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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00061651backportminorclosed (Hennadzi)2009-03-03Country name "Holland" is not an official name
  00060933backporttrivialclosed (Hennadzi)2009-03-03Payment Aging Balance report: 'Date ranges' should be 'Day ranges' or something similar
  00054782backportminorclosed (Hennadzi)2009-03-03Null pointer accress in "CopyFromInvoice" exception handler
  00054192backporttrivialclosed (Hennadzi)2009-03-03The Import Account window displays a broken image
  00050641backportminorclosed (Hennadzi)2009-03-03Calendar Popups in Spanish
  00067533defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2009-03-03Is not possible to add products into Stock Report filter
  00051003defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2009-03-03Purchase Order -> Copy From Order does not give good error message when tax setup is missing for current org
  00051013defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2009-03-03Purchase Order -> Copy from Order uses wrong date for tax-calculation
  00051682defect2.40betatrivialclosed (Hennadzi)2009-03-03Printed On in the reports should be Generated On
  00054085defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2009-02-26Date filters do no work in 'Purchase Order Report'
  00049242backportminorclosed (Hennadzi)2009-02-26Pending goods receipts: Improve message when no attribute for the line
  00061742backportminorclosed (Hennadzi)2009-02-26Requisition to Order does not copy line description
  00061492defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2009-02-26Requisition to Order does not copy line description
  00061752backportminorclosed (Hennadzi)2009-02-26Requisition to Order Vendor selector should not show all BPs by default
  00048586defectmajorclosed (Hennadzi)2009-02-20'Sales Report by Partner and Product' report does not work
  00072273defecttrivialclosed (Hennadzi)2009-02-20Records are not sorted in Requisition header page.
  00053334defecttrivialclosed (Hennadzi)2009-02-18The Import Account window displays a broken image
  00071014defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2009-01-30Navigation arrows on General Setup --> Security --> Role don't work
  00005072backportminorclosed (Hennadzi)2009-01-27m_get_offers_name function does not work on postgreSQL
  00053831backportmajorclosed (Hennadzi)2009-01-27C_CURRENCY_CONVERT uses inactive conversion rates
  00050883backportminorclosed (Hennadzi)2009-01-25Create Goods shipment from invoice using "Create lines from" does not work
  00053481backportminorclosed (Hennadzi)2009-01-25Wrong HAVING filtering clause in some reports
  00069061defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2009-01-23Period Control window allows an unnecessary <No Action> action
  00049072backportminorclosed (Hennadzi)2009-01-22Deactivate Change payment status form
  00054211backportminorclosed (Hennadzi)2009-01-22If I have no stock for an ordered product and I try to generate a shipment, message is not clear
  00068201defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2009-01-09compile.translate creates translations for "Organization ."
  00064421defecttrivialclosed (Hennadzi)2009-01-02S missing in label “ CustomerS filter”
  00063852defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2009-01-02Location selector does not check data in the postal code field against allowed length...
  00066721defecttrivialclosed (Hennadzi)2009-01-02Rouble ISO Currency Code Obsolete
  00063212defecttrivialclosed (Hennadzi)2009-01-02Pending Goods Receipt: date field labelling should be explicit: Order date
  00067152defecttrivialclosed (Hennadzi)2008-12-31Spelling error in "Insert Access" window
  00067143defectmajorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-12-31General Ledger Report, Filter field: From Amount does not work on postgresql 8.3 (again)
  00067192defectmajorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-12-31Date format error on Create Sales Orders for Customers from Expense Reports
  00067292defectpiminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-12-31the field "Description" is erased when you select a partner
  00066593defectmajorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-12-31Purchase Order Report - By filter dates and business partner
  00061511defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-12-18Requisition to Order Vendor selector should not show all BPs by default
  00055561defecttrivialclosed (Hennadzi)2008-12-18Typo: Org specific tab of Product
  00054172defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-12-16It is not possible to delete a BOM Production after creating production
  00046611defect2.50minorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-12-16Message not clear in VAT register
  00051071defectmajorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-12-16% issues in MultiDimensional comparative reports
  00043481defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-12-15Pending Goods Receipt process: Mandatory fields are not marked
  00043931defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-12-14Improve the message for constraint. AD_ORG table
  00043421defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-12-14'Actual password' should be changed to 'Current password' in Role Information window.
  00043741defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-12-14Material Transaction Report does not include results from the selected end date
  00022475defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-12-14Account tree elements screen
  00021377defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-12-14AT235: Create Accounting Report incorrect error message
  00053521defecttrivialclosed (Hennadzi)2008-12-13Malformed ORDER BY clause in some reports
  00053471defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-12-13Wrong HAVING filtering clause in some reports
  00054362backporttrivialclosed (Hennadzi)2008-12-11ReportGuaranteeDateJR, Invalid if statement causes Null pointer access
  00050921backportminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-12-11Bad usage of advisePopUp
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