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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00276111defectmajorscheduled2020-03-23It should be possible to select the checkbox "Correctiva del 349" for any invoice.
  0043315 defectminornew2020-02-25Missing French translation on some Web POS lines
  0038914 feature requestmajornew2019-12-05Change the Script for backup in OB Appliance
  0027134 feature requestmajoracknowledged2019-11-11aeat 349 tax form working for Hacienda Navarra
  00386916defectmajorscheduled2019-02-15France Professional Localization Pack incompatible with Oracle
  0011359 feature requestminornew2016-03-30The NIF/CIF validation modules shouldn't allow to insert an incorrect when a partner is a spanish partner
  0032518 defectmajornew2016-03-21No professional Localization documentation
  0032025 feature requestminornew2016-01-27New tax rates to relate to 390 2016 tax parameters. New tax rates valid from 01-01-2016 (withholding decrease)
  00307661design defectmajornew2015-11-18US Localization pack needs to be adjusted to support new Jasper Libraries.
  0028974 design defectmajornew2015-02-17cash amounts should be split
  0027658 feature requestmajornew2014-09-23It is necessary to obtain Invoices Register Book in GBP currency
  00251261feature requestminornew2013-11-11It should be fine to create price list based on cost using FIFO
  00056842feature requestminornew2011-09-23Banner support contact in the right corner.
  00063333feature requestminoracknowledged2011-05-02allow to refund same ticket always
  00080293defectminornew2011-02-01Openbravo2Po generates char=UTF-8 in .po file, while character encoding is ISO-8859-1
  0012830 feature requestminornew2010-03-29Add Some Function of Accounting Like Expanses Side
  0012476 defectmajornew2010-03-03When Mercurial bot resolves an issue, the notification email says only that a note was added
  00059003feature requestminornew2010-02-23Enable product ref. code to be used in Ticket
  0012378 defectmajornew2010-02-22In my projects, user list for assigning issues is not correct
  0012371 feature requestminornew2010-02-22Change priority when scheduling an issue
  0012215 feature requestminornew2010-02-10User link to Forge
  0012214 feature requestminornew2010-02-10Automatic assignment by issue type
  0012045 defectmajornew2010-01-22Cannot edit the sections of wiki pages
  0009278 defectminornew2009-12-17All files updated to the subversion trunk folder are reported in Red Error (maybe same pb as issue 0008494)
  0010497 defectmajornew2009-12-17404 error when trying to create a page with .xml in the title
  0009056 defectminornew2009-12-17Delete a broken redirection
  0006362 feature requesttrivialnew2009-12-11Adding a letter beside the ticket number
  0011295 defectminornew2009-11-09New categories for 2 modules: openbravo json rest and openbravo seam
  00078581feature requestmajornew2009-07-29edit sales should have the same information as receipt.
  00050771feature requestminoracknowledged2009-06-25Order products by CATORDER then by NAME in Restuarant Mode
  00061361feature requesttrivialnew2009-05-14Sort List by Reference Number in Auxiliar panel
  0008269 defectmajornew2009-03-24Openbravo2PO doesn't handle one line xml files
  0008247 defectmajornew2009-03-24java.lang.NullPointerException while running runTemplateMerge
  00080361feature requestmajorscheduled2009-03-10Autosync on every sale
  00057702feature requestminornew2009-03-06Add a Utility to return to Tables Panel
  0007887 feature requesttrivialnew2009-03-01Create panel to make product kits relations
  00077841feature requestminorscheduled2009-02-24The software store pictures in the database biggest that the max register size
  00076121feature requestminornew2009-02-18Product Search by product attribute
  0007611 defectminornew2009-02-17Italian localization problem
  0007610 defectminornew2009-02-17Italian localization problem
  0007546 feature requestmajornew2009-02-13Added the russian (ru) and kazakh (kk) language support for VFD-220
  0007403 feature requestmajornew2009-02-06Customer Discount Synchronization
  0007352 feature requestminornew2009-02-03Make TicketInfo available in payment gateways
  00071671feature requestminornew2009-01-28Add support cyrillic (russian) symbol into
  0006811 feature requestminornew2009-01-18Albanian translation
  0006743 feature requestminornew2008-12-25Alertas en OPENBRAVO POS
  00066691feature requestminornew2008-12-19Add bank payment type.
  00056603feature requestminornew2008-12-15Adding a product already in a ticket should increase the multiplier
  0006475 feature requesttrivialnew2008-12-11AƱadir funcion articulos combinados.
  0006434 feature requesttrivialnew2008-12-10Add function printSubValueTax()
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