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0054594POS2POSpublic2024-02-06 16:262024-04-09 10:14
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0054594: Buttons footer gaps
When you open the popup to view a customer's information, the spacing between the buttons in the footer is incorrect. In release 23Q2.3, the responsive toolbar had gaps and margins of 1.6rem. Currently, they are set at 1rem, which is incorrect.
*Login into POS2
*Click on the customer button located above the receipt
*In the popup to search introduce as name "Mara"
*Press search button
*The ticket now is assigned to Mara
*Click on the customer button again to open "View Info"
*Notice that in the popup the responsive toolbar content has wrong gaps 1rem and should be 1.6rem
Seems that this buttons has an special CSS class .obc2SequentialToolbarButton which is modifying the behavior of the footer buttons including its width

See image attached
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related to defect 0055116 closed Triage Platform Base "Desasignar" button is cut on a client info pop up 
png Screenshot 2024-02-06 154413.png (118,039) 2024-02-06 16:26

png image (17).png (147,771) 2024-04-05 23:36
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