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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00348903backportRR16Q4.1majorclosed (jorge-garcia)2017-01-24Find using cache does not work if high volumes is deactivate
  00348102backportRR16Q4.1criticalclosed (marvintm)2017-01-17ProcessHQLQuery returns duplicates causing errors when inserting data and really slow login with many products
  003428310backportRR16Q4.1minorclosed (mtaal)2017-01-17Support different protocols (http and https) for store and central server
  00348962backportRR16Q4.1majorclosed (jorge-garcia)2017-01-17Scanning with external barcode scanner performance can be improved
  00347301backportRR16Q4.1majorclosed (ranjith_qualiantech_com)2017-01-17RFID is not activated after closing popup
  00348881backportRR16Q4.1majorclosed (jorge-garcia)2017-01-16Scanning could not work if the model has change but cache is not deleted
  00347411backportRR16Q4.1majorclosed (marvintm)2017-01-12Error after creating a new Business Partner, new BPLocation and complete a ticket while being offline
  00347741backportRR16Q4.1majorclosed (marvintm)2017-01-12Log out option is not working in Mobile Physical Inventory module


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