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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00258793defect3.0PR14Q3minorclosed (pramakrishnan)2014-05-07Create all pricelists does not work
  00257923defect3.0PR14Q3minorclosed (pramakrishnan)2014-05-07Voiding a good shipment is failing when the user assigns a freight cost
  00260704defect3.0PR14Q3majorclosed (AtulOpenbravo)2014-05-07Initial Organization Setup error under some circumstances
  00255043defect3.0PR14Q3majorclosed (pramakrishnan)2014-05-07The Starting and Ending Time of the production run, should allow to save the Date and the Time
  00261433defect3.0PR14Q3majorclosed (pramakrishnan)2014-05-07Division by zero error calculating manufacturing transactions cost
  00258433defect3.0PR14Q3majorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2014-05-07Incorrect validation on the document cancelled field on the document type definition
  00257393feature requestminorclosed (szapata)2014-05-07Apply Offers only if ordered quantity is multiple of a given number
  00262303defecttrivialclosed (pramakrishnan)2014-04-14API Change: Change reference type of starttime and endtime in production run to DateTime
  002486619defect3.0PR14Q2minorclosed (AtulOpenbravo)2014-03-17Preference "IsCustomerBalanceRestored" should be created in UpdateCustomerBalance modulescript
  00252297defect3.0PR14Q2minorclosed (AtulOpenbravo)2014-02-12Datedelivered in sales flow is not updated in order line, when the order is totally delivered
  00253194defect3.0PR14Q2majorclosed (AtulOpenbravo)2014-02-12Accounting dimensions are not copied from invoice to payment and transaction
  001974110defectmajorclosed (alostale)2013-08-16Wrong behavior when trying to edit part of the contents in a text field
  00244273defectmajorclosed (pramakrishnan)2013-08-01Releasing Reservations, if there are errors, they don't give enough information to the user
  00055675feature request2.50minorclosed (jpabloae)2013-06-18Add self-documentation to configuration files options
  002181011defect3.0MP19minorclosed (AugustoMauch)2013-03-07The times are incorrectly exported when exporting the grid to csv
  00230912defectmajorclosed (dmiguelez)2013-03-05Cannot unpost transactions dated 31-Dec-2012 when adjustment periods are used.
  00230663defectmajorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2013-02-20Matched Invoices accounting not using breakdown information
  00227165defect3.0MP20majorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2013-02-20Balance sheet shows wrong data
  00230021defecttrivialclosed (dmiguelez)2013-02-12With out defining document type for doubtful debt, system throws error message while creating Doubtful debt document
  00215384defectminorclosed (AugustoMauch)2013-01-17Show message in Pick and Execute windows when the grid is pre-filtered
  00227134defect3.0MP19majorclosed (AugustoMauch)2013-01-17Pick/Edit is not working correctly when it is associated to the lines tab instead of to the header
  00227274defectminorclosed (AugustoMauch)2013-01-14Status bar fields not shown when saving a view in grid view
  00227534defectmajorclosed (AugustoMauch)2013-01-10Display logic for tabs work with session attributes, but not with preferences
  00227513defectcriticalclosed (dmiguelez)2013-01-10Revert changes made when fixing Issue 19043.
  00227403defect3.0MP19majorclosed (AugustoMauch)2013-01-09Database consistency tests are broken
  00227355defect3.0MP19majorclosed (AugustoMauch)2013-01-09Incorrect length in column OBCQL_WIDGET_QUERY.TYPE
  00227345feature request3.0MP19majorclosed (AugustoMauch)2013-01-09Add the functionality to define a widget that feeds from a user-defined datasource
  00227123defectminorclosed (AugustoMauch)2013-01-03Statusbar fields with display logic appear twice in the form
  00226904defectminorclosed (AugustoMauch)2013-01-03[Reg] In Return to Vendor window, Save icon in tool bar is disabled in grid view
  00226433defectmajorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2012-12-26Not possible to update to mp18 release having payment priorities module installed
  00224813defect3.0MP19majorclosed (AugustoMauch)2012-12-26DateTime in selector filter expression
  00222236defect3.0MP19minorclosed (AugustoMauch)2012-12-24Errors in Widgets
  00225383defectminorclosed (dmiguelez)2012-12-17Hide Update Actuals button in Budget Window.
  00222733defectmajorclosed (adrianromero)2012-11-27Default priceInform value in Format.xml configuration file is not correct
  00219675defect3.0MP18majorclosed (AugustoMauch)2012-11-21The value on time fields is changed when adding or deleting a row on a subtab of the tab where the fields are located
  00222993defectmajorclosed (dmiguelez)2012-11-21Create AP Expense Invoices process fails if it needs to create a new invoice
  00222373defectmajorclosed (dmiguelez)2012-11-12Sales role, not able to complete sales order
  00022214feature request2.40minorclosed (psarobe)2012-11-09AT235: \'Volume discount\' (Rappels) incorrect behavior
  00221873defectcriticalclosed (dmiguelez)2012-11-06Regression in Sales Invoice when using Price Including taxes
  00219223defect3.0MP17majorclosed (shankarb)2012-10-23Synchronize Terminology does not work properly with MERGE modules
  00216194defecttrivialclosed (AugustoMauch)2012-09-26Tree popup title
  00215844defectminorclosed (AugustoMauch)2012-09-26NPE when trying to login with a Google Account and has not been associated with any user
  00215584defect3.0MP16trivialclosed (dmiguelez)2012-09-26Payment Proposal. Pop-up name is Payment Proposal Pick and Edit Lines but should be Select Expected Payments
  00215393defectminorclosed (AugustoMauch)2012-09-26Form layout is sometimes wrong if there are fields with colspan = 2
  00197133defectmajorclosed (alostale)2012-08-29Button's display logic isn't correctly applied for a parent's tab button
  00214731defectmajorclosed (dmiguelez)2012-08-29int-full-oracle Test failing because M_InoutLines_Trg Trigger
  00204035defectmajorclosed (alostale)2012-08-15Button Edit Payment Plan does not work
  00212841defectmajorclosed (rafademiguel)2012-08-02DB Consistency failure in Jenkins
  00212735defectmajorclosed (caristu)2012-08-01Invoice Line tab does not show the Product combo in Form mode
  00207803design defect3.0MP14majorclosed (AugustoMauch)2012-07-30Bug in HBFix_data.xsql insert statement
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