for Bpartner status (payment status accounts)
  0007657 feature requestpimajoracknowledged (rmorley)2009-03-03Pro-forma invoices: Shipments including prices
  0007887 feature requesttrivialnew2009-03-01Create panel to make product kits relations
  00077841feature requestminorscheduled2009-02-24The software store pictures in the database biggest that the max register size
  00076121feature requestminornew2009-02-18Product Search by product attribute
  0007611 defectminornew2009-02-17Italian localization problem
  0007610 defectminornew2009-02-17Italian localization problem
  00073901feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2009-02-17Taxes on commissions in bank statement
  0007546 feature requestmajornew2009-02-13Added the russian (ru) and kazakh (kk) language support for VFD-220
  00063281defectmajorscheduled (anthony_wolski)2009-02-12Installing a module resuls in incorrect setting of source of an eclipse project
  0007385 feature requestmajornew (rmorley)2009-02-07Transitory account when posting bank statements and cash journals
  0007382 feature requestmajornew (rmorley)2009-02-07Analytical Accounting
  0007403 feature requestmajornew2009-02-06Customer Discount Synchronization
  00047473feature requestmajoracknowledged (rmorley)2009-02-05More than 1 cascade tax donĀ“t work
  0007352 feature requestminornew2009-02-03Make TicketInfo available in payment gateways
  00070073feature requestmajoracknowledged (rmorley)2009-02-03Use XLIFF format to output the translations files instead of a custom xml file
  0007252 feature requestmajornew (rmorley)2009-02-02Dimensions of valid combinations
  00071671feature requestminornew2009-01-28Add support cyrillic (russian) symbol into
  00052014feature requesttrivialfeedback (rgoris)2009-01-20Error messages do not speak the user language
  00004021feature requestpiminoracknowledged (serc)2009-01-19Project filter in 'Create AP Expenses Invoices' and 'Create Sales Orders from Expenses' processes
  0006811 feature requestminornew2009-01-18Albanian translation
  00068271feature requestminoracknowledged (rgoris)2009-01-14Drop-down menu with only one option
  00045912feature requestminorscheduled (iciordia)2009-01-05Launch Task Error
  00067371feature requestminornew (iciordia)2009-01-02XMLEngine main() method is broken after fix in Rev.11558
  0004500 feature requestminornew (dbaz)2009-01-02Alert check time is hardcoded
  0006762 feature requestminoracknowledged (rgoris)2008-12-31Misleading options in Product Setup
  0006743 feature requestminornew2008-12-25Alertas en OPENBRAVO POS
  00033735feature requestminornew (rmorley)2008-12-22Records range setting
  00033022feature requestminoracknowledged (rgoris)2008-12-19Do not refer to record but to the actual object
  00064981feature requestminoracknowledged (rgoris)2008-12-19Bad terminology in Process Request window
  00066691feature requestminornew2008-12-19Add bank payment type.
  0000466 feature requestmajornew (marvintm)2008-12-18Constraint's status is not exported.
  00047401feature requestmajornew (marvintm)2008-12-18Revisions comparison mismatch in export.database
  0006454 feature requestmajoracknowledged (rgoris)2008-12-18Client / user name
  0006453 feature requestmajoracknowledged (rgoris)2008-12-18Import File loader works counterintuitively
  0006452 feature requestminoracknowledged (rgoris)2008-12-18Showing lines in linked items is obvious and irrelevant.
  0006441 feature requesttrivialacknowledged (rgoris)2008-12-18Products should be related to the category
  0006440 feature requestminoracknowledged (rgoris)2008-12-18Automatic year value
  0006459 feature requestminoracknowledged (rgoris)2008-12-18Application Dictionary Limitation
  0006355 feature requestmajornew (rmorley)2008-12-17Remittance filter for Bankstatement
  00061591feature requestminoracknowledged (rmorley)2008-12-17Support for Shamsi (Persian) calendar
  0005980 feature requestmajoracknowledged (rmorley)2008-12-17Tax handling enhancements
  0005345 feature requesttrivialacknowledged (rmorley)2008-12-17Chart of accounts export from live system
  0005123 feature requestminornew (rmorley)2008-12-17Ad_Language table should be moved to MasterData.
  0004800 feature requesttrivialacknowledged (rmorley)2008-12-17Bank setup screen: Show Spanish button should be in localization
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