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defect[Openbravo ERP] A. Platformminorhave not tried2015-05-31 14:302015-11-14 13:02
ReportershuehnerView Statuspublic 
Assigned Toshuehner 
PrioritynormalResolutionfixedFixed in Version3.0PR15Q3
StatusclosedFix in branchFixed in SCM revisione46899b00411
ProjectionnoneETAnoneTarget Version
OSAnyDatabaseAnyJava version
OS VersionDatabase versionAnt version
Product VersionSCM revision 
Review Assigned Toalostale
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Triggers an Emergency PackNo

0030056: Cleanup all eclipse warnings in src-wad

DescriptionThis bug is to fix all (per openbravo preferences) eclipse warnings in src-wad folder.
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related to defect 0030055 closedshuehner Cleanup all eclipse warnings in src-trl 
related to defect 0030681 closedshuehner Cleanup all warnings in src-core 
blocks feature request 0031477 newshuehner Tracking issue to reduce the huge number of eclipse warnings in pi 

-  Notes
hgbot (developer)
2015-06-01 13:09

Repository: erp/devel/pi
Changeset: e46899b00411befee088aa43c220b51e8e7acdcb
Author: Stefan Hühner <stefan.huehner <at>>
Date: Sun May 31 15:43:59 2015 +0200
URL: [^]

Fixed 30056: Cleanup all warnings in src-wad

- Remove String or int parameter assignment by copying into local variable.
- in Wad#processSelCol use Vector.toArray function to avoid needing to
  replace reference in parameter. Note: .toArray will auto-resize itself
  to correct size as param is 0-length array
- Fix 2 possible NPE. As code to treat null as empty value was only
  called after .debug triggering NPE as param of log4j.debug will be evaluated
  even without log level set to debug.
- Wad#getVectorElementsNotRepeated function had parameter which was new empty
  Vector in all its 3 callers. As we do not expect more callers (was is
  deprecated) just remove the param completely and create new Vector inside
  the function removing param assignment.
- in WadUtility instead of assigning to text-param and immediately returning
  that value just return it directly as the rest of that function already did.
- in WadNumber. Confusion between non-static function param name + field
  inherited from superclass. As those seem to be very clearly utility
  functions which should use the param (and not some inherited field) ->
  just make them static to remove that confusion.
- WadValidator gets 'friendlyWarnings' flag on construction but does not
  currently use it. However we may want to add it (and keep api stable now)
  so just supress that unused warning.

M src-wad/src/org/openbravo/wad/
M src-wad/src/org/openbravo/wad/
M src-wad/src/org/openbravo/wad/controls/
M src-wad/src/org/openbravo/wad/controls/
M src-wad/src/org/openbravo/wad/controls/
M src-wad/src/org/openbravo/wad/controls/
M src-wad/src/org/openbravo/wad/validation/
alostale (developer)
2015-06-04 12:55

code reviewed

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Date Modified Username Field Change
2015-05-31 14:30 shuehner New Issue
2015-05-31 14:30 shuehner Assigned To => shuehner
2015-05-31 14:30 shuehner Modules => Core
2015-05-31 14:30 shuehner Triggers an Emergency Pack => No
2015-05-31 14:30 shuehner Relationship added related to 0030055
2015-06-01 13:09 hgbot Checkin
2015-06-01 13:09 hgbot Note Added: 0077937
2015-06-01 13:09 hgbot Status new => resolved
2015-06-01 13:09 hgbot Resolution open => fixed
2015-06-01 13:09 hgbot Fixed in SCM revision => [^]
2015-06-01 13:11 shuehner Review Assigned To => alostale
2015-06-04 12:55 alostale Note Added: 0078061
2015-06-04 12:55 alostale Status resolved => closed
2015-06-04 12:55 alostale Fixed in Version => 3.0PR15Q3
2015-08-26 21:15 shuehner Relationship added related to 0030681
2015-11-14 13:02 shuehner Relationship added blocks 0031477

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