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0047154POS2POSpublic2021-06-16 11:132021-08-24 13:17
0047154: [JIRA 1904/1974/1901] In a ticket with several lines, adding a product several times may miss a tap
When a ticket has several lines (more than 20 or 25 on livebuilds using a decent hardware), tapping in rapid sequence on the keymap to add products may miss one action.
1. Open a livebuilds context in a touch screen computer (a touch screen can be replaced by activating the Device Toolbar in the Chrome Developer Tools)
2. Enter a vallblanca
3. Add one of each products available in the POS until the ticket contains at least 20 or 25 lines
4. Seek for a ticket that has not been added yet and tap on it 5 times. While the expected behaviour is to have 5 units of this product added to the ticket, very often it ends up with only 4 or 3.

To make this issues easier to reproduce, slowdown the CPU using the developer tools (Performance -> CPU throttling -> 6xslowdown)
Given that the issue can be reproduced in any computer, it is NOT a hardware specific problem.
Given that the issue can be reproduced in livebuilds, it is NOT an environment-related problem.

Check whether or not it is a side effect of the discounts engine.
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has duplicate backport 0047116TAP closed Retail JIRA 1904 / 1974 /1901 - sometimes when pressing on keymap some product are missing or the button is not selected 
blocks defect 0047153 closed jarmendariz [JIRA 1904/1974/1901] In a ticket with several lines, adding a product several times may miss a tap 
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