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Summary 0031901: decimal value can't be changed by trigger/observer after manual edition in form view
Revision 2016-01-19 11:07 by alostale
Description In form view when a trigger/observer tries to modify more than once a current value for a decimal field (implemented as BigDecimal in generated entity) that has been previously edited in UI, the value it receives as edited (current state in handler, new in trigger) is the one that was originally edited rather than current actual one.

The problem is caused by textualValue property which does not get updated after save if the actual value is modified, remaining unsynched with what is seen in UI. Value of this property is used to get the value on save only for BigDecimal instances, see [1].

[1] [^]

Revision 2016-01-18 21:29 by alostale
Description The event.currentState has a wrong state when the event handler is executed twice in a sales order's line

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