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    PID # TypeTarget VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00053124defecttrivialclosed (Hennadzi)2008-11-25ReportGuaranteeDateJR, Invalid if statement causes Null pointer access
  00016506defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-11-09The Warehouse detailed inventory has fields in english
  00018454defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-11-06Field settlement cancel missing
  00019263defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-11-06fixed due date error?
  00028314defect2.40minorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-11-06M_PRODUCT_ACCT unique constraint
  00025692defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-07-14Type columns: Buttons
  00027033defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-07-03Business partner on selectors does not work
  00013034defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-06-20Old CSS classes in xsql files
  00025854defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-06-19Hide the field Write-off Amount in settlement manual window
  00029572defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-06-18Not properly treatment for messages in CopyFromPOOrder
  00024162defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-06-12AT235MP1: Error message in Material Transaction Report
  00020362defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-06-12Material Transaction Reports - date exclusive
  00018992defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-06-12On Inventory the \"create count\" may repeat line numbers
  00018793defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-06-12Reports with huge amounts have layout problems
  00018096defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-06-12Delete alerts and transform to message
  00017802defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-06-12Session info. Change log not well format
  00016863defectminorclosed (Hennadzi)2008-06-12Show Session tab with language and images issues
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