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Summary 0049322: Very Important CASH Management Error
Revision 2022-05-13 14:58 by idiez
Steps To Reproduce 1) Go to the "Organization" window and in the "Cash management event" tab we add a record of type "out"

2) Configure an account in the same previous tab in "Financial account"

3) Go to the pos

4) Go to the menu and select "Cash management" of "$0.20" and select "Withdrawal for cleaning", we give it "Done"

5) Go to the financial account that we have created or configured, we can see that a withdrawal of "$0.20" has been made but it can be seen that a deposit of "$0.20" was made in the other account

6) Return to the "Organization" window and recreate a record of type "out" and without "Financial account"

7) Return to the pos and we do a cash management "Cash management" and select "Cash Withdrawal" we withdraw "$0.10", we give it done

8) Return to the back office to the "Final account" window and we can see that no movement has been made

9) If we go to the "Error While imported pos" window, we can see that an ewi was generated

The link with steps: [^]
Revision 2022-05-13 14:35 by idiez
Steps To Reproduce 1) Create a product with attributes

2) Go to the "goods Shipment" window and create a Delivery Note and complete the line with the product created,
In the attribute value we put "9" and quantity moved "5", we complete

3) Verify that the movement in the stock has been created in the product

4) Make a sale in the "Goods Receipt" window, we complete and add the line and we complete in the "Attribute value" tab with "22" and quantity moved "2" and we complete

5) Make a sale again with an attribute that we do not have, in the "Attribute value" tab we add "21" and in amount moved "1", we complete the sale

6) It can be seen that the correct product has a negative stock

7) Go to the webpos and make a sale with the product we have created and select the attribute "22" and pay it

8) Return to the back office and check that it has correctly subtracted the stock from attribute 22

9) Make a sale on the same product with a non-existent attribute, we pay

10) Return to the backoffice we will see that attribute 20 is in negative stock

11) It is expected that there are no transactions with duplicate attributes but different internal ids, therefore there are duplications

The link with steps: [^]

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