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defect[Retail Modules] Layaway ordermajorhave not tried2014-09-15 16:292015-03-08 00:11
ReporteradrianromeroView Statuspublic 
Assigned ToOrekaria 
PriorityurgentResolutionfixedFixed in VersionRR15Q2
StatusclosedFix in branchFixed in SCM revision
ProjectionnoneETAnoneTarget Version
OSAnyDatabaseAnyJava version
OS VersionDatabase versionAnt version
Product VersionSCM revision 
Review Assigned ToOrekaria
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Triggers an Emergency PackNo

0027607: Layaways are not saved when generated in one terminal and paid in a different one

DescriptionWhen paying and closing a layaway in a different terminal where it was created the layaway is not saved and the following message is raised in the log:

Problem with layaways when generated in one terminal and paid in a different one.

6445122 [http-8080-3] WARN - Record in process org.openbravo.retail.posterminal.OrderLoaderduplicated with id: DDDD8FB3E5B18F2238BD56C299301248 Error not saved.

It seems that the problem is near the code that checks duplicated orders in the server side:

This is the check for duplicates: [^]

This is the function for orders: [^]

Steps To ReproduceIn an store with at least two terminals follow the steps:

* Create a layaway order in one terminal.
* Open the layaway in a second terminal.
* Pay it completely and close the layaway

Verify that in the log appears the message "Error not saved", and in the ERP verify that the layaway order has not been paid.
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duplicate of design defect 0027600 closedmarvintm Problem with layaways when generated in one terminal and paid in a different one 
related to defect 0026458RR15Q2 closedOsmany After paying completely a layaway order, when the cash up is performed, taxes information in report is wrong 
depends on feature request 0028130RR15Q2 closedOrekaria Support creating tickets through multiple terminals with payment in other (central) devices 
related to defect 0027609 closedmarvintm If saving a layaways fails, it is detected as duplicated and not saved the error 

-  Notes
adrianromero (manager)
2014-09-15 16:56

It seems that the problem is reproduced in the case the terminal that initially creates layaways does not have payment methods defined.

It does not need to have to create layaways.
Orekaria (administrator)
2015-03-08 00:11

Fixed as part of the [^] project

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2014-09-15 16:29 adrianromero New Issue
2014-09-15 16:29 adrianromero Assigned To => marvintm
2014-09-15 16:29 adrianromero Triggers an Emergency Pack => No
2014-09-15 16:29 adrianromero Relationship added related to 0027600
2014-09-15 16:56 adrianromero Note Added: 0070127
2014-09-15 17:17 adrianromero Relationship added related to 0027609
2014-09-15 17:17 adrianromero Relationship deleted related to 0027600
2014-09-15 17:17 adrianromero Relationship added duplicate of 0027600
2015-01-29 16:42 Osmany Assigned To marvintm => Osmany
2015-02-13 15:00 malsasua Relationship added related to 0026458
2015-02-13 15:01 malsasua Assigned To Osmany => Orekaria
2015-02-13 16:23 Orekaria Relationship added depends on 0028130
2015-03-08 00:11 Orekaria Review Assigned To => Orekaria
2015-03-08 00:11 Orekaria Note Added: 0075267
2015-03-08 00:11 Orekaria Status new => closed
2015-03-08 00:11 Orekaria Resolution open => fixed
2015-03-08 00:11 Orekaria Fixed in Version => RR15Q2

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