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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00254213defectminorclosed (AtulOpenbravo)2015-02-04Stock availability not updated when a product has no previous stock transaction
  00284214defectmajorclosed (aferraz)2015-02-04Numer of rows exceded when exporting the journal entries to excel
  00285064defect3.0PR15Q2majorclosed (reinaldoguerra)2015-02-04"Create Credit" process does not work with closed return from customer document
  00284564defect3.0PR15Q2majorclosed (Sandrahuguet)2015-02-04Return orders does not appear in Create Invoices From Orders form
  00283314defect3.0PR15Q2majorclosed (reinaldoguerra)2015-02-04After completing a G/L Journal Reactivate should be the default option
  00284524defect3.0PR15Q2majorclosed (reinaldoguerra)2015-02-04Wrong Trial Balance when standard accounting information exists in Opening date
  00280313defectmajorclosed (fsoto82)2015-02-04Performance problems on the payment monitor process.
  00280613defect3.0PR15Q2majorclosed (fsoto82)2015-02-04Performance problems on the payment monitor process.
  00283254defect3.0PR15Q2majorclosed (reinaldoguerra)2015-02-04Navigation to Journal Entries Report Detail does not work properly depending on the date format
  00286265defectmajorclosed (aferraz)2015-02-04Matching Algorithm confirm window is not shown if OB environment is setted as testing
  00281674defect3.0PR15Q2minorclosed (fsoto82)2015-02-04Error message shown when trying to create a purchase order from a requisition without a valid tax should be improved
  00286323defectminorclosed (Sandrahuguet)2015-02-04Colour status column is not shown in open/close period control window
  00281366defect3.0PR15Q2minorclosed (fsoto82)2015-02-04Error duplicate key value violates unique constraint "m_product_trl_product_langu_un" trying to create product variants
  00278116defect3.0PR15Q2minorclosed (reinaldoguerra)2015-02-04The title on the Information message on the Create From popup is not translated
  00285303defectmajorclosed (alostale)2015-02-04Not possible to enter a matched amount while clicking on second landed cost line in "Match LC Costs" window.
  00285603defectmajorclosed (Sandrahuguet)2015-02-04Cannot modify the alternate taxable amount of invoice and order lines
  00279554defectminorclosed (reinaldoguerra)2015-02-04Improve error messages when setting invalid amounts in "Modify Payment Plan" functionality
  00285234defect3.0PR15Q2minorclosed (AtulOpenbravo)2015-02-04Code field change in "Product Characteristics - Value" tab is not transferred to inactive records in the tab of Product window
  00280124defect3.0PR15Q2majorclosed (reinaldoguerra)2015-02-04Sales dimensional report and sales invoice dimensional report are not showing the same dimensions
  00288233defectminorclosed (Sandrahuguet)2015-02-02API Change Request on performance c_order_post
  00286241defectminorclosed (marvintm)2015-01-20[Stock Validation] this module should be adapted to new method to detect offline mode
  00285884defectminorclosed (aaroncalero)2015-01-20The time of a quotation is shown as null/undefined after switching to a ticket and back to the quotation
  00284985defectRR15Q2majorclosed (aaroncalero)2015-01-20Include a hook in method finishInvoice to add some action when an invoice is created using the cash up
  00270544defectmajorclosed (Osmany)2015-01-19[RR14Q3] Switching to keypad instead of bank notes does not work for Euros
  00285646defectmajorclosed (adrianromero)2015-01-19Errors processing receipt templates are not managed
  00286171defectminorclosed (adrianromero)2015-01-16Sometimes the barcode scanner does not work at the first time
  00286111defectminorclosed (marvintm)2015-01-15if print receipt does not work, error message should be displayed and the process should finish
  00279041defectmajorclosed (mario_castello)2015-01-15Weird behaviour in lines when executing preorderSave hook and it stops the synchronization
  00286091defectRR15Q2majorclosed (marvintm)2015-01-15Line net amount is set to 0 with an special configuration
  00283148defectmajorclosed (mario_castello)2015-01-15discounts can be applied to paid receipts
  00278642defectminorclosed (Orekaria)2015-01-15Closing a Layaway adds a new blank receipt to the pile with no reason
  00282583defect3.0PR15Q2minorclosed (fsoto82)2015-01-15"Non Business Day" tab should be hidden
  00277373defectmajorclosed (guillermogil)2015-01-13Order model is not correctly removing previous orders attributes, it should unset the attribute
  00284602feature requestminorclosed (guillermogil)2015-01-12It should be possible to identify the BPartners that are on hold
  00284633defectminorclosed (aaroncalero)2015-01-09If a payment is not found on the paymentmethodcashup table, the cashup-model.init II process times out
  00284901defectmajorclosed (malsasua)2015-01-07Not able to logout from webpos
  00282595defectmajorclosed (Sandrahuguet)2015-01-05API Break on Return to Vendor and Return From Customer refactor (try-api 863)
  00275304defect3.0PR15Q1minorclosed (reinaldoguerra)2014-12-30It is not possible to run "Create Amortization" process having 2 amortization records for same org and date in Draft status
  00280534defect3.0PR15Q1majorclosed (reinaldoguerra)2014-12-30Tax is not selected when the BP is set as exempt and there exists a tax with a newer valid from date and different organization
  00278315defectminorclosed (fsoto82)2014-12-30Credit to Use grid in Add Payment button can't be modularized
  00283337defectminorclosed (aferraz)2014-12-30[Costing] New data needed in demo data for automation of Cost Adjustment proyect tests
  00281564defect3.0PR15Q1majorclosed (reinaldoguerra)2014-12-30When completing an invoice with grandtotal 0, the ispaid columns is filled with Y but the Finalsettlement is not filled
  00279924defect3.0PR15Q1majorclosed (reinaldoguerra)2014-12-30Create Inventory Count List is not adding products with attribute set under some circumstances
  00283873feature requestminorclosed (umartirena)2014-12-30[Costing] Bill of Materials Production Accounting should always be created in the same order
  00283624defectmajorclosed (Sandrahuguet)2014-12-30c_invoice_post creates unnecesary contention on m_pricelist and c_doctype
  00283604defectmajorclosed (Sandrahuguet)2014-12-30c_order_post creates unnecesary contention on m_pricelist
  00282303defectmajorclosed (Sandrahuguet)2014-12-30[Costing] Null Pointer Exception is raised when trying to post a goods receipt
  00281925defectmajorclosed (umartirena)2014-12-30[Costing] Net Unit Price field in Costing tab is not properly calculated
  002811511defectmajorclosed (umartirena)2014-12-30[Costing] Add "Is Cost Permanent" transactions as input transactions in Costing tab, Inventory Transactions field
  00279667defectmajorclosed (umartirena)2014-12-30Error: could not initialized proxy-no Session
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