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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00211095defectmajorclosed (mirurita)2012-07-27Multicurrency: exchange rate is not properly calculated using commas as decimal separator
  00211383defectmajorclosed (mirurita)2012-07-26Copy Lines not working using comma (,) as decimal separator
  00211274defect3.0MP13majorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2012-07-25Roles data set should be updated not to use legacy reports but new ones based on New costing engine
  002100627design defect3.0MP13majorclosed (gorkaion)2012-07-18Add currency to calculated costs
  00211263defectmajorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2012-07-18Match Invoice posting is failing in some circunstances
  00090994defectminorclosed (gorkaion)2012-07-18Pareto Report: percentages don't add up to 100%
  00210132defectmajorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2012-07-17Costing engine is calculating stock of the product on a given date based on unitary cost and that drives into a loss of precisio
  00209302defect3.0MP13criticalclosed (gorkaion)2012-07-17During costing migration not all m_transaction_cost are populated
  00210213defectmajorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2012-07-17Add support to transaction currency (cost) for accounting documents
  00182692defectmajorclosed (adrianromero)2012-06-15When syncrhonizing a and processing orders at the same time orders are not properly imported
  00204792defect3.0MP13minorclosed (migueldejuana)2012-06-13The filter on the startdate column on the process monitor grid is not working properly.
  00207312defect3.0MP13majorclosed (AugustoMauch)2012-06-12Jslint errors in ob-view-form.js and ob-view-grid.js
  00207142defectcriticalclosed (mirurita)2012-06-11Using Oracle, there are no lines in the Pick and Execute pop up for Return From Customer
  00206891defectmajorclosed (mirurita)2012-06-06No items to show in Pick/Edit lines
  00196823defectminorclosed (umartirena)2012-05-31Production: fields related to quantities should be grouped
  00205844defect3.0MP12criticalclosed (guilleaer)2012-05-28JS error when resizing column in edit mode
  00205364defectmajorclosed (alostale)2012-05-25Heartbeat popup not shown after setting purpose
  00205114defectminorclosed (alostale)2012-05-25Unnecessary flush on CallProcess
  00204934defectminorclosed (migueldejuana)2012-05-25typo in Widget window
  00204843feature requestminorclosed (alostale)2012-05-25Allow DAL call store procedure without flush
  00204575defectminorclosed (AugustoMauch)2012-05-25Link to window in the toolbar even if the role doesn't have access to the window
  00135483defectmajorclosed (migueldejuana)2012-05-25Wrong descriptions in Openbravo elements (related to Platform)
  00202273defectmajorclosed (alostale)2012-05-25Window with three level tabs: G/L Journal. Buttons for second level tab don't get refreshed
  00203844defect3.0MP13minorclosed (alostale)2012-05-25If you put one column as mandatory you do not see as mandatory
  00203764defectmajorclosed (migueldejuana)2012-05-25A user shouldn't be able to uninstall the Openbravo 3 pack (distribution)
  00179434defectmajorclosed (alostale)2012-05-25There is one item which is not shown properly regardles sis properly translated
  00133054defectminorclosed (alostale)2012-05-25Error popup showing result of CR dependency resolution has JS error
  00203614defectmajorclosed (AugustoMauch)2012-05-25Unexpected result when using a file containing 'web' string sequence as part of the file name
  00204581defectminorclosed (migueldejuana)2012-05-15In Pick and Execute Window, introducing wrong Ship Qty and selecting another row recalculate in wrong place.
  00201459defect3.0MP11majorclosed (alostale)2012-05-10Should not be possible to delete Matched Invoices records
  00201604defectmajorclosed (alostale)2012-05-10Read only windows are opened in edit mode when they are opened for the second time
  00201012defectmajorclosed (migueldejuana)2012-05-08In Pick and Execute Window, it does not send the Form Data as expected
  00190201defectmajorclosed (migueldejuana)2012-05-07A window gets wrong state after using a keyboard shortcut and a toolbar button
  00110601defectpimajorclosed (migueldejuana)2012-05-02Module installation fails if core is set as in development and as default
  00203563defectmajorclosed (dmiguelez)2012-04-28There is no Balance Sheet and Profit & Lost Reports defined for F&B EspaƱa Accounting Schema
  00203553defectmajorclosed (dmiguelez)2012-04-28Wrong demo data in accounting tree
  00201918defect3.0MP12minorclosed (alostale)2012-04-27OBContext.getLanguage does only use users' default language, in java process
  00151611defectminorclosed (migueldejuana)2012-04-26When use the new showImage API in MP23 and no image id is found a green image is shown
  00203073defectcriticalclosed (migueldejuana)2012-04-23Api change: int-api - Build # 2931
  00203105defectminorclosed (AugustoMauch)2012-04-21Typo in Widget window in Author Message title
  00202865defectmajorclosed (AugustoMauch)2012-04-21Quick Launch pulldown menu only shows 1 value
  00201533defectminorclosed (alostale)2012-04-02Incorrect linked items to inaccessible windows
  001927510defectminorclosed (alostale)2012-04-01Old Error message
  00196203defect3.0MP9majorclosed (jecharri)2012-03-02A Commit is done in ma_workeffort_validate() with an Extension Point configured
  00198397defectmajorclosed (AugustoMauch)2012-03-02Incorrect alert filter prevents login
  00197687defectmajorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2012-03-02When you apply a module through the Initial Org Setup window it inserts datasets without the checksum value
  00197673defectmajorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2012-03-02When you apply APRM dataset through the Initial client setup process, it inserts three identical records
  00197693defectpimajorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2012-03-02You cannot select a dataset through Enterprise module management with client/organization access level
  00196533defect3.0MP8majorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2012-03-02when adding details in payment IN/OUT and paying an invoice fully, some details remain unpaid
  00196383defect3.0MP9majorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2012-03-02Prepaid account must exists to post an invoice, even if it hasn't got any prepayment
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