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Summary 0040179: Validations defined at column level must display an appropriate message to the user
Revision 2019-02-22 12:42 by alostale
Steps To Reproduce 0. Login as F&B Admin
1. Open Business Partner window and select "Alimentos y Supermercados, S.A"
2. Edit Customer tab More information to set Maturity Date fields to some illegal value <1 or >31
  ERROR: even it is not properly allowed to save, the error displayed in not helpful
Revision 2019-02-22 12:31 by alostale
Steps To Reproduce * Log in as sysadmin and define a column with type Integer and minimum value 15
* Log in as a regular user and go to a window that contains the previous column
* Enter an invalid value, for example 1, move the focus to another field and save.
* The error is displayed: Saving failed. One or more fields contain illegal values, check the errors for each field.
And the user does not have any clue of the problem with the values entered.

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