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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00280413defectmajorclosed (Sandrahuguet)2014-12-30[Costing] It is required to update "Help/Comment" and "Description" fields of Windows, Tabs and Fields related to Cost Adjust
  00268426defect3.0PR15Q1minorclosed (Sandrahuguet)2014-12-30Null pointer exception in create order process in sales quotation due to changes in units
  00279743defect3.0PR14Q4majorclosed (gorkaion)2014-12-30Year Out of Range error in Oracle calculating costs
  00278537defectmajorclosed (umartirena)2014-12-30Manual Cost Correction Cost adjustments are not properly created.
  00272525defect3.0PR14Q4majorclosed (vmromanos)2014-12-30Invoice lines with products that doesn't belong to the natural tree of the organization in the header
  00274617defect3.0PR15Q1majorclosed (vmromanos)2014-12-30The cost on the Sales invoice Dimensional Report should be different for Credit Memo invoices
  00279054defectminorclosed (daniOpenbravo)2014-12-30Is not possible to assign a subset to a characteristic
  00276044defect3.0PR15Q1majorclosed (AtulOpenbravo)2014-12-30It is possible to do the return material twice for the same Goods Shipment
  002655011defect3.0PR15Q1minorclosed (AtulOpenbravo)2014-12-30Accounting dimensions are not showed in sales quotation
  00268934defect3.0PR15Q1minorclosed (reinaldoguerra)2014-12-30Wrong warehouse selected when creating a sales order from an expense
  00272194defect3.0PR15Q1majorclosed (reinaldoguerra)2014-12-30Product characteristics with numbers as variants are difficult to identify
  00259921defect3.0PR15Q2minorclosed (reinaldoguerra)2014-12-26Tax rate is not automatically selected in invoice lines for exempt customers
  00278677defectRR14Q3majorclosed (marvintm)2014-11-07Orders in errors while importing POS data from old versions are not going to be able to synchronize in Q3
  00278881defectmajorclosed (dmiguelez)2014-10-27Two lines with 31-12-9999 ending date created in Costing tab.
  00278051defectmajorclosed (mtaal)2014-10-27In process that loads 'Paid receipts' the field 'isLayaways' must be refactored
  00278391defectmajorclosed (umartirena)2014-10-21Not possible to process a Landed Cost in the Landed Cost window.
  00278603defectminorclosed (alostale)2014-10-14"Go to previous/next record" malfunctioning when used with auto-save
  002664510defectcriticalclosed (alostale)2014-10-01Tables and Tabledirs are not working in Internet Explorer 7 and 9
  002709511defect3.0PR14Q4majorclosed (AtulOpenbravo)2014-09-30Create invoices from orders does not generate invoice when the invoice terms is after delivery and the order is delivered
  00271613defect3.0PR14Q4majorclosed (AtulOpenbravo)2014-09-23Relationship between good receipt and purchase order should not exist when grouping several orders in one receipt
  00266483defect3.0PR14Q4minorclosed (AtulOpenbravo)2014-09-08Error posting matched invoice when invoice line amount is zero
  002736410defectmajorclosed (AugustoMauch)2014-08-27It is not possible to use the Check All button in the new add details parameter window when a lot of registers are selected
  00274105defectminorclosed (dmiguelez)2014-08-26New data needed in demo data for Automation of Add Payment Window
  00273211defectcriticalclosed (umartirena)2014-08-26Print PDF from WebPOS does not work on Windows
  00263795defectpiminorclosed (rafaroda)2014-08-19Error message in posting Match Invoices is not showing the real error
  00268444defect3.0PR14Q4majorclosed (rafaroda)2014-08-19Standard cost is not taken into account for not stocked products consumed in a work effort
  00264646defect3.0PR14Q4minorclosed (rafaroda)2014-08-19Define a new price list version with name included in the old version, duplicates entries in product selector
  00267185defectmajorclosed (daniOpenbravo)2014-08-12No differences by exchange rate are generated in Doubtful debt accounting process
  00269644defect3.0PR14Q4majorclosed (rafaroda)2014-08-08Accounting process fails when there are documents defined in General ledger configuration - tables - documents
  00268305defect3.0PR14Q4minorclosed (rafaroda)2014-08-08Copy order is copying discounts from the original order
  00261083defect3.0PR14Q4minorclosed (Sandrahuguet)2014-08-08Error message in log: .DimensionDisplayUtility - Field (532FD4B7469C45BBB47F46CCBA15E450 | Business Partner) not mapping any dim
  00269605defect3.0PR14Q4majorclosed (AtulOpenbravo)2014-08-08It is not possible to "unmatch" a split bank statement line
  00271493defectminorclosed (dmiguelez)2014-08-08The new APR Add Payment windows does show the "Period closed or not opened" error
  00271286defectminorclosed (Sandrahuguet)2014-08-08In sales flow, in add payment window the focus should be appear in actual payment field
  00271273defectminorclosed (Sandrahuguet)2014-08-08Add payment button should be in the same position in on all windows
  00269013defect3.0PR14Q3minorclosed (dmiguelez)2014-06-30Not possible to create and order from quotation without access to currency window
  00266294defect3.0PR14Q3majorclosed (daniOpenbravo)2014-06-27Invoice status is not working fine when using create lines from in goods shipment
  00269233defectmajorclosed (malsasua)2014-06-27From sales quotation to POS sales order does not work
  00269173defectmajorclosed (Sandrahuguet)2014-06-25It is not possible to generate credit with payment out
  00265744defect3.0PR14Q3majorclosed (rafaroda)2014-06-17Payment Report should consider Payment Method set in Order/InvoicePayment Plan tab instead of Header window
  00265403defect3.0PR14Q3majorclosed (rafaroda)2014-06-16In budget line the user can select organization different from header organization natural tree
  00265493defect3.0PR14Q3majorclosed (rafaroda)2014-06-10Product selector in project phase tab is showing information about inactive warehouses
  00265144defect3.0PR14Q3majorclosed (rafaroda)2014-05-29Production Runs with 0 quantity in the Product tab should not generate an entry in the M_TRANSACTION tab
  00261485defect3.0PR14Q3majorclosed (rafaroda)2014-05-20Journal entries report entry number is not correctly displayed when the number is greater than 9999
  00259152defectmajorclosed (guillermogil)2014-05-19Problem in grid while trying to filter "DateTime" references
  00257303defect3.0PR14Q3minorclosed (pramakrishnan)2014-05-08Sometimes when reverting a payment out with generated credit Used Credit Source tab is not filled
  00261553defect3.0PR14Q3minorclosed (pramakrishnan)2014-05-08Document no field in orders awaiting invoice report is too short
  00259743defect3.0PR14Q3minorclosed (pramakrishnan)2014-05-07Suggested Material Requisition with zero quantity should not become Work Requirement
  00261305defect3.0PR14Q3majorclosed (pramakrishnan)2014-05-07Reset Accounting is not working fine filling the Starting Date and Ending Date
  00259083defect3.0PR14Q3minorclosed (pramakrishnan)2014-05-07Customer statement report should return blank when it does not return any record
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