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feature request[Java Client POS] (No Category)minorhave not tried2009-01-27 19:392009-01-28 17:24
ReporterjerdnaView Statuspublic 
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PrioritynormalResolutionopenFixed in Version
StatusnewFix in branchFixed in SCM revision
ProjectionnoneETAnoneTarget Version
OSAnyDatabaseAnyJava version
OS VersionDatabase versionAnt version
Product Version2.20SCM revision 
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0007167: Add support cyrillic (russian) symbol into

DescriptionAdd support cyrillic (russian) symbol into

This is symbol needs for the russian localization.
Proposed Solutionpackage com.openbravo.pos.printer.escpos

public class UnicodeTranslatorInt extends UnicodeTranslator

Add into public byte transChar(char sChar):

            case '\u0410': return (byte) 0xC0;// A
            case '\u0411': return (byte) 0xC1;// Б
            case '\u0412': return (byte) 0xC2;// В
            case '\u0413': return (byte) 0xC3;// Г
            case '\u0414': return (byte) 0xC4;// Д
            case '\u0415': return (byte) 0xC5;// Е
            case '\u0401': return (byte) 0xA8;// Ё
            case '\u0416': return (byte) 0xC6;// Ж
            case '\u0417': return (byte) 0xC7;// З
            case '\u0418': return (byte) 0xC8;// И
            case '\u0419': return (byte) 0xC9;// Й
            case '\u041A': return (byte) 0xCA;// К
            case '\u041B': return (byte) 0xCB;// Л
            case '\u041C': return (byte) 0xCC;// М
            case '\u041D': return (byte) 0xCD;// Н
            case '\u041E': return (byte) 0xCE;// О
            case '\u041F': return (byte) 0xCF;// П
            case '\u0420': return (byte) 0xD0;// Р
            case '\u0421': return (byte) 0xD1;// С
            case '\u0422': return (byte) 0xD2;// Т
            case '\u0423': return (byte) 0xD3;// У
            case '\u0424': return (byte) 0xD4;// Ф
            case '\u0425': return (byte) 0xD5;// Х
            case '\u0426': return (byte) 0xD6;// Ц
            case '\u0427': return (byte) 0xD7;// Ч
            case '\u0428': return (byte) 0xD8;// Ш
            case '\u0429': return (byte) 0xD9;// Щ
            case '\u042A': return (byte) 0xDA;// Ъ
            case '\u042B': return (byte) 0xDB;// Ы
            case '\u042C': return (byte) 0xDC;// Ь
            case '\u042D': return (byte) 0xDD;// Э
            case '\u042E': return (byte) 0xDE;// Ю
            case '\u042F': return (byte) 0xDF;// Я
            case '\u0430': return (byte) 0xE0;// a
            case '\u0431': return (byte) 0xE1;// б
            case '\u0432': return (byte) 0xE2;// в
            case '\u0433': return (byte) 0xE3;// г
            case '\u0434': return (byte) 0xE4;// д
            case '\u0435': return (byte) 0xE5;// е
            case '\u0451': return (byte) 0xB8;// ё
            case '\u0436': return (byte) 0xE6;// ж
            case '\u0437': return (byte) 0xE7;// з
            case '\u0438': return (byte) 0xE8;// и
            case '\u0439': return (byte) 0xE9;// й
            case '\u043A': return (byte) 0xEA;// к
            case '\u043B': return (byte) 0xEB;// л
            case '\u043C': return (byte) 0xEC;// м
            case '\u043D': return (byte) 0xED;// н
            case '\u043E': return (byte) 0xEE;// о
            case '\u043F': return (byte) 0xEF;// п
            case '\u0440': return (byte) 0xF0;// р
            case '\u0441': return (byte) 0xF1;// с
            case '\u0442': return (byte) 0xF2;// т
            case '\u0443': return (byte) 0xF3;// у
            case '\u0444': return (byte) 0xF4;// ф
            case '\u0445': return (byte) 0xF5;// х
            case '\u0446': return (byte) 0xF6;// ц
            case '\u0447': return (byte) 0xF7;// ч
            case '\u0448': return (byte) 0xF8;// ш
            case '\u0449': return (byte) 0xF9;// щ
            case '\u044A': return (byte) 0xFA;// ъ
            case '\u044B': return (byte) 0xFB;// ы
            case '\u044C': return (byte) 0xFC;// ь
            case '\u044D': return (byte) 0xFD;// э
            case '\u044E': return (byte) 0xFE;// ю
            case '\u044F': return (byte) 0xFF;// я

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jerdna (reporter)
2009-01-28 17:24

Photo of Openbravo POS ticket after include this solution. [^]

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