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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00111322defectminorclosed (mtaal)2013-06-18Directory info is misleading
  00109932defectminorclosed (vmromanos)2012-05-09Some predefined alerts are not working
  00109021defectminorclosed (guilleaer)2011-11-21Message of DB Prefix when entering a new column
  001080712defect2.50MP8majorclosed (rafaroda)2010-02-18The documentno on invoices is not unique
  00112534defect2.50MP10minorclosed (rafaroda)2009-12-17Error obtained when modifying currency field of an existent conversion rate
  00107526defect2.50MP7majorclosed (marvintm)2009-12-11System gets blocked
  00113864defect2.50MP9majorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2009-12-09Process Tax Payment takes client's calendar and not the organization's calendar
  00108637defect2.50MP9minorclosed (vinothbabu)2009-11-27Copy from Settlement do not check if mandatory fields are empty or not
  00114184defect2.50MP9criticalclosed (vmromanos)2009-11-21api checkbuild 210 fails
  00113432defect2.50MP10minorclosed (jeneivemalarkodi)2009-11-21Starting Date and the Ending Date aren't obligatory on the product's cost
  00111067defect2.50MP9majorclosed (harikrishnan)2009-11-20It is possible to create two process plan with same identifier
  00113844defect2.50MP9majorclosed (rafaroda)2009-11-20Unable to complete the sales invoice document
  00112927defect2.50MP9majorclosed (vmromanos)2009-11-20General Ledger does not refresh properly its information
  00112603defect2.50MP9majorclosed (vmromanos)2009-11-20GL Posting by DB tables does not work properly if several accounting schemas are used
  00112584defect2.50MP9minorclosed (vmromanos)2009-11-20It is not possible to create a new calendar for an Organization
  00111672defectmajorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2009-11-20Reset accounting process: Organization combo must be filled
  00108507defect2.50MP9minorclosed (vmromanos)2009-11-20Message after reseting the accounting is not clear nor useful so mislead the user
  00113522defect2.50MP10minorclosed (harikrishnan)2009-11-19Error in Material Transaction Report
  00112292defect2.50MP10minorclosed (alostale)2009-11-19Error when object type in naming exceptions is a view
  00111586defect2.50MP9majorclosed (vmromanos)2009-11-19Method selectLinesPeriodClosed from DocLineBank_data.xsql takes C_Calendar_ID from AD_ClientInfo instead of from AD_Org
  00111575defect2.50MP9majorclosed (vinothbabu)2009-11-19callout SL_Journal_Period takes C_Calendar_ID from AD_ClientInfo instead of from
  00106762defect2.50MP9minorclosed (dalsasua)2009-11-19Process "create from" in bank statement repeats the document numbers of settlements generated
  00113465defect2.50MP11minorclosed (alostale)2009-11-18The information module on the left menu of openbravo is not managed with role permissions
  00113202defectpimajorclosed (alostale)2009-11-18Not possible to create workflows
  00112173defect2.50MP10majorclosed (eduardo_Argal)2009-11-18Reset accounting does not unpost correctly documents without fact_acct entries
  00111967defect2.50MP10minorclosed (rafaroda)2009-11-18A confusing message error is shown in User window
  00112803defect2.40MP11majorclosed (vmromanos)2009-11-17General Ledger group information for BP with same name
  00112787defect2.50MP9majorclosed (alostale)2009-11-17Incorrect mapping when a deactivated window is reactivated
  00111492defect2.50MP9majorclosed (vmromanos)2009-11-17Incorrect documentno is set in GL Journal when a document type is set as "Default" and has a sequence
  00111214defectminorclosed (mtaal) error
  00112318defect2.50MP9majorclosed (vmromanos)2009-11-14Error shown when a BP is selected in General Ledger Report and try to print it in PDF or Excel
  00111467defect2.35MP16majorclosed (harikrishnan)2009-11-14Process "Create Lines From" invoices doesn't have into account the Invoice terms set
  00112945defect2.50MP11minorclosed (vmromanos)2009-11-13Bank.dat file contains incorrect information about Bank Account Holder
  00111122defect2.50MP9majorclosed (harikrishnan)2009-11-12"Cancel Price Adjustment" checkbox only works if you reload the product
  00108785defect2.40MP11majorclosed (shuehner)2009-11-12Manufacturing Plan process runs so slowly
  00106859defect2.40MP11minorclosed (vmromanos)2009-11-12Create File in Remittance, does not check if BP bank account has 20 numbers.
  00106246defectpimajorclosed (mtaal)2009-11-12Spaces in should be handled better, currently the entity name contains a space resulting in errors in HQL
  00106096defect2.40MP11minorclosed (vmromanos)2009-11-12The general ledger journal report cut the gl_entries
  001057420defect2.40MP10majorclosed (harikrishnan)2009-11-11The converion rate table has to save the rates with more decimals
  00110672defect2.50MP9majorclosed (rafaroda)2009-11-11On the standard cost report the version combo is not correctly filtered depending on the process selected
  00112324defect2.50MP9majorclosed (vmromanos)2009-11-07Account selector do not show any account for the Organization that were created
  00112083defect2.50MP10minorclosed (marvintm)2009-11-07field "position" in table "AD_COLUMN" is not filled by upgrade process
  00111872defectmajorclosed (iperdomo)2009-11-07Control changes (CC) + Autosave enable: Error while it shouldn't happen
  00111272defectmajorclosed (marvintm)2009-11-07If the rebuild process fails when installing a module, the next rebuild deletes the content from ad_module
  00110962defectminorclosed (marvintm)2009-11-07create.database should stop if database could not be created
  00110182defectmajorclosed (marvintm)2009-11-07It is not possible to recover the system after a failed module installation
  00106275defect2.40MP11minorclosed (dalsasua)2009-11-07Translation error in Payment Tracker Report in Spanish language
  00112142defect2.40MP11majorclosed (harikrishnan)2009-11-06Create Lines from in Invoice does not take into account if a price adjustment is active or not.
  00112004defect2.40MP11majorclosed (vmromanos)2009-11-06ReportBankJR doesn't group data properly
  00111884defectmajorclosed (dbaz)2009-11-06Decimal format: Amounts not well calculate if decimal rounds is not properly setup
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