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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0041102 design defectminornew (platform)2019-06-17Changes in newly created record can be lost if a DS call to filter the grid is triggered before saving the record
  0041100 defectminornew (psanjuan)2019-06-17Summary per Tax Category section is not grouping the taxes correctly if there exists more than one tax rate with the same name
  0041070 design defectmajornew (AugustoMauch)2019-06-14When Store servers have errors in outgoing-batch they retry every second creating spam
  00400131design defectminornew (Triage Finance)2019-06-13Improve warning message in window "Sales Order Lines Picking"
  0040987 defectmajornew (Leyre)2019-06-12SCO bag purchase step
  00406802defecttrivialnew (Triage Finance)2019-06-11Remove unsed methods in AdvPaymentMngtDao, TransactionsDao, MatchTransactionDao classes.
  0041065 defecttrivialnew (shuehner)2019-06-10Speedup RuntimeModelTest junit by running setup code only once
  0041063 feature requestmajornew (adrianromero)2019-06-10Search of document Number has bad performance because the prefix is repeated in the number
  00410561design defectmajoracknowledged (Triage Finance)2019-06-10m_inout can have a return document type coming from a sales order
  0040394 feature requestmajornew (Retail)2019-06-10Alternative UOM feature not supported when selling from Web POS
  00403642defectmajornew (guilleaer)2019-06-10AWO: Server side problem when loading attribute sets
  0041049 design defectminornew (platform)2019-06-07process definition do not display process description
  0041050 design defectminornew (platform)2019-06-07full screen process definitions do not have online help
  00410402defectmajornew (tegik_forge)2019-06-07Mx Localization Pack needs to be adjust to new Hibernate (18Q4)
  00389895design defectminornew (Retail)2019-06-06The Manufacturing tab is not showing in the Product screen after installing AWO
  00409853defectmajornew (Retail)2019-06-06Load ticket in orderprepationawo looks broken in ci
  0041038 defectminornew (Retail)2019-06-06User is selectable on Web POS login screen even when they don't have access to terminal
  0041027 feature requestmajorscheduled (gorka_gil)2019-06-05Optimize masterdata incremental refresh process
  0041029 design defectmajornew (Triage Finance)2019-06-05AWO should be defined at Warehouse level instead of at Organization Level
  0041020 defectmajoracknowledged (platform)2019-06-04inconsistent state creating new record in form while editing in grid an incomplete record
  00400221design defectmajornew (guilleaer)2019-06-03[AWOFE] When a task is confirmed the rest of tasks in the list are refreshed losing changes done on other tasks
  00410141defectmajornew (Retail)2019-06-03Test I34531_FilterWithCombinationAndPatternContain failing in quarantine
  00410121defectmajornew (Retail)2019-06-03Test I39673_VerifyMessageWhenUsingExpiredCoupon failing in quarantine
  00410111defectmajornew (Retail)2019-06-03Test I40831_VerifyDiscountWhenTwoCombosAreApplied failing in quarantine
  0036615 defectminornew (platform)2019-06-03Error thrown when re-processing an EDL Request in asynchronous mode right after restarting tomcat
  00410041defectmajornew (Retail)2019-05-31Some bestdeal tests failing in quarantine
  00410031defectmajornew (Retail)2019-05-31Test AutoServicePriceMultipleLine is failing in quarantine
  00410021defectmajornew (Retail)2019-05-31Test PurchaseOrder is failing in quarantine
  00410011defectmajornew (Retail)2019-05-31Test AutoServicePriceRangeDiscount failing in quarantine
  00410001defectmajornew (Retail)2019-05-31Test I32743_HideComplementaryButtonInReceiptDiscounts failing in quarantine
  00409991defectmajornew (Retail)2019-05-31Test SCOCashup failing in quarantine
  00409981defectmajornew (Retail)2019-05-31Some stockcriteria tests failing in quarantine
  00409971defectmajornew (Retail)2019-05-31Test BuyOneProduct failing in quarantine
  00409961defectmajornew (Retail)2019-05-31Some tests of orderpreparationawo fail in quarantine
  0040766 defectmajornew (Retail)2019-05-31Cannot complete a in-store return after opening a cross-store receipt
  00400292design defectmajoracknowledged (platform)2019-05-31Openbravo backoffice reports don't work for iPad/iPhone
  0040984 defectmajornew (Leyre)2019-05-31SCO Product Display
  0039543 defectminornew (staffrm)2019-05-31Openbravo ISO 64bits appliance: user tad permissions
  0040986 defectmajornew (Leyre)2019-05-31Pop up for "print receipt"
  00409821defectmajornew (Retail)2019-05-30webservices tests errors in tomcat log
  00409413feature requestminoracknowledged (Triage Finance)2019-05-30[AWO] The routing assignment is not working when a Product Category Tree is set
  00406874defectmajornew (Retail)2019-05-30Some integration tests are failing in quarantine
  0040977 design defectminornew (Retail)2019-05-30Default value to N in field Editable Price in Product Window
  0040976 defectminornew (Triage Finance)2019-05-30Documentation is missing about some AWO preferences
  0039980 design defectmajornew (Retail)2019-05-29The Void Layaway process should be a synchronization process
  0040972 defectminornew (Triage Finance)2019-05-29When clicking 'Manage Variant' to create a variant of a product, the new product date is the same as the generic.
  00145492feature requestmajornew (Triage Finance)2019-05-29add the accounting dimensions (user_1, user_2) to the process to import journal entries
  00409591design defectminoracknowledged (platform)2019-05-28While creating a reservation, it is different the info shown in grid and in form view.
  0040948 feature requestmajornew (Triage Finance)2019-05-24"Insert Orphan Line" does not inform "Gross List Price" field.
  0040936 design defectpimajornew (Retail)2019-05-23Conversion rate loading into 'paymentmethodcashup' local table
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