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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryDue Date
  00391447defectminorclosed (mtaal)2018-10-03DAL queries should be replaced by SQL queries to avoid the change of Hibernate API 
  0038040 defectmajorclosed (mtaal)2018-07-04SERQA 3858: Transition To Online called from the Store Server when starting tomcat 
  00367442defectRR17Q4majorclosed (mtaal)2017-12-28Sync definition of financial account does not exclude currentbalance 
  00358211backportRR17Q2.1minorclosed (mtaal)2017-06-09MobileServerUtils: Incorrectly comparing string values using != instead of equals method 
  00358861backportRR17Q2.1majorclosed (mtaal)2017-06-09MobileServerController.getThisServerDefinition creates contention 
  00359961backportRR17Q2.1majorclosed (mtaal)2017-06-05getMobileServersForOrganization and getNodeIdsForOrganization methods should return copies, not original sets 
  00359972backportRR17Q2.1minorclosed (mtaal)2017-06-05[RR17Q2][StoreServer][HighVol] Two "IDLE in transaction" processes appear just after restarting tomcat 
  00359991backportRR17Q2.1majorclosed (mtaal)2017-06-05Prevent doing a commit inside an event handler (InvalidOrganizationChangeEventHandler) 
  00360001backportRR17Q2.1majorclosed (mtaal)2017-06-05defaultStoreHasBeenModified function should manage currentState with null value 
  00359323defectminorclosed (mtaal)2017-05-18The same routing logic should be applied in OBMOBC_SERVER_DEFINITION for inserts, updates, deletions 
  00359001defectmajorclosed (mtaal)2017-05-09[STORE SERVER2816]Warehouses are syncrhonized filter by client but not by organization 
  00345303defectmajorclosed (mtaal)2017-02-06Invoice document number does not get synced to the central server in offline mode 
  00347241feature requestmajorclosed (mtaal)2016-12-22[Store server] Export store in BUT should take into account products of inactive stores 
  00342461defectminorclosed (mtaal)2016-12-17Execute only in current server is automatically filled when save a import entry 
  003426711feature request3.0PR17Q1minorclosed (mtaal)2016-12-16Let the basekernelservlet handle cors requests 
  00347071feature requestRR17Q1majorclosed (mtaal)2016-12-15Server state background process calls all defined store servers, taking time with many store servers 
  00343061defectminorclosed (mtaal)2016-11-21An error is thrown while calling to isThisAStoreServer with multiserver 
  00344891defectmajorclosed (mtaal)2016-11-15[STORE SERVER 2068] Mobile application does not work in SS offline scenario. 
  00342932defectmajorclosed (mtaal)2016-10-28[STORE SERVER 2005] Cancel and replace does not work after having cancelled a picking. 
  00341181defectmajorclosed (mtaal)2016-10-25[STORE SERVER] Pay open tickets functionality does not work correctly in multiserver (online/offline) using synchronized mode. 
  00334031feature requestminorclosed (mtaal)2016-10-18Check if certain WebPOS processes should work multi-server also 
  00340251backportRR16Q3.3minorclosed (mtaal)2016-09-25Remote BP data: bp of current order of orderlist not updated when changing BP 
  00338472defectmajorclosed (mtaal)2016-09-16[STORE SERVER 1690] Not able to perform partial cash up process 
  00316571feature requestminorclosed (mtaal)2016-08-31Store server module validation logic: check modules for store server enablement 
  00337791defecttrivialclosed (mtaal)2016-08-31[store server - 1635] At webpos add any product, under product name, some unwanted details are appearing at web pos screen 
  0033782 defectminorclosed (mtaal)2016-08-26[STORE SERVER 1624] "Blind returns are not allowed for anonymus customer" msg appears while returning receipt using verified ret 
  0033783 defecttrivialclosed (mtaal)2016-08-25[STORE SERVER 1620]System wrongly allows blind returns even 'Allows anonymous blind returns' option is unchecked in org window 
  00337781defecttrivialclosed (mtaal)2016-08-25[STORE SERVER 1634] When layaway order is paid fully , at sales order window in status bar, Delivery status shows 0% 
  00327202defectminorclosed (mtaal)2016-08-23[STORESERVER] ImportEntryManager is not able of processing more than 3 orgs simultaneously 
  00336681defectminorclosed (mtaal)2016-08-10[STORE SERVER 1582] For partially paid layaway order "void this layaway" option not appears in the drop down menu 
  00335861defectRR16Q4majorclosed (mtaal)2016-08-03Submitting ticket and then starting new one fires several (duplicate) requests to read data 
  00333121defectmajorclosed (mtaal)2016-07-04[STORE SERVER] Sales orders not correctly synchronized in Store Server in Synchronous mode 
  00322511feature requestRR16Q4minorclosed (mtaal)2016-06-13Add Linux PAM Authentication Logic to Store Server Authentication 
  00326451defectmajorclosed (mtaal)2016-05-30[STORESERVER] Segmentation in "Discounts and Promotions" window is not correct. 
  00326411defectmajorclosed (mtaal)2016-05-23[STORESERVER] Segmentation in "Terminal and till status" window is not correct. 
  00326722defectmajorclosed (mtaal)2016-05-11 [STORESERVER] [SER-QA 909] The user information is not synchronized correctly to the store server 
  00326661defectmajorclosed (mtaal)2016-04-20[STORESERVER] [SERQA 904] The Org Access tab of the Role window is not synchronized in the Store Servers 
  00299141feature requestmajorclosed (mtaal)2016-03-09Load ticket from central backend server 
  00321025defectmajorclosed (mtaal)2016-02-18Store summary report is not working when there are till differences 
  00271594defectminorclosed (mtaal)2014-08-15Is not possible to resize the tabs in analytics reports 
  00078366defecttrivialclosed (mtaal)2013-06-18Create the file .obx 
  00128232feature request2.50minorclosed (mtaal)2012-10-09Determine/choose wildcard support in querying and the selector 
  00145062defectminorclosed (mtaal)2012-08-21Menu items of type workflow seem to be missing in new UI 
  00175303defectminorclosed (mtaal)2012-02-09Refresh in header causes lines level to flip back to grid view 
  00139115defectminorclosed (mtaal)2011-11-04Multiple instances of the online help window can be opened - Is this checked for safety (like classic windows) 
  00174071defect3.0MP7majorclosed (mtaal)2011-11-04Organization filter in grid seems not to work as expected 
  00185095defect3.0MP4majorclosed (mtaal)2011-10-12FIlter expressions are automatically removed when typing 
  00185102defect3.0MP4majorclosed (mtaal)2011-09-18Allow hyphen in range notation for filter columns 
  00119073feature requestpiminorclosed (mtaal)2011-09-07Add checks to database validation and change length check 
  00180192defect3.0MP3minorclosed (mtaal)2011-07-19The scroll is not working properly 
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