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Summary 0027441: Remove 2 unused/obsolete pl-functions of old-flow/pre-aprm time: c_order_status & c_debt_payment_paid
Revision 2022-12-13 15:31 by shuehner
Description About removal of c_order_status pl-function
- There is no usage of it in git master codebase
  - 2 references in MRP_RUN_INITIALIZE are commented our (for a long time)
- There are no referenced found either in
  - git clones of all /openbravo/product repos
  - Download of all obx modules (ignoring unsupported ones)
- Additionally here is only covers the old-flow tables
  Apparently the equivalent with aprm was never implemented [^]

- c_debt_payment_paid function
  - No users are found in git clones or obx download
  - Only user in git master is c_order_status function also to be removed here
Revision 2014-09-03 13:55 by shuehner
Description This function is a candidate to be removed from pi. as:

1.) It is not used actively anywhere in pi.
Grepping only shows 2 commented out users in mrp_run_initialize an hg blame for those shows them to be like this (commented) since hg-rev:0 (year 2007).

2.) Grepping in all gpscode repo -> no extra active users

3.) Grepping in some 700 modules from CR (all there are in qaa status) with some few exceptions.
Does show a single user in the 'org.openbravo.deprecated.cleanupv3' module. (some old soap-based webservice).

That said looks like a candidate to be moved to that cleanup module + removed from pi.

Note: Of course that would be api-change

Note: That function currently is broken. so if not deleted should be fixed.
See related issue: 27440

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