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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00196313defectmajorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2012-03-02Payment report is not working when filtering by dates
  00187313feature requestminorclosed (dmiguelez)2012-03-01It would be nice to have Deposit/Withdraw date in Payment Report.
  00190822defectminorclosed (guilleaer)2012-02-29When you have one field displayed with inactive column, it must not be displayed
  00195515defectmajorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2012-02-02Inventory posting is not handling properly zero cost
  00172319feature requestmajorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2012-02-01Instead of showing the invoice once, it is showing as many times as orders gathers
  00193312defectmajorclosed (marvintm)2011-12-22Format date dd/mm/yyyy fails in P&E in return from customer
  00100441defecttrivialclosed (jonalegriaesarte)2011-10-28While exporting the sales invoice to PDF, columns doument id and shipment date are not completly printed
  00136531defectminorclosed (jonalegriaesarte)2011-10-28Multiple issues in selectors introduced by PagedDatagrid project
  00100591defecttrivialclosed (jonalegriaesarte)2011-10-28While exporting Business Partner Tax category records, report title not displayed as expected
  00100571defecttrivialclosed (jonalegriaesarte)2011-10-28While exporting the tax category records, column header Default not displayed as expected
  00100561defecttrivialclosed (jonalegriaesarte)2011-10-28While exporting the Tax rate records, the record columns are not displayed as expected.
  00089702defectmajorclosed (alostale)2011-10-28CAS authentication invalidates grid
  00154382defectminorclosed (alostale)2011-10-28Sorting by more than one column (at the same time) fails in Reconciliation tab of the Financial Account window
  00100194defectmajorclosed (iperdomo)2011-10-28Using autosave in settlement , after creating lines does not display process completion successful message
  00154461defectminorclosed (alostale)2011-10-28DataGrid.getColumnTotals fails in Financial Account->Reconciliation tab
  00152341defectminorclosed (alostale)2011-10-28If a column contains the double quote character (") the grid breaks
  00144932defectmajorclosed (dbaz)2011-10-28Screen doesn't activate the Save icons, when I enter Japanese characters only
  00112852defecttrivialclosed (dbaz)2011-10-28Internet Explorer 8 - grid header label is not properly displayed
  00100265defectpimajorclosed (shuehner)2011-10-28Opening child grid without data shows 'data is null' error box and stack trace in console
  00101932defectmajorclosed (iperdomo)2011-10-28"No value specified for parameter" when scrolling data grid fast
  00100361defectminorclosed (sathiyan)2011-10-28While exporting the bank sattement header to PDF the column titles are not displayed fully
  00100341defectminorclosed (sathiyan)2011-10-28Exorting the Tax Payment header to PDF format - column titles should be displayed as exactly in the application
  00100321defectminorclosed (alostale)2011-10-28Exporting the organization information to PDF,xls,csv format gives NullPointerException
  00100311defectminorclosed (sathiyan)2011-10-28Exporting the Organization type to PDF - column title default is not displayed fully.
  00100291defectminorclosed (sathiyan)2011-10-28Exporting the session to PDF format - column titles are not displayed fully
  00100181defectminorclosed (sathiyan)2011-10-28While exporting the cash journal to PDF the column titles are mot displayed fully
  00100071defecttrivialclosed (sathiyan)2011-10-28While exporting the Process Plan to PDF the column titles are not displayed exactly.
  00100061defectminorclosed (sathiyan)2011-10-28Spelling mistake while exporting the Work Requirement Header grid view to PDF
  00092102defectmajorclosed (vmromanos)2011-10-28Post of Manual Settlement created with the processing of the Tax Payment errors
  00105191defecttrivialclosed (vmromanos)2011-10-28Settlement: Created Payments tab: one of the sections is called AmountsAmounts
  00110951defectmajorclosed (vmromanos)2011-10-28Error in handling write-offs when cancelling payments in settlement
  00110971backportmajorclosed (vmromanos)2011-10-28Error in handling write-offs when cancelling payments in settlement
  00175265defect3.0MP5majorclosed (alostale)2011-10-18Long identifier shown in lines tab
  00185933defect3.0MP4minorclosed (mtaal)2011-10-12REST Webservice PUT method does not find objects
  00147556defect2.50MP23minorclosed (gorka_gil)2011-10-07Warnings with ant tasks in Ant 1.8
  00186792defectmajorclosed (vmromanos)2011-10-04Selenium tests are installing a wrong Localization Pack
  00163035defect3.0MP4minorclosed (rgoris)2011-10-03Date filtering has not masked entry for dates
  00169194feature request3.0MP3majorclosed (marvintm)2011-09-01Add number of notes to the Notes section in brackets
  00162883defect3.0MP3minorclosed (shankarb)2011-08-22Tooltip for instance purpose banner
  00158382defect3.0MP3minorclosed (alostale)2011-08-10Add a space in the warning message
  00171441defect3.0MP3minorclosed (jecharri)2011-08-10Styling issues for Alerts
  00175336defect3.0MP1minorclosed (marvintm)2011-07-06Styling issues for Attachments Chooser Dialog
  00167968defect3.0MP2majorclosed (mirurita)2011-06-27User is not aware that bank statements cannot be imported without the proper modules installed
  00172932defect3.0MP1minorclosed (alostale)2011-06-22Error when you create a translation for a module
  00176261defectmajorclosed (alostale)2011-06-13Updating core from 3.0RC7 to a newer version sets test.environment to false
  00172646defect3.0MP0majorclosed (mtaal)2011-06-06When exporting a dataset in OB3, date fields are not correct.
  00171677defect3.0MP0majorclosed (marvintm)2011-06-03Modify behavior when clicking Attachments button in toolbar
  00173454defect3.0MP0majorclosed (mtaal)2011-05-27Third level tabs are not shown when selected
  00169813defect3.0MP0majorclosed (iperdomo)2011-05-26Some widgets cannot be edited because of dominant (foreground) content
  00169222defect3.0MP0minorclosed (dbaz)2011-05-26Align top of notes Create button with top of field
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