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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryDue Date
  00100699feature requestminornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Not able to setup ouput format as Indian currency in G/L report 
  00073171feature requestminoracknowledged (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01GET parameters passed as selector reference columns to selectors are not properly encoded. 
  00044463feature requestminoracknowledged (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Review list of allowed characters in Tab/Window-names and normalization for internal use (i.e. FormatUtilities.replaceTildes) 
  0019093 design defectminornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01To have orders by to foreign keys when you create a selector referenced to a view 
  00190282design defectmajornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Unify mechanisms to check instance subscription type 
  0015099 feature requestminornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01ExportTRL in Translation Manager could be public 
  0013275 feature requestminornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Invalid dataset name should be checked when entering it (via a callout) instead of only on export 
  0012287 feature requestminornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Font size of error (not an activated instance) of audit trail popup should be 1px bigger 
  0011732 feature requestmajornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Speedup for translation 
  0007346 feature requestmajornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Solve inconsistency: nullable db-columns which have mandatory to Y in the Application Dictionary 
  0019766 feature requestminornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01It would be able to modify the order of Attachment, Notes, Audit and Linked Item sections 
  0019651 feature requestminornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Openbravo 2.5MP 23 can support iReport 4.2? 
  0019643 feature requestminornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Email forwarding in alert process cannot be filtered. 
  0019515 feature requestminornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01The functionality of the field Automatic writeoff is not implemented 
  0019428 feature requestminornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Period dropdown values are unusable 
  0019399 feature requestminornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Possibility of not attatching a document when email forwarding. 
  0019085 feature requestmajornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01The value inserted on the dependencies should be validatedu usin a mask X.Y.Z 
  0018859 feature requestminornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Tip widget to show new features 
  0018833 feature requestmajornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Alternative list value description based on window 
  0017813 feature requestminorscheduled (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Allow hyperlinks and copy-text in Notes 
  0016963 feature requestminorscheduled (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Provide links in success messages 
  00169411feature requestmajorscheduled (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Additional Widget Set 
  00139772feature requestminorscheduled (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01problem when adding a "DocumentNo" field in a table from an external module 
  0019053 feature requestminornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Alert generated emails should have hyperlinks to drill down to transactions 
  0018991 feature requestminornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Forms personalization: it should be possible to add / remove groups 
  0018990 feature requestmajornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Forms personalization: it should be possible to personalize the name of fields 
  0018979 feature requestminornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Add a "link" field to the master Audit Trail screen (so you can get back to the screen on which the change was made) 
  0018835 feature requestminornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Validation rules on process' parameters can only use real columns 
  0018830 feature requestmajornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Not enough information available on ActionButtonUtility class 
  0018778 feature requesttrivialnew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01An error should be raised if a "." character is used in a Tab's Name. 
  0018737 feature requestmajornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01If tomcat lost for a while the database connection it is needed to restart tomcat 
  0018244 feature requestminornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Inconsistent "Pro-Only" messages 
  0018237 feature requestminornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Add counter for relative position in pipe in form view 
  0018067 feature requestminornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Create button to call jasper report. 
  00173101feature requestminorscheduled (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Bad use for datasets 303,347 and 349 
  0017311 feature requestminorscheduled (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Bad use for datasets 303,347 and 349 
  00165714feature requestmajorscheduled (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01OPTIMIZE-04: Replace cancel icon with form icon in row edit. 
  00165702feature requestmajorscheduled (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01OPTIMIZE-03: Improve Create-New links in empty grids and add them at bottom of all grids 
  0016434 feature requestminornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Implement displaylogic / readonlylogic in the parameters of a process 
  00135104feature requestminoracknowledged (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Inconsistent use of Password fields 
  00070857feature requestminornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Don't export columns that doesn't contain text 
  00027221feature requestminorscheduled (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Improve the message when ant installWebService fails and Tomcat is not started 
  00033582feature requestpiminoracknowledged (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01BPM engine (workflow) 
  0017994 feature requestmajornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Be able to configure direct printing without pre-visualize document in PDF format 
  0017974 feature requestmajornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01the file name of report can not been customized 
  0017835 feature request2.50MP30majornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01DB Column Name field in Element window should match with DB Column Name field in Column tab 
  0017754 feature requestmainminornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01The filter fields on grid view should be customizable 
  0017413 feature requestmajornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01The grid timeout should be configurable. Right now it is harcoded to 15 seconds. 
  0017068 feature requestminornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Validation pattern 
  0017062 feature requestminornew (Triage Platform Base)2022-02-01Allow first-character keyboard entry for quick navigation through the application menu 
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