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0005676: All projects should have a short code to easy identification
Currently, there are no naming standards for projects deliverables. For better understanding, it will be helpful to have a standard Long Name (let's say 50 chars long) and a short name (may be 10 or 15 chars length).
The short name should be used for SVN branch naming, and also as a prefix of wiki related pages, as well as for any documentation of the project, at least when still in development.
For example, bugs starting with [UUID] are those found while developing the Universal Unique IDentifiers. Once merged to trunk, no prefix will be required, and also a prefix usage will be discouraged since functional implications are not limited to a particular project.
In order to avoid naming misunderstandings, short names should be unique across versions. A new UUID project on 2.60 should not use the UUID tag.
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