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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00414191defectminorscheduled (collazoandy4)2019-07-23Apply HQL style guide to DocFINBankStatement
  00412421defect3.0PR19Q4minorscheduled (collazoandy4)2019-07-23DocFINBankStatement.createFact is not using bind-params
  00414181defectminorscheduled (collazoandy4)2019-07-23Apply HQL style guide to AcctServer
  00412401defect3.0PR19Q4minorscheduled (collazoandy4)2019-07-23AcctServer.{getAccountDBpartner, disableDocumentConfirmation} are not using bind-params
  00414171defectminorscheduled (collazoandy4)2019-07-22Apply HQL style guide to FIN_BankstatementImport
  00412371defect3.0PR19Q4minorscheduled (collazoandy4)2019-07-22FIN_BankstatementImport is not using bind-params
  00411631defectminorresolved (alekosmp86)2019-07-22Some fields related to Delivery Mode are not translated
  00411628defectminorresolved (alekosmp86)2019-07-22Some translations to ES are pending in Discount and Promotions window
  0041422 defectminornew (Triage Finance)2019-07-22API Change: Old Costing Cleanup
  0041421 defecttrivialscheduled (AtulOpenbravo)2019-07-22Old Costing Cleanup
  0041426 defectmajornew (asiermartirena)2019-07-22Payments are not correctly divided during the 'Pay Open Tickets' flow
  0041424 defectminornew (Triage Finance)2019-07-22Several unused methods in
  0041423 defectminornew (Triage Finance)2019-07-22The method getInvoicePaymentSchedule of is not used
  0041425 defectminornew (Triage Finance)2019-07-22Unused methods in
  0041420 defectmajornew (Retail)2019-07-22Loading a ticket with a payment that is not configured fails
  00412051backportRR19Q1.3majorresolved (ranjith_qualiantech_com)2019-07-22Errors while importing when synchronize a ticket with a discount of 100% and Generate Invoices active
  00413523defectminorresolved (AugustoMauch)2019-07-22Wrong validation error when internet connection is slow
  0041027 feature requestmajorscheduled (gorka_gil)2019-07-22Optimize masterdata incremental refresh process
  0041416 defectmajornew (Retail)2019-07-22Javascript error when opening terminal, after adding a new Business Date
  0041415 defectmajornew (asiermartirena)2019-07-22The terminal and cashup ID is not set to the payments when synchronized from external orders
  00354045defectminorscheduled (platform)2019-07-22insufficient information in log when a view has jslint errors
  0040823 feature requestminorscheduled (AtulOpenbravo)2019-07-22Delete obsolete db functions that have been deprecated long time ago
  00413835defectmajorresolved (guilleaer)2019-07-22[19Q3] [D&P per hour] Discount or promotion can no longer be correctly created and used
  00414131backport3.0PR19Q1.3majorresolved (alostale)2019-07-22Security Issue - Path Traversal with Attachments
  00414121backport3.0PR19Q2.2majorresolved (alostale)2019-07-22Security Issue - Path Traversal with Attachments
  00414111backport3.0PR19Q3majorresolved (alostale)2019-07-22Security Issue - Path Traversal with Attachments
  00414011defectmajorresolved (alostale)2019-07-22Security Issue - Path Traversal with Attachments
  0041414 defectmajornew (Retail)2019-07-22Technical problems while switching between SCO-WEBPOS offline with billing
  0040979 design defectmajornew (Retail)2019-07-22Discounts defined as "Allow multiple instances per line" should hide or disable "Override existing promotions" check
  00410541feature requestmajorresolved (ebecerra)2019-07-22EDL Asynchronous processor hooks
  00412682backportRR19Q2.2majorresolved (ranjith_qualiantech_com)2019-07-22OB.UTIL.clone always copies arrays by reference
  0041388 defectminornew (Triage Finance)2019-07-22[19Q3] [Loyalty] Level field for Category allows negative values
  0041387 defecttrivialnew (Triage Finance)2019-07-22[19Q3] [Loyalty] Level field for Category is not limited in length creating a wrong error message
  0041385 defectminornew (Triage Finance)2019-07-22[19Q3] Loyalty Program tabs break naming convention by using plural instead of singular
  00412011backportRR19Q2.2majorresolved (ranjith_qualiantech_com)2019-07-22Total amount button remains enabled in a ticket without lines when Save Deleted Tickets is configured
  0041410 defectcriticalnew (ravneet)2019-07-22When India Localization pack is installed in an environment 3.0Q19, Tomcat fail
  0041339 defectmajornew (Retail)2019-07-22Physical keyboard not working on till opening and in Popups
  0041409 defectmajornew (Retail)2019-07-22[POS] User Defined Percentage Discount is not working with the keyboard
  0041400 defectminornew2019-07-22Translation errors to French (FR)
  00413701defectmajorscheduled (rqueralta)2019-07-22Problems with the 'Can/cannot be delivered' property
  0041340 defectmajorscheduled (rqueralta)2019-07-22Multiple joins when loading a verified return
  00412361defect3.0PR19Q4minorscheduled (collazoandy4)2019-07-21RecordID2Filling.getBPAccountList is not using bind-params
  00414031defectminorscheduled (collazoandy4)2019-07-21Apply HQL style guide to RecordID2Filling
  00414041defectmajorscheduled (collazoandy4)2019-07-21Discount Invoice Report error
  00413362defectmajorscheduled (rqueralta)2019-07-20Good shipment not generated after create a sales from a quotation
  0041333 defectmajorscheduled (collazoandy4)2019-07-19Duplicate values when create new Product characteristics values
  0040905 feature requestminornew (platform)2019-07-19It would be fine to automatically truncate the value if the reference is date
  0041408 defectminornew (Retail)2019-07-19[19Q3] [UX] "Receipt discounts" menu option isn't hidden when discounts aren't applicable to the ticket
  0041407 feature requestmajornew (asiermartirena)2019-07-19Changes to make the stock queries responses more extensible
  0041406 feature requestmajornew (ebecerra)2019-07-19Add capability to send more information about the Payment Methods to the POS.
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