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feature request[POS2] POSminorhave not tried2021-04-30 08:302021-05-22 09:32
Reporterprakashmurugesan88View Statuspublic 
Assigned Toprakashmurugesan88 
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0046433: Datepicker Enhancement

DescriptionFollowing are some enhancement to be applied for new date picker,

1. The calendar icon is different to the one used in figma

2. Make sense to change all the pickers to use the new one and remove the old "BaseFormDate".
If we see that BaseFormDate does not give us any feature which we can't cover with the new component, I think it makes all the sense to replace its usages and finally remove it.

3. Open new customer popup
put focus on birthdate field which is empty
Input changes to edit mode -> OK
Press calendar icon -> calendar is opened but field looks red (error) behind the calendar
Select a date in the calendar -> date is correctly applied to the input but still error is shown
Is required to put the focus outside the input to make the error disappear

4. When focus is in date input and clear button is pressed it does not work.
It must be pressed twice.
It seems that first time blur event of input is triggered and then in the second click the clear action is executed

5. If you start to write the date directly in the input, component shows the expected format.
Would be great to show it in that way when input is empty

6. In figma a message with the expected format is shown below the field

7. We have different test functions that helps to work with form components: (fillDate, selectComboBoxOption, etc.).
I think it would be nice to have a test funcion (called pickDate for example) which allows to pick a date from a BaseFormDatePicker in a test.
Currently already doing it in test, so that code into a file and export the function (similar to what we are doing in the other functions I've mentioned) so it can be reused in other tests.

8. When datepicker is read only the calendar icon should not be shown

9. Datepicker value is not being validated at all.
For eg: It allows 24 in month and 45 for day.
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related to backport 0046799TAP closedcaristu Datepicker Enhancement 

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hgbot (developer)
2021-05-06 19:45

Merge Request created: [^]
hgbot (developer)
2021-05-06 19:45

Merge Request created: [^]
hgbot (developer)
2021-05-06 19:45

Merge Request created: [^]
hgbot (developer)
2021-05-11 17:35

Directly closing issue as related merge request is already approved.

Repository: [^]
Changeset: 6270adce665b081cfcd4757882a5fa7c062c8ddc
Author: Prakash M <>
Date: 2021-05-11T21:03:51+05:30
URL: [^]

Fixed BUG-46433: Datepicker Enhancement

A web-jspack/org.openbravo.core2/src/assets/icons/calendar.svg
A web-jspack/org.openbravo.core2/src/components/BaseFormDatePicker/__test__/selectBaseFormDatePicker.js
M src-db/database/sourcedata/AD_MESSAGE.xml
M web-jspack/org.openbravo.core2/src/assets/style/iconography.scss
M web-jspack/org.openbravo.core2/src/components/BaseFormDatePicker/BaseFormDatePicker.jsx
M web-jspack/org.openbravo.core2/src/components/BaseFormDatePicker/BaseFormDatePicker.scss
M web-jspack/org.openbravo.core2/src/components/BaseFormDatePicker/__test__/BaseFormDatePicker.test.jsx
M web-jspack/org.openbravo.core2/src/components/BaseFormDatePicker/stories/BaseFormDatePicker.stories.jsx
M web-jspack/org.openbravo.core2/src/components/Form/BaseForm.jsx
M web-jspack/org.openbravo.core2/src/components/Form/FormHandler.js
M web-jspack/org.openbravo.core2/src/components/Form/stories/ConfigurableForm.stories.jsx
M web-jspack/org.openbravo.core2/src/core/I18N.js
M web-jspack/org.openbravo.core2/src/ob-init.js
R web-jspack/org.openbravo.core2/src/components/BaseFormDate/BaseFormDate.jsx
R web-jspack/org.openbravo.core2/src/components/BaseFormDate/BaseFormDate.scss
R web-jspack/org.openbravo.core2/src/components/BaseFormDate/__test__/BaseFormDate.test.jsx
R web-jspack/org.openbravo.core2/src/components/BaseFormDate/index.js
R web-jspack/org.openbravo.core2/src/components/BaseFormDate/stories/BaseFormDate.stories.jsx
hgbot (developer)
2021-05-11 17:39

Merge request merged: [^]
hgbot (developer)
2021-05-11 17:39

Repository: [^]
Changeset: 0b20a53c4ffba5217b2c00d19817f03ae2a06ae8
Author: Prakash M <>
Date: 2021-05-11T21:07:47+05:30
URL: [^]

Related to Issue-46433: Removed BaseFormDate usage and replaced with new DatePicker component

M web-jspack/org.openbravo.pos2/src/components/Customer/CustomerForm/__test__/CustomerForm.test.jsx
M web-jspack/org.openbravo.pos2/src/components/Customer/CustomerSelector/__test__/CustomerSelector.test.jsx
hgbot (developer)
2021-05-11 17:43

Repository: [^]
Changeset: 89a5fbd17177a3de5f9b4e4080f7afb784bb68ff
Author: Prakash M <>
Date: 2021-05-11T21:11:56+05:30
URL: [^]

Related to ISSUE-46433: Removed BaseFormDate usage

M web-jspack/org.openbravo.pos2.marketingsurvey/src/components/MarketingSurvey/stories/MarketingSurveyStoriesUtils.jsx
hgbot (developer)
2021-05-11 17:43

Merge request merged: [^]
hgbot (developer)
2021-05-11 17:50

Merge request closed: [^]

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