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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00452051defectminorclosed (Retail)2020-10-08Total quantity of products in a ticket wrongly shown if there are return lines
  00430042backport3.0PR19Q3.4majorclosed (AtulOpenbravo)2020-01-30Validating a new costing rule is trying to create physical inventories in organizations where transactions are not allowed
  00430032backport3.0PR19Q4.2majorclosed (AtulOpenbravo)2020-01-30Validating a new costing rule is trying to create physical inventories in organizations where transactions are not allowed
  00416541design defectmajorclosed (platform)2019-09-25Field group is shown twice if there is a field with a different field group and a sequence number within two fields of the group
  00398351defectminorclosed (collazoandy4)2019-08-16Copy From Orders process does not copy the Attribute Set Value. The field is editable if product has a non instance attribute
  00409511defectmajorclosed (Triage Finance)2019-05-28Reset Accounting Process do not unpost a document if all the accounting entries dates are not included in the date range
  00392196defectmajorclosed (migueldejuana)2018-09-28Order is imported without lines if Supr is pressed more than once after Done is launched
  0039356 defectmajorclosed (vmromanos)2018-09-27Session is closed error when issuing partial sales order line with attribute set and without reservation (automatic task)
  00383922defectmajorclosed (jorge-garcia)2018-04-17isInThePast function is called since RR17Q1 but it is not defined until RR18Q2
  00378402defectmajorclosed (Retail)2018-02-07Rounding issues when adding Discounts and Promotions to POS documents, wrong total gross amount
  00371042defectmajorclosed (Triage Finance)2017-10-23If negative stock is allowed and a return material receipt made after a goods shipment, cost of transactions is not calculated
  00371062defectmajorclosed (Triage Finance)2017-10-23If negative stock is allowed and a goods movement cost of transactions is not calculated
  00367381defectmajorclosed (AtulOpenbravo)2017-09-08Performance problems in General Ledger Report when grouping it by Business Partner
  00366001defectmajorclosed (markmm82)2017-08-09Cannot close or void a purchase order related with a requisition
  00359846feature requestminorclosed (Triage Finance)2017-07-27Include "Inversión Sujeto Pasivo UE 21% -19%R" tax rate
  00322043feature requestminorclosed (Triage Finance)2017-01-13It would be fine if it could be defined which tax rate will be applied for Servicios Prestados exentos
  00338743defectmajorclosed (ravneet)2016-11-09No records shown in Create Challan Detail Records form of TDS Challan window
  00336242design defectmajorclosed (AtulOpenbravo)2016-10-17Different total net amount and total gross amount in order and invoice is the order line is split in more than one shipment line
  00340421defectmajorclosed (Triage Finance)2016-09-21Documentation about how to manage error messages in accounting templates is needed
  00338661defectmajorclosed (jorge-garcia)2016-09-20[Mobile Warehouse Operations] Mobile Warehouse Operations 1.0.10 should depend on Mobile Core Infrastructure 3.0RR16Q3
  00326752defectminorclosed (tegik_forge)2016-06-30Purchase Invoice Line is not shown in Informe de IVA if the Product is not set as Deducible ISR
  00328132defectmajorclosed (Retail)2016-05-30During Cash Up Financial Transactions are not rounded to 2 (standard precision) and the reconciliation gets unbalanced
  00324992defectmajorclosed (markmm82)2016-04-13<Nm> tag is wrongly included within <CdtrSchmeId> tag when Use_Nm_For_Identifiers parameter is set to Y
  00324551defectmajorclosed (platform)2016-04-11Cannot move a measure through an axis in OB Analytics window
  00318332defectmajorclosed (aferraz)2016-01-13Inconsistent data in M_STORAGE_PENDING table if the product is changed from Not Stocked to Stocked having pending orders
  00306881defectmajorclosed (Retail)2015-08-31Order cannot be imported if the business partner does not have a default payment method
  00294042defectmajorclosed (aferraz)2015-08-04Not possible to calculate the cost of a return if the product was changed to stocked after the shipment was completed
  00289782defectmajorclosed (vmromanos)2015-07-14Duplicated account combinations when inserting an element value in an account tree referenced twice from a General Ledger Dimens
  00299883defectmajorclosed (ngarcia)2015-06-29Tree structure is not shown in OB Analytics window although Ignore Tree Hierarchy is not selected
  00299182defectmajorclosed (AtulOpenbravo)2015-05-27Cannot generate a new picking list if the order was partially included in an outbound picking list
  00286473defectmajorclosed (umartirena)2015-04-29Delivery status never gets 100% because cannot generate service product's picking
  00231671design defectmajorclosed (dmiguelez)2015-03-11Production transactions are not shown in the Not Posted Transaction Report
  00275251defect3.0PR15Q1minorclosed (AtulOpenbravo)2014-11-28Return To Vendor Shipments could be selected from Return To Vendor Pick/Edit lines
  00272961defectminorclosed (AugustoMauch)2014-08-13Wrong value in fields with Time Reference when accesing from a different Time Zone
  00257751defect3.0PR14Q3minorclosed (AtulOpenbravo)2014-05-28Wrong payment plan when a sales invoice has more than one order and a basic discount
  00263301defectminorclosed (jonalegriaesarte)2014-05-28Some fields and text interfaces are not translated
  00253692defectmajorclosed (gauravdeshmukh)2014-04-23Accounting dimensions are not copied from the invoice to the payment lines
  00229782defect3.0MP23minorclosed (jecharri)2013-04-24Open Items from GL Journal lines are not copied when using a template


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