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0041229Openbravo ERPA. Platformpublic2019-07-02 13:412021-07-21 13:18
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0041229: [19Q3] Activation of the instance resets the maturity level to search modules/updates
The fix for 0040385 prevents the error described in the issue to happen, but does not change the fact that the maturity levels were changed with no apparent reason.
1. Using a community instance that requires at least one update for a Commercial module that is present only in "QA" or "QA Approved" maturity status (e.g. an active instance after an install source) seek for updates.
2. After the updates are found, try to install them. As expected, a message saying that the lack of an activation does not allow the process to be completed is shown.
3. Close the window and activate the instance via the Instance Activation window
4. Return to the Module Management and search for updates. The update previously shown now does not appear. The reason is the Maturity Level has been changed to "Confirmed Stable"
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related to defect 0040385 closed alostale [PR19Q1] Activating an instance after installing modules may create an incomplete update 
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This is done by current design. Instance activation changes accepted maturity status to CS (as community instances can only restrict it to QAA at most).

In case you think this should be changed, please comment and agree first with DME.
2021-07-21 13:18   
please do not change the assigned user when asking the reporter for feedback