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defect[Openbravo ERP] A. Platformmajoralways2017-02-09 16:312017-02-27 12:49
ReportermaiteView Statuspublic 
Assigned Toinigosanchez 
PriorityurgentResolutionno change requiredFixed in Version
StatusclosedFix in branchFixed in SCM revision
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OSAnyDatabaseAnyJava version
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Review Assigned Toalostale
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0035213: Callout problem when working with comma (,) as decimal separator for euro references defined in format.xml

DescriptionValue of the field is not properly loaded in that situation, so callout calculations are wrong
Steps To Reproduce1. Edit config/Format.xml file to set comma as decimal separator for "euroXXX" references:

<Number name="euroEdition" decimal="," grouping="." formatOutput="#0.00" formatInternal="#0.00" />

2. Compile application using: ant smartbuild
3. Register new Sales Invoice record for "EspaƱa" org and any BP. Add any line
4. Access to "Exchange Rate" tab, create new record setting USD, set "Foreign Amount"= 5 and realize that "Rate" field has not been properly calculated

Problem is that "" callout is loading value of 500 (instead of 5) in "foreignAmt" field. Seems to be a generic problem more than a specific problem of this callout
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related to design defect 00323663.0PR16Q4 closedinigosanchez callout invocation ineficiencies 
related to design defect 0035336 newTriage Platform Base Several improvements in Format.xml behaviour/definition should be done. 
related to defect 0035334 closedinigosanchez Callout problem when working with comma (,) as decimal separator 

-  Notes
inigosanchez (developer)
2017-02-22 11:03

As Openbravo wiki [1] says: "You can define a decimal and grouping separator per format type, but the qtyEdition format is the one that defines them. Makes no sense to define different decimal and grouping per format type."

[1].- [^]
inigosanchez (developer)
2017-02-22 11:17

A design defect issue [1] has been created in order to improve several problems of current Format.xml and topics related with format.

[1].- [^]

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2017-02-09 16:31 maite New Issue
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2017-02-23 19:02 juabaez Issue Monitored: juabaez
2017-02-27 12:49 inigosanchez Summary Callout problem when working with comma (,) as decimal separator => Callout problem when working with comma (,) as decimal separator for euro references defined in format.xml

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