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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00019672defectminorclosed (alostale)2008-06-12Export/import languages. Some fixes
  00019642defectminorclosed (user71)2008-06-12report debt payment track
  00019553defectminorclosed (marvintm)2008-06-12svn: user check fails if bbdd.user is in lowercase
  00019441defectminorclosed (user71)2008-06-12Error message reactivating a Sales Invoice
  00019323defectminorclosed (user71)2008-06-12Order Post fails if charge amount is null
  00019223defectminorclosed (alostale)2008-06-12default checkbox doesnt get unchecked?
  00018912defectminorclosed (alostale)2008-06-12Column identifiers for tables with multiple PKs
  00018156defectminorclosed (user71)2008-06-12Import an account file doesn\\\'t work
  00018106defectminorclosed (rafaroda)2008-06-12Callout doesn\\\'t work in Tab window
  00017505defectminorclosed (user71)2008-06-12Not well format. Repor Cashflow forecast
  00017442defectminorclosed (alostale)2008-06-12Price Adjustments on Purchase Order Line popup error
  00017422defectminorclosed (alostale)2008-06-12WAD log warnings
  00017414defectminorclosed (alostale)2008-06-12business partner > Bank Account shows non existent columns
  00017063defectminorclosed (iperdomo)2008-06-12order line without stock
  00016983defectminorclosed (iperdomo)2008-06-12Empty window list (two windows)
  00016863defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-06-12Show Session tab with language and images issues
  000163811defectminorclosed (alostale)2008-06-12WAD generated code allows dirty writes
  00016342defectminorclosed (user71)2008-06-12The layout in Expense Invoices is not correct
  00016323defectminorclosed (alostale)2008-06-12Allow negative stock + automatic Sales Order
  00016022defectminorclosed (cromero)2008-06-12Error messages instead of successfully messages
  00015342defectminorclosed (user71)2008-06-12Alerts empty tables
  00014982defectminorclosed (cromero)2008-06-12Not using the new look for the messages
  00014934defectminorclosed (user71)2008-06-12\"Save and Next\" button missing on new Purchase Order
  00014153defectminorclosed (cromero)2008-06-12Cash-Bank Operations. Message format
  00013943defectminorclosed (alostale)2008-06-12Save changes warning not rendered when clicking on menu
  00011053defectminorclosed (user71)2008-06-12Bundled Oracle driver may have issues with cyrillic
  00010462defectminorclosed (user71)2008-06-12Error en importación de cuentas
  00010352defectminorclosed (user71)2008-06-12import business partner
  00010342defectminorclosed (alostale)2008-06-12Process C_ORDER_POST
  00010182defectminorclosed (user71)2008-06-12Log in spanish for Accounting Background process
  00010042defectminorclosed (iciordia)2008-06-12import file loader
  00009712defectminorclosed (alostale)2008-06-12Confusing WAD output
  00009306defectminorclosed (iciordia)2008-06-12Some English translations are not clear or need revision
  00008761defectminorclosed (user11)2008-06-12XMLEngine manual: \\\"Class\\\" and \\\"ID\\\" confusion
  00008313defectminorclosed (iciordia)2008-06-12Process Expenses Report
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