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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryDue Date
  00115923defect2.50minorclosed (dalsasua)2014-04-01Check/correct module for new modularity naming rules 
  00115903defect2.50minorclosed (dalsasua)2014-04-01Check/correct module for new modularity naming rules 
  00111414defectminorclosed (dalsasua)2014-04-01Validation errors in this module 
  00111262defectmajorclosed (dalsasua)2014-04-01Wrong dataset definition 
  00115913defect2.50minorclosed (mtaal)2014-04-01Check/correct module for new modularity naming rules 
  00071101defecttrivialclosed (rachelJohnston)2013-06-18Update 2.35, 2.40 and 2.50 user manual with regards to 'Update Price List Versions' process 
  00101491feature requestmajorclosed (gorka_gil)2011-11-24The database password should not expire automatically 
  00112496defectmajorclosed (jpabloae)2011-08-24Backups are not created if a MP update enters backslash characters in the bbdd.url of 
  0004283 feature requestpiminorclosed (rmorley)2011-05-24Asset report 
  00150985defect2.50majorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2010-12-09Matching event not generating "Upon Clearing Use" accounting transaction. 
  00145947defectminorclosed (anandan)2010-12-09In Business partner window at customer/vendor tab, once the Payment mehtod is selected the respective FInancial account not sele 
  00141564defectminorclosed (iperdomo)2010-12-09Fix JS files based on JSLint suggestions 
  00139613defectmajorclosed (mtaal)2010-12-09Both Quick Create & Quick launch stop working after a few searches 
  00132672defectmajorclosed (gorkaion)2010-12-09When deposit document is created from Receive paymnet window using "process received payments & deposit" option 
  00132157defectcriticalclosed (eduardo_Argal)2010-12-09Automatic payment/receipt option not working as expected when advance payment is made for a purchase order/sales order 
  00131945defecttrivialclosed (eduardo_Argal)2010-12-09Incorrect labels in the Make Payment and Payment Proposal 
  00130979defectmajorclosed (gorkaion)2010-12-09Accounting details for other payment methods are also listed in Payment method || accounts tab 
  00129562defect2.50majorclosed (mirurita)2010-12-09When processing a payment proposal for several Business Partners the total amount of each payment is wrong 
  00129465defectmajorclosed (anandan)2010-12-09Use of the column Difference in Add Payment popup window in Payment proposal 
  00129414defectmajorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2010-12-09When invoice amount is under paid, write off amount not handled when payment document is posted. 
  00129336defectminorclosed (gorkaion)2010-12-09Payment Method field should be marked with yellow color to show it as mandatory field 
  00129315defectminorclosed (gorkaion)2010-12-09AutoSave is not working in Make Payment header 
  00129285defecttrivialclosed (mirurita)2010-12-09when payment document is reactivated over/underpayment field not updated with 0.00 value 
  00129073defectmajorclosed (gorkaion)2010-12-09When invoice is void after payment is made, then the payment is not properly handled 
  00128984defecttrivialclosed (mirurita)2010-12-09In Make payment window, in BP selector window customer radio is selected by default. 
  00128705defectminorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2010-12-09Last calculated date field always blank in Payment monitor section (Invoice header tab) 
  00128692defectmajorclosed (mirurita)2010-12-09Able to reactivate the payment document, even after the Paymnet document is posted 
  00128683defect2.50majorclosed (gorkaion)2010-12-09Auto save functionality not working in Payment proposal header tab 
  00128672defectminorclosed (mirurita)2010-12-09Success message not appear in Payment proposal window after the user selects Expected payment details 
  00128661defectcriticalclosed (eduardo_Argal)2010-12-09Payment proposal functionality not working as expected when line details related to multilple BP is added 
  00128645defectcriticalclosed (eduardo_Argal)2010-12-09While Generating payment Plan, Payment method is assigned to "to-do" by default 
  00128173defectmajorclosed (mirurita)2010-12-09Not able to edit the line items, after the payment document is reactivated. 
  00128145defectmajorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2010-12-09Able to process a Make payment document without line items. 
  00128133defectminorclosed (mirurita)2010-12-09Amount column value mismatches in FIN_Payment & FIN_Payment_Detail 
  00127473defectmajorclosed (mirurita)2010-12-09Select all checkbox increases the Expected payment amount in Add Payment From Invoice window 
  00127215defectmajorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2010-12-09Not able to unpost the Make Payment document 
  00127208defecttrivialclosed (gorkaion)2010-12-09In Make payment window, Receive from field label needs to be changed. 
  00127165defectmajorclosed (mirurita)2010-12-09After reactivating the Receive payments, user not able to delete the line items nor Receive payment record 
  00127013defect2.50majorclosed (gorkaion)2010-12-09In Add Payment window, changes made in Payment field in line item, not getting reflected in Actual Payment field 
  00126984defect2.50minorclosed (mirurita)2010-12-09Updating payment monitor fails in FIN_GEN_PAYMENTSCHEDULE_INV extension point 
  00126954defect2.50majorclosed (mirurita)2010-12-09FIN_GEN_PAYMENTSCHEDULE_INV extension point not working properly 
  00126943defectcriticalclosed (mtaal)2010-12-09Triggers in invalid status on oracle 
  00126752defectminorclosed (mirurita)2010-12-09read only actual payment field of add payment popups on purchase transactions 
  00126742defectminorclosed (mirurita)2010-12-09amounts on lines automatically loaded when selecting the lines in purchase transactions 
  00125843defectmajorclosed (gorkaion)2010-12-09Auto save functionality not working in Receieve payments - Header tab. 
  00125685defectmajorclosed (gorkaion)2010-12-09In Paymnet plan tab, payment is schedule even fro inactive Payment terms lines 
  00125674defectmajorclosed (gorkaion)2010-12-09Once invoice is completed with Payment plan, user not able to reactivate the invoice 
  00125664defecttrivialclosed (gorkaion)2010-12-09In Add payment window, values in Transaction type combo are not clearly defined 
  00125594defect2.50minorclosed (mirurita)2010-12-09When Additional sales order is selected, There is difference of field amount not getting updated rightly in Add Payment window 
  00125583defect2.50majorclosed (mirurita)2010-12-09When Actual payment field is filled through Calculator, then in the Grid table Payment fields are not getting field with amount 
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