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design defect[Openbravo ERP] A. Platformminoralways2015-02-04 16:052022-02-01 08:07
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0028864: Approval preferences configuration should be improved. It is limited and not all preferences follow the same pattern.

DescriptionBy default, on the example data shipped with the product approval preferences are set as N for all users and, as it is written in, [^] it is necessary to specify supervisors that were able to approve the different actions that are defined by preferences. Otherwise it would not be possible to perform those actions.

See an example in the steps to reproduce.
Steps To Reproduce"WEB POS Discretionary Discount Approval" preference behaviour is different than the other preferences due to even having the preference set as N by default, it is not required a supervisor to get the approval because "Approval Required" checkbox (This checkbox is in "Discounts and promotions" window [See first attached screenshot]) has priority over this preference when this preference is set as N, but when it is set as Y, preference has a higher priority. This checkbox appoints if a discretionary discount is going to need to be approved by a supervisor or not. The behaviour only happens in this preference.

This is shown marking preferences as disabled. You can see that doing that, approval preferences can't be performed, because a supervisor is needed to continue with the process, except in "WEB POS Discretionary Discount Approval" preference situation. As said, following the pattern, it should be mandatory that discretionary discounts would be approved by supervisors, without "Approval Required" checkbox dependence.
Proposed SolutionThrough this kind of behaviour it is creating two different types of discretionary discounts, those who need to be approved and those who do not. This could be exactly what it is necessary: to split discretionary discounts in theses two groups. But not as the current way, being only split depending on that checkbox.

By the other hand, it is too complex for a user to set approval preferences in a real enterprise. We could imagine a "simple" situation where this enterprise would have two organizations. In the first organization only two people can't approve some action and in the second one, only one person can approve that certain action. The simplest situation for that context would require five or more preferences for just this approval preference. (See second attached screenshot).

Moreover, there is not possibility to set a hierarchy. It has been assumed that once a person is a supervisor for certain action, he is able to approve that action for every employee, but it can be necessary that "person B" only would be able to approve actions from "person C" and that a "person A" would be able to approve "person B" or similar situations. This is not possible with the current approval preference situation.
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Attached Filespng file icon ApprovalRequiredCheckbox.png [^] (44,284 bytes) 2015-02-04 16:05

png file icon 5PreferencesRequired.png [^] (71,597 bytes) 2015-02-04 16:05

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