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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummaryDue Date
  00093515defectmajorclosed (jpabloae)2011-08-24If you have configure to mantain only # backups, this functionallity does not work and the old backups are not deleted. 
  00085242defectminorclosed (rafaroda)2009-10-06Duplicate lines are added to sales invoice, when the user create's Sales order (POS) for a product which has negative inventory 
  00083522backportmajorclosed (gorkaion)2009-10-02Function M_INOUT_CREATE (Create/Generate Shipments) delivers from locators where the quantity is negative 
  00088261feature requestmajorclosed (jpabloae)2009-08-31Add time needed on server per request to apache access_log file 
  00080372defectcriticalclosed (marvintm)2009-08-31Migration from 2.35mp11 to 2.40mp3 did not work fine 
  00074381defecttrivialclosed (jpabloae)2009-08-31Wrong layout of Administration Console table in wide screens 
  00073498defectcriticalclosed (jpabloae)2009-08-31Rollback process doesn't work properly 
  00082421backportmajorclosed (shuehner)2009-05-28Calculations done by XmlEngine (i.e. sum) are done using double. which leads to calculation errors. 
  00084261backportcriticalclosed (iperdomo)2009-05-22The reports in jasper don't work 
  00081121backportmajorclosed (gorkaion)2009-05-21generate Average Cost referencing other client's currency. 
  00079102backportmajorclosed (iperdomo)2009-05-21Import Orders: Ordered date is not imported correctly 
  00072802backportminorclosed (AinhoaPagola)2009-05-21Product Movement Report: incorrect movement shown for Work Effort 
  00049151backportminorclosed (Dowid)2009-05-21Import process does not read correctly \n 
  00050651backportmajorclosed (alostale)2009-05-21Problems with C_LOCATION_ID columns while seting up the AD 
  00082771backportmajorclosed (alostale)2009-05-21Do not export as part of the language centrally maintained elements. 
  00089865backportmainmajorclosed (rafaroda)2009-05-21Creating PO or SO from service project fails when Temporary price list is marked 
  00085453backportcriticalclosed (rafaroda)2009-05-21Projects Reports do not handle currencies 
  00082671backportmajorclosed (alostale)2009-05-21error when create two fields attribute in same tab 
  00085832backportmajorclosed (gorkaion)2009-05-21Manufacturing calculates quantity incorrectly when we have 2 sales orders exactly the same 
  00087382backportpimajorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2009-05-19A payment created from a manual settlement cannot be included in a remittance. 
  00089032backportmajorclosed (jayakumar)2009-05-15report "project profitability" is incorrect with invoices voids 
  00089852backportmajorclosed (gorkaion)2009-05-15Unable to generate shipment for a sales order 
  00085433backportcriticalclosed (rafaroda)2009-05-15Production Reports do not handle currencies 
  00085415backportcriticalclosed (rafaroda)2009-05-15Warehouse Reports do not handle currencies 
  00084542backportminorclosed (alostale)2009-05-14In edition mode, a process delete current record then new record is returned 
  00085083backportmajorclosed (sathiyan)2009-05-14The analyze link of the report trial balance does not work in postgres 
  00085952backportmajorclosed (iperdomo)2009-05-14Number cells exported to excel are not recognised as numeric values 
  00084891backportmajorclosed (gorkaion)2009-05-14The complete process of sales order does not work with POS document type if the product has not stock 
  00084501backportminorclosed (dalsasua)2009-05-14report cash don't show initial balance 
  00088053backportmajorclosed (dalsasua)2009-05-14General ledger dont group Opening entry 
  00082601backportpimajorclosed (vinothbabu)2009-05-13Stock report: it does not display negative values, and it should as it is useful for the customer. 
  00083191backport2.35MP10majorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2009-05-13Accounting background process doesn't work when exists more than one client. 
  00084401backportminorclosed (dbaz)2009-05-13Requisition to order, lines are shown uncorrectly if there are several lines 
  00089101backportmajorclosed (iperdomo)2009-05-13Product selector does not work with other language than English 
  00083061backportminorclosed (iperdomo)2009-05-13A sales order of an organization is seen in edition view when logged in another organization. ONLY with Internet Explorer 
  00085601backportminorclosed (vmromanos)2009-05-13Autocalculated checkbox in Create lines from in Settlement does not work properly 
  00083572backportmajorclosed (dalsasua)2009-05-12General ledger window takes a long time to load with many accounts 
  00087011backportmajorclosed (alostale)2009-05-12In the cash Journal lines, when you have many lines selected with the mouse over the amount header the status bar shows 0 
  00086861backportmajorclosed (rafaroda)2009-05-12The General Ledger Report fails when you select only an account 
  00087161backportmajorclosed (vmromanos)2009-05-12The popup opened after click the analyze link of the report trial balance is not correct. 
  00087171backportmajorclosed (dalsasua)2009-05-12The next arrow on the Detail of the General Ledger Journal does not work well. 
  00087192backport2.40MP3majorclosed (vmromanos)2009-05-12After navigate using the posted button from a G/L Journal to the General Ledger Journal the arrows don't work well 
  00082911backportminorclosed (jayakumar)2009-05-12Reception date has not the same format as the rest of dates in Pending Good receipts 
  00087251backportminorclosed (dbaz)2009-05-12The error, info, warning, messages printed when a callout is executed are not deleted 
  000707515backportmajorclosed (dalsasua)2009-05-12General Ledger in Exel does not work in 2.40 
  00083161backportmajorclosed (shuehner)2009-05-12Exception reporting for navigation in generated windows uses DEBUG instead of error 
  00082382backportmajorclosed (dalsasua)2009-05-12The file generated by 347 process group by region field 
  00087961backportmajorclosed (dbaz)2009-05-12The Min. Value on the definition of the columns in the table and columns window does not work with dates 
  00083592backportmajorclosed (marvintm)2009-05-12model loading fails when PostgreSQL contrib packages are installed and functions are automatically added to new database 
  00085946backportmajorclosed (dalsasua)2009-05-12The General Ledger Reports is too slow in postgres if the fact acct has more than 100.000 rows 
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