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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00108882defectmajorclosed (elopio)2009-11-05Pi Postgres smoke suite execution failed in G_05_TrackAndProcessInvoiceableExpenses
  00109664defectmajorclosed (mtaal)2009-10-23Webservices - Access rights
  00102365defectmajorclosed (iperdomo)
  00108222defectminorclosed (alostale)2009-10-17Message displayed when module license is over or not yet started is not correct
  00099318defectmajorclosed (marvintm)2009-10-17ant apply.modules fails on fresh installation
  00108131defectmajorclosed (marvintm)2009-10-16If two (or more) templates are in development and export.config.script is run only one of them is exported but there is no error
  00104285defectmajorclosed (alostale)2009-10-16Create columns from DB process should check that the common columns are present
  00103643defectminorclosed (alostale)2009-10-16OPS changes add new DynamicJS. includes, however these are unneeded in most cases.
  00103604defectminorclosed (alostale)2009-10-16Check if obsInstance variable in VerticalMenu output is still needed, if not remove it.
  00097234defectminorclosed (alostale)2009-10-16Not possible to modularize login window
  00106261defect2.50MP6criticalclosed (iciordia)2009-10-08Most of current modules cannot be installed
  001033834defect2.50MP7minorclosed (dalsasua)2009-10-06Goods Receipt whose lines have a product with cost zero are not posted
  00098043defect2.50MP5minorclosed (balamurugan)2009-09-17When trying to edit an attached file without select it, error message should be showed.
  00094192defectmajorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2009-09-16Good shipment & good receipt transaction creates an accounting posting when MaterialMgmtShipmentInOut table isn't set to Active
  001004615defectmajorclosed (vmromanos)2009-09-15Not able to create withholding for the newly created client
  00098071defectminorclosed (vmromanos)2009-09-15Exception in General Ledger Report when no data is available
  00098872feature requestpimajorclosed (jayakumar)2009-09-14Asset report
  00103237defectmajorclosed (iperdomo)2009-09-09read-only values deleted after saving invalid value in formated text field.
  00104472defectmajorclosed (marvintm)2009-09-03User System shouldn't be able to login, but it currently has a password
  00102032defectmajorclosed (jeneivemalarkodi)2009-09-03"Set Project Type" process window shows up with the project types of parallel organizations
  000927611defectmajorclosed (harikrishnan)2009-09-02Organization list does not include summary organizations in the Account Combination window and selector
  00104103defectcriticalclosed (marvintm)2009-08-29While rebuilding the system after uploading the 2.50 MP4 obx file throw error message
  00103521defectminorclosed (rajagopal)2009-08-29Unable to create new client with the new obx file for booking control
  00099204defectminorclosed (dbaz)2009-08-25Close button not responding in process completed successfully popup window appears after Generate invoice process is completed.
  000982510defect2.40MP8minorclosed (dbaz)2009-08-25Alert with description very large, the text is showed in same line (only internet explorer)
  00098913defectminorclosed (dbaz)2009-08-22User creation should be more robuest
  00098792defectminorclosed (dbaz)2009-08-22Reset Accounting popup window does not close if we click the close button
  00096765defectmajorclosed (harikrishnan)2009-08-22Price adjustment calculated twice in purchase invoice
  00103552defect2.50MP4minorclosed (sathiyan)2009-08-21Trigger exception messages on refrence data import need to be captured in Initial Client Setup process
  00103481defectpimajorclosed (rajagopal)2009-08-21Object name CACCTSCHPROCESS_ISDATASET_CHECK is too long
  00103312defectmajorclosed (mtaal)2009-08-21While posting mass invoice , exception thrown as "SQL command not ended properly"
  00103304defectmajorclosed (mtaal)2009-08-21Unable to Generate and Post Invoices in mass invoicing
  00103282defecttrivialclosed (rafaroda)2009-08-21Spell error while displaying the error message
  00103263defectminorclosed (rafaroda)2009-08-21Invalid dates are accepted in Mass Invoicing
  00103241defectmajorclosed (rafaroda)2009-08-21Active checkbox is missing in Sales Management-> Setup-> Invoice Template and its Lines
  00102993defectpimajorclosed (marvintm)2009-08-21When a module adds a trigger to an application dictionary table, the uninstall process fails
  00102174defectmajorclosed (marvintm)2009-08-21Unable to install module if a column is added to Application Dictionary table.
  00101963defectmajorclosed (iperdomo)2009-08-21All selectors do not format displayed numbers (in the grid) according to Format.xml
  00101582defect2.50MP4majorclosed (dalsasua)2009-08-21The report general ledger does not work when selecting in the from account combobox a account that has not entries
  00101134defectmajorclosed (dalsasua)2009-08-21process "import account" does not creates all accounts defaults
  00100612defectpiminorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2009-08-21Reference key constraint missing
  00095062defectminorclosed (dbaz)2009-08-21Toolbar behaviour on IE8 is wrong
  00090122defectmajorclosed (dalsasua)2009-08-21Account tree is not correctly organized after importing the chart of accounts
  00101366defectmajorclosed (dalsasua)2009-08-20create new bank does not create all accountings records in accounting tab
  00103102defectpiminorclosed (gmauleon)2009-08-20Cancel Price Adjusment does not work after changing the quantity
  00102384defectmajorclosed (mtaal)2009-08-20When a modules reference data is inserted, default value is set although NULL value is specified
  00101562defectminorclosed (sathiyan)2009-08-20DataBase inconsistency
  00100622defectmajorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2009-08-20Incorrect license range years in newly added form
  000965311defectminorclosed (alostale)2009-08-20Report Trial Balance is not translated correctly into spanish
  00094292defecttrivialclosed (marvintm)2009-08-20update.database.mod does show some debug output....
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