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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryDue Date
  00540871defectmajornew (Triage Platform Conn)2023-12-07Wynpay error when the ticket size is big 
  00535694feature requestmajorclosed (adrianromero)2023-10-19Improve CORS proxy to return response codes 
  0053644 feature requestminornew (Triage Platform Conn)2023-10-11Add the possibility to choose the version for the QR generation 
  00402942defectpimajorclosed (javierRodriguez)2023-09-13Lines with Japanese alphabet characters don't get aligned correctly 
  00530603defectmajorclosed (Triage Platform Conn)2023-07-31Error in configuration for image in HM 
  00523744feature requestminorclosed (caristu)2023-06-22Ability to return the generated PDF report data 
  00515414backportRR23Q1majorclosed (adrianromero)2023-06-08Hardware Manager must work with folders with spaces in Windows 
  00526867feature requestminorclosed (ignacio_deandres)2023-06-08Support Bixolon SRP-350III printer 
  00522675defectmajorclosed (adrianromero)2023-05-16poshwmanager(+.sources): handlebars js librarys is outdated and should be updated to the latest release 
  00448505defectmajorclosed (prakashmurugesan88)2023-04-26Outdated jar library in hardwaremanager: commons-collections-3.2.1 
  00520116feature requestminorclosed (njimenez)2023-04-12Characters map set is defined in java pos 
  00520106feature requestminorclosed (njimenez)2023-04-12Do not print text on qr with java pos printer 
  00516721defectmajorclosed (yogaskarnik)2023-04-11RFID will closed automatically after added products 
  00515513design defectminorclosed (ignacio_deandres)2023-02-09Add separator and empty receipts management for Wynpay plugin 
  00515304defectmajorclosed (adrianromero)2023-02-09Hardware Manager must work with folders with spaces in Windows 
  005122510defectmajorclosed (gdagnesses)2023-01-26Update jackson libraries to the latest version 
  00513834feature requestmajorclosed (ignacio_deandres)2023-01-19Implement support customer display FEC XP-2025 
  00513643defectmajorclosed (ignacio_deandres)2023-01-17WynPay Verifone terminal does not work properly do transactions 
  00512163defectmajorclosed (ignacio_deandres)2022-12-21Wrong module dependency in the WynPay module 
  0051038 defectcriticalclosed (fermin_gascon)2022-12-05SAGA Display is not working for windows 
  00480335feature requestmajorclosed (adrianromero)2022-10-18Print QR codes in printer mode and in the screen UI 
  00498508defectmajorclosed (yogaskarnik)2022-10-17Hardware Manager Plugin for Verifone P400 using WynPay 
  00504013defectmajorclosed (adrianromero)2022-10-17WebSocketProxy logging is not complete 
  00487255defectminorclosed (adrianromero)2022-10-17Hardware Manager compile warnings and java formatter 
  00501826feature requestminorclosed (ignacio_deandres)2022-10-17Add the functionality of header management when executing a GET and a POST request through the HWM proxy 
  00498676defectmajorclosed (njimenez)2022-07-28Improve wincor extension to be able to print hebrew characters 
  0049827 design defectminornew (Triage Platform Conn)2022-07-22The treatment of the lines to be printed is not being handle properly 
  00496774defectmajorclosed (adrianromero)2022-06-28Upgrade commons-codec version to 1.15 
  004891212defectmajorclosed (meriem_azaf)2022-06-23Update jackson library to the latest version 
  00493904defectmajorclosed (rqueralta)2022-06-09Problem with the Preferences called "Web POS action Print cash management" and "Web POS action Print cash up" 
  00494692defectmajorfeedback (adrianromero)2022-06-02Hardware Manager should be able to be compiled with Java 8 
  004925114defectmajorclosed (jonae)2022-05-25Security issue in lib4j dependency in Ingenico Oman payment integration plugin 
  00493124defectminorclosed (adrianromero)2022-05-13Wrong response properties of the Payments API simulator 
  00488302feature requestmajorclosed (adrianromero)2022-03-30Adds support for receipt printer HP A766 
  00445453defectmajorclosed (fermin_gascon)2022-03-30Special character ° doesn't print on ticket (TMT88V) 
  004833012defectminorclosed (cberner)2022-03-28Update jackson library to the latest version 
  00487676feature requestmajorclosed (yogaskarnik)2022-03-23Sets default server.allowedhost property to localhost 
  00484021defectmajorscheduled (yogaskarnik)2022-03-17Private network access preflight CORS header for the Hardware Manager 
  0038928 defectmajoracknowledged (Triage Platform Conn)2022-03-09No need to load the configuration file from disk to get the property *printers.virtualizeports* 
  00487193defecttrivialclosed (adrianromero)2022-03-04Adjust Copyright year in source comments for new package com.openbravo.eventspayment 
  00302331defectminorclosed (adrianromero)2022-03-03Cash Drawer should not open automatically after printing ticket 
  00419511design defectminornew (Triage Platform Conn)2022-03-03Arabic Characters are not aligned 
  00316412defectminorclosed (adrianromero)2022-03-03To improve the documentation about the hw manager running ubuntu 
  00486512defectpimajorclosed (adrianromero)2022-03-02Qr code in hardware manager fails for big texts 
  00485713feature requestRR22Q2majorclosed (adrianromero)2022-03-01EDPSECR payment integration plugin for Greece 
  00454632defectmajorclosed (adrianromero)2022-02-25Long QR codes are not printed 
  00476544defectmajorclosed (adrianromero)2022-01-17Replace old RXTX serial libraries by new NR Serial libraries 
  00326242defectminorclosed (Triage Platform Conn)2022-01-11[SERQA 690] Promotion description cropped in the ticket 
  00359071defectminorclosed (Triage Platform Conn)2022-01-11error printing when special chars (for example, '<') are used in the discount name 
  00335981defectminorclosed (Triage Platform Conn)2022-01-11Should be compatible to install the drivers of printer with hw manager 
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