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0048377Retail ModulesDiscounts by Totalpublic2022-01-11 14:382022-01-24 07:13
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30Openbravo Appliance 14.04
0048377: Discount/promotion type Free Product per Total
In the Webpos, when we try to use a promotion type : Free Product per total amount, We set up a Free Products per Total Amount Promo but it does not work.
From the purchase of $2,5000 in the following products should give a free product.
But when we add the free product :
we see 2 thing : first the product price is set to 0 then quickly the sales price is add
in the window : discount and promotion

set up a promotion as following :
discount/promotion type : Free Products per Total Amount
Included BP Categories: All excluding defined
Included BP Set :All excluding defined
Included Business Partners :All excluding defined
Included Product Categories :All excluding defined
Included Products :Only those defined
Include Price Lists :All excluding defined
Included Organizations :All excluding defined
Included Characteristics :All excluding defined

Total receipt :2.500.00

in the tab product : one productA
In the tab free product : another productB

If you made a sales with productA for 2,500
the free productB is proposed but if you selected it, the productB price is set to the sales price and not to 0
This seem to be the same issue as the Mantis : [^]

I would like a backport of this fix for the 18Q3 version
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diff 48377_18Q3_posterminal.diff (2,509) 2022-01-20 10:11
diff 48377_18Q3_discountsbytotal.diff (954) 2022-01-20 10:12
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2022-01-24 06:31   
Created Patch for the version 18Q3 and attached to the issue.
2022-01-24 07:13   
The issue is not reproducible in master. We attached patches for 18Q3 release