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0023344: API Change - Remove Smart Sprites functionality
The Smart Sprites functionality improves the performance when lots of images have to be loaded in a window by aggregating them into a sprite, so that instead of using one connection for each image only one connection per sprite is needeed.

This issue [1] raised an inconsistency with the Google Collect library. There are two different versions of it in Openbravo, one in lib/build and another one in modules/org.openbravo.base.weld/lib/runtime/.

The one located is lib/build is very old and is only used by the Smart Sprites functionality. The one located in modules/org.openbravo.base.weld/lib/runtime/ is used by Weld and by some new coworking functionality. Smart Sprites is not compatible with the new version of the library because it depends on some deprecated code, and Weld and the coworking development do not work with the old version.

The only viable choice that we can think to fix this inconsistency is to delete the old library and to get rid of the Smart Sprites functionality.

These are some reasons why we should removing this feature is not risky:
- It has almost no value in Openbravo 3.0. If activated, this feature would only be used in the Login window and in the 2.50 windows. Even in those cases the performance is virtually the same.
- It is disabled by default which means that we were unclear about its value from the beginning, and that all users who have not change this property will not even notice this API change.

To remove this functionality the public method applySpriteTags of the RTLSkin class would have to be removed. This will be an API change, but only because the signature of the method is wrong in the first place, because it should have been a private method, because it only makes sense using it inside that class.

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