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defect[Retail Modules] Web POSmajoralways2021-02-16 09:592021-02-24 11:14
Reportergorka_gilView Statuspublic 
Assigned Togorka_gil 
PriorityurgentResolutionfixedFixed in VersionRR21Q2
StatusclosedFix in branchFixed in SCM revision
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0045900: The background Incremental refresh is silently launching a normal incremental background

DescriptionThere are 3 types of masterdata refresh:
- full
- incremental
- incremental in background (splitted in requests and in save into db)

There are some problems with the incremental in background:
- 1) Before start the requests, a normal incremental is launched,
It is not visible because it doesn't show anything in the UI, but it can be seen in the console.
- 2) In the background incremental, the models requested are not saved into indexeddb
- 3) In the background incremental, the last refresh time is not correctly saved, so it requests always the same data (from last full or normal incremental)
- 4) In the background incremental, the requested model changes are stored in a variable called modifiedMasterdataModels, but it is storing all the model, not just the modified ones.

Note that issues 2, 3 and 4 are hidden by the first one, since the normal incremental does all the update, then when the background starts, there is nothing to update.
Steps To ReproduceIn the pos, open the console and execute:

It should start with (background incremental):
[requestIncrementalMasterdata] Starting incremental Request RefreshMasterdata

But instead, before that, it is doing a normal incremental:
[incrementalMasterdataRefresh] Starting incremental RefreshMasterdata
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depends on backport 0045923RR21Q1 closedgorka_gil The background Incremental refresh is silently launching a normal incremental background 
depends on backport 0045924RR20Q4.2 closedgorka_gil The background Incremental refresh is silently launching a normal incremental background 
depends on backport 0045925RR20Q3.4 closedgorka_gil The background Incremental refresh is silently launching a normal incremental background 

-  Notes
hgbot (developer)
2021-02-16 10:02

Merge Request created: [^]
hgbot (developer)
2021-02-19 14:29

Merge Request created: [^]
hgbot (developer)
2021-02-24 11:14

Repository: [^]
Changeset: 842bdd3936fb947eec0e55128071c721485eb512
Author: Gorka Gil <>
Date: 2021-02-24T10:13:23+00:00
URL: [^]

Related to issue-45900: if the login was offline, avoid masterdata refresh on interval

Also fix OB.UTIL.masterdataRefreshStatus when there is no masterdata to update

M web/org.openbravo.retail.posterminal/js/utils/ob-utilitiesuipos.js
hgbot (developer)
2021-02-24 11:14

Merge request merged: [^]
hgbot (developer)
2021-02-24 11:14

Merge request merged: [^]
hgbot (developer)
2021-02-24 11:14

Directly closing issue as related merge request is already approved.

Repository: [^]
Changeset: c592304fcfc7fcee0f75946bd642243641777188
Author: Gorka Gil <>
Date: 2021-02-22T20:27:11+01:00
URL: [^]

Fixes ISSUE-45900: Fix incremental refresh after indexeddb changes

1) Fixed the normal incremental done before the background requests
Move the indexeddb normal incremental and full, from the load models, to the login
after each of the websql full or incremental refresh is done.

This is consistent with the backgroud incremental, that also call to the
update of websql models, and when finish to the update of indexeddb models

2) Fix save into indexeddb of the background incremental
- Check for instead masterdataModel.length

3) Fix background incremental on indexeddb, to only load the new data
- Fixed removing the save in local store of requestTimestamp,
in a moment that we have the old request date, later is done another save
with the correct date

4) Fix background incremental on indexeddb, to only save in
 modifiedMasterdataModels only the modified models, instead all models.

5) when executig loadModels after an offline login, call to the parent callback
instead the callback, to avoid printng output of masterdata refresh done, when in
reallity it was canceled.

6) Skip load of masterdata on login, this was done in websql inside the loadModels,
but since indexeddb models are not loadded by loadModels, is needed to check
for offlineLogin also outside of loadModels

M web/
M web/

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2021-02-16 09:59 gorka_gil New Issue
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2021-02-16 09:59 gorka_gil Triggers an Emergency Pack => No
2021-02-16 10:02 hgbot Note Added: 0126120
2021-02-16 11:06 gorka_gil Regression introduced by commit => [^]
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2021-02-24 11:14 hgbot Status scheduled => closed
2021-02-24 11:14 hgbot Note Added: 0126326
2021-02-24 11:14 hgbot Fixed in Version => RR21Q2
2021-02-24 11:14 hgbot Note Added: 0126327

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